Chapter 270

This artifact spirit was so scared. Its original owner was someone who couldn’t be messed with. Back then, it suffered a lot. After finally changing its owner, it thought that it could finally raise its status…Who would have thought that the younger brother of its new owner was even more ruthless and he could kill it any time he wanted…

Have artifact spirits become so worthless in this world?!

Haven’t they realized how useful they could be?

And are they…

Hell! Why can’t they just let artifact spirits alone?

Under the threat of Xu Zirong’s violence, the new artifact spirit became more obedient.

A layer of jade-like luster appeared on the dark-gold horned bow, and when Xu Ziyan held it, he had the illusion that he was extending his arm.

Hmm…Sure enough, things were no longer the same with the artifact spirit. His strength had increased at least for 50%!

Xu Ziyan thought with great joy.

“Let’s go, I suppose they’re in a hurry outside.” Xu Zirong looked at his brother fondly stroking the longbow and he was unhappy about it.

Upon realizing this, Xu Ziyan immediately put away the longbow.

_(:3∠)_, It’s really too much to be with someone with such serious clinginess disease. Could they still get along well in the future…

Since Xu Ziyan had completely controlled the Nine-Turn Styx River, their journey went very smoothly.

As soon as their minds changed, the vortices in the water all disappeared, and the dark river water could not cause any hindrance to them at all. It only took a short while for them to emerge from the river surface.

It’s just that…

=. =, There seemed to be something wrong with the situation on the shore. What does this tense momentum mean?

Could it be that something happened when they were hunting for treasure?

The situation on the shore was really beyond Xu Ziyan’s expectations. He originally thought that there were no other living people in this cave except Wei Qing, Xia Rongsheng, and the others. Who would have guessed that there would be a pretty-looking female cultivator at this moment, confronting with Wei Qing?


The sudden appearance of Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong changed the situation on the field a bit. The two sides who were originally opposite to each other turned to look in his direction at the same time.

“What’s wrong?” Wiping his face vigorously, Xu Ziyan stepped out of the water. He was not worried that he would be attacked. That female cultivator was only in the middle stage of Qi condensation. As long as he didn’t want to die, it would be impossible for him to offend this cultivator of golden core.

“You’re finally back!” Wei Qing said with a grumbling expression.

“Are you okay?” Le Hu asked with concern.

“What could happen to them? I can tell that they had a good time…” Wei Qing’s tone was rather resentful. Obviously, he’d seen something behind Xu Ziyan’s ears.

Xu Zirong smiled gently at him, showing his bright white teeth.

Wei Qing: …

He found Xu Zirong more and more terrifying.

“Who can tell me first, what’s going on?” Xu Ziyan didn’t pay attention to Wei Qing’s expression, he looked left and right and finally set his gaze on Zuo Shen.

Zuo Shen paused, then said concisely, “she wants to save Xi Yanliu.”

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows and turned to look at the beautiful female cultivator, “you know Xi Yanliu?”

The female cultivator had a stern expression and stared at Xu Ziyan with a bit of disgust.

Xu Ziyan suddenly looked a bit playful. He didn’t know this female cultivator, so why would this woman show disgust to him?

Xu Ziyan usually looked cheerful and very outgoing, so not many people would despise him, unless something unusual happened between them.

It’s not a narcissist act, but human nature. After all, before people get to know each other, they often rely on appearances to gain favor from the others.

“You bastards!” The beautiful-looking female cultivator nibbled her lower lip and pointed her long sword at Xu Ziyan, “you still have such a filthy mind under this situation!”


Xu Ziyan was stunned.

In his two lifetimes, it was the first time he heard someone describe him like that.

He touched his chin and was a little confused. He looked at both sides and saw that those around him were equally confused. He could only ask Wei Qing, “am I filthy?”

Wei Qing’s face twitched, and he turned his face away silently. Such an idiotic guy is definitely not my friend!

“Stop pretending!” The female cultivator snorted softly, “you hypocrites are just relying on your high cultivation level to do such evil things, do you really think that nobody would know in this hidden place?”

Xu Ziyan’s eyelids jumped when he heard so. It’s not that he looked down on this female cultivator’s IQ, but is it really a good idea to insult a golden core cultivator this openly?

Regardless whether Xu Ziyan did anything evil, she was supposed to be punished by insulting a senior brother in front of the public.

And if he really did anything dirty, this little girl would be looking for death by accusing him so recklessly…

Even if she’s full of righteousness, she needed to consider who she’s dealing with. Even if she hadn’t seen the two golden core cultivators before, she should really mind what she’s saying or at least avoid getting beaten.

Girl, do you usually cultivate in deep mountains? Have you forgotten what courtesy is?

Xu Ziyan had different thoughts in mind. When the female cultivator saw that Xu Ziyan had no words and thought he was guilty, she immediately shouted, “a bunch of shameless people! Hurry up and let go of that sister, or I will…”

“Otherwise what?” Xu Zirong raised his eyelids, stepped forward and said in a deep voice.

“I…” The female cultivator lost her mind for a moment when she saw Xu Zirong’s face, but she soon realized what’s happening and she blushed. She said with determination, “otherwise, when I go out, I will report to my master what you have done and you all will be ruined!”

Xu Ziyan was about to kneel down. This girl was just unbelievable, since she had the guts to threaten two cultivators with a much higher level of cultivation, who even had so many people around to help…

But why did she say that they’re filthy? Was it because of Xi Yanliu?

Xu Ziyan turned his head, only to find that Xi Yanliu, who was trapped in the cage, also looked as if she’d eaten poop. Perhaps she realized that the girl who’s supposed to be her savior turned out to have such a low IQ.

As if sensing Xu Ziyan’s gaze, Xi Yanliu turned her head, just in time to meet Xu Ziyan’s eyes.

She turned her face away in a guilty conscience, but Xu Ziyan already noticed something from her expression.

This Xi Yanliu was quite good in acting, and although it was still inferior to that Xu Zirong, it shouldn’t be a problem to cheat a girl like this with not much experience in life.

Xi Yanliu must have told the girl that the Xu brothers had bad intentions towards her, making her impulsive enough to confront them so directly.

“This…fellow cultivator.” Xu Ziyan pondered for a while. Although this little girl was a little impulsive, he could infer something from the stuff she just said.

At the very least, there must be a high-level cultivator supporting her. Xu Ziyan wasn’t sure of this person’s level of cultivation, but for Xi Yanliu, it’s not worth sabotaging a relationship with a high-level cultivator. He intended to explain to the girl that they had no bad intentions to Xi Yanliu from the beginning.

“Who is your fellow cultivator?!” The girl was quite easily irritated.

As soon as she said so, the little girl couldn’t help but glanced at Xu Zirong quietly, she was quite puzzled, as she wondered why this good-looking man would be with such a bastard all the time.

Oh? Could he have been forced then?

Right! It must be so!

Inexplicably carrying the identity of a ‘victim’, Xu Zirong didn’t even notice that the little girl was looking at him with sympathy.

“Pff…” Although the little girl stopped him from saying anything, Xu Ziyan didn’t care too much. Instead, he found it hilarious.

He felt that this little girl was just a child. Although she was a little arrogant, it should work by explaining things to her in detail.

“If you don’t want me to call you cultivator, it’s not a big deal, but little girl, if you accuse us like this, I think you should at least explain to us what we have done.” When Xu Ziyan said so, he crossed his arms in front of his chest and sounded a bit naughty.

Xu Zirong narrowed his eyes slightly, and couldn’t help but take a step forward and gently poked his fingers on the back of his waist.

Xu Ziyan froze immediately, his expression remained unchanged, yet he was already cursing in mind.

This little bastard must have done it on purpose! When they were below, he deliberately chose a very difficult pose, and now his waist still felt sore. With such a poke, all the previous moments were brought back to his head!

The little girl didn’t notice Xu Zirong’s small movements, she just glanced at him secretly, then looked at Xi Yanliu who was trapped in the cage. She yelled, “you all trapped sister in the cage, are you telling me that you don’t have bad intentions?”

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows, “little girl, do you know who she is? And what did she do? You don’t even know what she did, so why accuse us of being wrong?”

The little girl was speechless for a moment, but soon became tough again, “my sister is a good person, she said that you covet her beauty and wanted to lock her up and abuse her inside. It’s just that you guys had an accident and had to lock her up temporarily.”

This little girl probably had little experience in affairs with the opposite sex, and she looked embarrassed.

Xu Ziyan almost burst into laughter when he heard that. Well, although he already knew what she was going to say, he still couldn’t hold it when he heard her accusing them having evil intentions towards Xi Yanliu.

Everyone there was relatively reliable, and even if someone had an evil idea, he would abandon it instantly after thinking that she still had the most demonic master.

The girl was probably the only one who didn’t know Xi Yanliu’s identity, otherwise she would never fall for this…

Xu Ziyan looked at the little girl’s indignant look and had a thousand of evil thoughts in his mind.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at the little girl with a disdainful look. He stretched out his arms and embraced Xu Zirong next to him. He deliberately acted like a playboy who was molesting an innocent woman, raising Xu Zirong’s chin with his fingers and showing that delicate face.

“Do you think that I’d be interested in her if I wanted to do something wrong?”

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