Chapter 267

The Styx carp in front of him was only about the size of a palm, and the dark scales of its body were faintly shimmering with golden light. The little carp looked a bit like a kid and it had a pair of ignorant eyes. It was a little curious about this intruder Xu Ziyan, yet it didn’t show any signs of hostility.

Xu Ziyan felt a little sweaty, as he wasn’t there with any good intentions. He really had no idea how to start since the carp was looking at him so innocently.

After thinking about for a while, he turned around slowly, and the little carp also moved nervously but it wasn’t leaving.

“Hey, how about we discuss for a while?” Xu Ziyan stared straight into the clear eyes of the little carp and began to carry out his plan of abduction with a serious look…

The little carp flicked its tail and circled around Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan dared not act recklessly. He just let the little carp look around him to satisfy its curiosity.

For the Styx carp was born and bred in nature, their perception of human beings was often built up after they were born. They were powerful, but their minds were simple. If the first person that they met had bad intentions towards them, then they would be wary of human beings in the future.

Of course, if another human encountered them in the future, there would not be a good outcome, but the one that Xu Ziyan encountered had never seen any human since it was born, so it didn’t have any bad feelings towards human beings.

In addition, there was an aura about Xu Ziyan that was very attractive to it. The little carp was very cautious by nature, otherwise, it’d really want to approach Xu Ziyan and rub itself against his body and find out why he smelled so nice…

“Ji ji!” The Styx carp might have understood Xu Ziyan’s words, and it opened its round mouth and called twice.

The expression on Xu Ziyan’s face twisted strangely. Why would a fish make a chirping sound? It’s so unscientific!

However, regardless of whether it was scientific, Xu Ziyan felt that he and this little carp had a good start, and he tried to ignore his increasingly anxious feeling. He said to the little carp with a smile, “look, there’s no point for you to stay here all day long. Why don’t you join me and have some fun outside?”

“Ji ji!” The little carp opened its eyes wide and shook its head, as if he didn’t understand what having fun outside meant.

Seeing its reaction, Xu Ziyan suddenly felt as if he was a stranger trying to kidnap a little girl..

He shook his head to get rid of this strange thought, then slightly bent his fingers, and a red fruit appeared in his palm.

“Ji ji!” The little carp widened its eyes and turned around Xu Ziyan’s palm several times, as if it didn’t understand how this guy could create things out of thin air.

Immediately afterwards, the rich fire-type spiritual energy emanating from the red fruit instantly attracted its attention. It stared straight at the fruit, opened its mouth, looked at Xu Ziyan, then looked at the fruit again, seemingly hesitant.

“Look…I have a lot of stuff like this. As long as you go out with me, I’ll give you a lot of delicious fruits in the future.” Xu Ziyan smiled very sincerely.

However, the little carp trembled inexplicably. It looked at the fruit, then at Xu Ziyan, then at the fruit, then at Xu Ziyan again with embarrassment.

Xu Ziyan narrowed his eyes and took out another light green fruit. These fruits were created by the little divine tree after it stole the demon pills in Mr. Little Square. Unfortunately, they never saw a single demon pill producing four to five fruits again, like the one of the queen of human-faced spiders, and it usually took a couple of demon pills to produce one fruit.

“Ji ji…” The little carp looked at the two fruits and became more hesitant. Its body moved tentatively, but Xu Ziyan calmly gave it his palm.

The little carp swam anxiously beside Xu Ziyan’s palm, trying to rush towards the fruit several times, but it always gave up halfway.

Xu Ziyan had a smile on his face, though he felt a little anxious. Xu Zirong was already very irritated, and if he appeared in front of the carp now, it would certainly be scared away.

“Come on, come on, if you follow me you’d have meat… ah, no, you will have fruit!” Xu Ziyan’s eyes lit up, and he muttered to himself.

It was rare to have such a direct opportunity to catch the Styx carp, it’d be a waste if he didn’t.

The little carp turned around several times, but still refused to take the bait. Xu Ziyan’s face was going to freeze with laughter, but there was no other way but to wait!


Xu Ziyan suddenly thought of something!

He quickly activated his spiritual power on his wrist.

A spiral mark appeared on his wheat-colored skin, and a small snail phantom emerged from the mark, gently shaking its tentacles and touching Xu Ziyan’s arm.

“Ji ji ji ji!!!”

At the moment when the little snail appeared, the Styx carp rushed over with a swish, swimming happily beside the phantom of the little snail, and occasionally ‘kissed’ it, showing a very affectionate expression.

The little snail seemed to be startled by the Styx carp, but instead of panicking, it slowly shook his tentacles.

The Styx carp circled around the little snail a few times, shaking its head and waving its tail, then pecked Xu Ziyan’s arm a few times, acting very affectionately.

Xu Ziyan was overjoyed immediately, as he didn’t expect that calling out the little snail would really help!

The Styx carp took a few bites on Xu Ziyan’s arm, then swam to his palm and swallowed the two fruits.

According to Xu Zirong, if this Styx carp ate his spiritual fruit, he would be considered to have subdued it. And as long as he could smoothly take care of the Nine-Turn Styx bead, it’d also be considered that he’d conquered the Nine-Turn Styx River.

Xu Ziyan was also very surprised that he could deal with the Styx carp so easily, but he also welcomed “accidents” like this. Xu Ziyan felt that it’d be awesome to encounter this kind of surprises every day.

“Let’s go, let’s pack your home and take it with you.” Xu Ziyan said with a smile.

The Styx carp flicked its tail, and with a puffing sound, its whole body turned into a black smoke and dissipated.

Xu Ziyan froze in place immediately, his first reaction was that the Styx carp hadn’t kept its promise and it fled after getting something to eat. However, he instantly realized that spiritual monsters would never do so, not like human beings.

He instinctively let go of his divine consciousness and probed towards his Dantian, then unsurprisingly, he found a small carp there.

The little carp was playing with the little snail next to his Dantian, and Little Greenie immediately rushed over with Aurora after noticing a new guest, obviously wanting to establish itself as the boss in front of this newcomer.

After wiping his face vigorously, Xu Ziyan was no longer surprised by his Dantian’s strange tolerance. As long as everyone seemed to be happily living there, he might just let them be…

After inexplicably conquering the Styx carp, Xu Ziyan began to think about how to get out of there.

As long as he stayed far from those vortices, there was basically no danger, but the problem was he kept getting close!

He felt that Mr. Blood Contract was going to explode in his chest. And he was worried that Xu Zirong, who was isolated on the other side of the river, would simply get mad and rush over regardless…

“Ji ji!” The little carp might have sensed the frustrations of Xu Ziyan, it turned into a phantom carp beside him, then flicked its tail. The huge vortex that separated him and Xu Zirong gradually moved away.


There was a small gap in the vortex, and a black shadow rushed over and slammed onto Xu Ziyan’s body.

“Cough cough…I’m fine, don’t worry.” Xu Ziyan hugged Xu Zirong’s body, stroking his back soothingly.

At this time, Xu Zirong’s clothes were all torn apart, and his body was covered with wounds of different sizes.

He rushed over before the vortex had completely moved away just now. Although he was not drawn into the center of the vortex, he was already hurt a few times.

“Why were you in such a hurry? It’s not like I’d run away!” Xu Ziyan treated his wounds with a distressed look, he felt painful in his heart while looking at the blood-stained clothes of Xu Zirong.

His younger brother looked tough on the surface, but he had such a low sense of security inside. He could only keep his cool by tightly controlling Xu Ziyan by his side. Otherwise, Xu Ziyan wouldn’t allow him to be so clingy all day long.

Originally, men like to be on their own, no matter how good the relationship is, it is impossible for lovers to stay together all the time. However, this kind of argument is useless for someone like Xu Zirong, who’s suffering from a serious clinginess disease…

“Brother…Next time, I’ll find a magic weapon that can bind us together. I really cannot stand the feeling of you disappearing in front of me.” Xu Zirong said softly, playing with his brother’s long hair.

“Don’t be silly!” Xu Ziyan slapped him away, as he noticed that Zirong’s clinginess disease seemed to be getting worse.

“Tsk tsk…” Although he already knew that his brother would not agree to his suggestion, Xu Zirong still felt a little sorry after hearing his reply.

In fact, he really wanted to use something to tie his brother to his side 24/7, but he still couldn’t bear to make his brother sad.

Well, of course, his brother’s level of violence was also something that he had to consider.

→. → He’d still be beaten up by Xu Ziyan if he misbehaved, and if brother got mad, he’d be scared too.

He also wouldn’t tell anyone that he once got spanked after having demanded private time from his brother…

“Ji ji?” The Styx carp looked at Xu Zirong curiously.

Xu Zirong’s pupils shrank suddenly, just as he was about to hit the carp, Xu Ziyan immediately stopped him.

“Well, let me introduce to you, this is Little Carp. It lives in my Dantian now and it now has a good relationship with the little snail.” Xu Ziyan said expressionlessly.

Xu Zirong, “…”

(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻, why do such strange creatures always live in my brother’s Dantian?! Damn it! My brother belongs to me! Every inch of his body belongs to me! Sooner or later, I’ll drive all these bully tenants out!!!


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