Chapter 275

Xu Zirong glanced at him lightly. Although there was no expression on his face, he fully implied – if you dare to say it out loud, you’ll be killed!

Xia Rongsheng: …

→. →Forget it, catching demons and cultivating god horses would be something that only righteous cultivators would do. It is better for them to be wise and protect themselves!

Xia Rongsheng stopped staring at Xu Zirong, who smiled with satisfaction. He really admired people who knew what to do at the right time!

The dense blood mist wrapped the huge icicle, and there was a constant hissing sound of corrosion from the blood mist.

Although they couldn’t see the situation inside, from the sound, it seemed that the blood mist had an effect on the icicle and it’s at least stronger than Wei Qing’s fire dragon!

Xu Ziyan frowned and stood behind Xu Zirong. He didn’t understand it. Under the circumstances just now, there was absolutely no need for Xu Zirong to reveal his secrets.

“Why was that?” He conveyed his doubts through their blood contract.

“Brother, that person inside also cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra and I can feel him.” Xu Zirong’s reply gave Xu Ziyan goosebumps instantly.

What the hell! It turned out to be a blood demon from God-knows-when?

And my brother even wants him out! Didn’t you know that all blood demons are a little crazy?! Have you thought of the consequences?

Xu Ziyan didn’t feel well all over his body.

The backlash of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra was real. For generations, almost all blood demons ended up being ruthless murderers. If Xu Zirong released this potential serial killer, he might get everyone there killed.

Xu Zirong couldn’t help twitching the corners of his mouth after listening to his brother’s inner complaints conveyed by their blood contract. After all, he was also a former blood demon and he surely knew the consequences of the backlash. How could he put his brother in danger without having a grasp of things?

Regarding the exposure of the fact that he had cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, it’s not like he had any other ways. It was that man who released the hard ice, and Xu Zirong could only respond gradually with something extremely corrosive like blood mist…

As long as it’s what his brother wanted, he would try his best to get it. As for this guy who might be a blood demon of the past generation——

Why would he even care? ╮(╯_╰)╭ It had nothing to do with Xu Zirong whether he’s alive or dead.

This guy was already forced to use freezing tricks to delay the deterioration of the wound. Xu Zirong didn’t believe that after so many years, this man could actually kill them immediately after breaking through the ice.

They should never underestimate the ability of the Xu brothers.

If it was someone else, Xu Zirong might not be so sure, but this guy had cultivated the same Sutra.

Xu Zirong was all too familiar with the Blood Sea Heart Sutra. In addition to the memory of being besieged by Bai Hua and his concubine in his previous life, it might not be that difficult to kill this guy after all!

Xu Zirong only dared to release this guy since he had the full grasp of the matter. Otherwise, he’d surely take his brother away as quickly as possible.

It took three days for the ice to corrode and leave a thin layer under the effect of the blood mist.

“Everyone, be careful!” Xu Zirong felt a surge of blood, and he suddenly became alert and shouted.

Those who were meditating instantly entered a state of alert, watching the surroundings vigilantly.


After a clear sound, the ice shell centered on the man’s chest seemed to be hit hard, and countless fine cracks extended outward.

There were a few more sounds like this, and such cracks appeared on the man’s limbs as well.

The thin ice shell did not last for too long under such an attack, and soon shattered into pieces and fell to the ground. The man lost the support of the icicles and simply fell to the ground.

Since the group was led by Xu Ziyan, none of them rushed up when Xu Ziyan hadn’t moved yet.

After still holding a faint breath after being frozen in this ice for so many years, none of them would be able to fight against him if he’s still in his heydays.

“Are you saying that the guy’s still alive?” Xu Ziyan asked in a low voice.

Xu Zirong nodded, then flew to the man’s side, and in the stunned eyes of everyone, he was groping up and down on the man with an indifferent expression.

“Hmm…” The man in black groaned and slowly opened his eyes.

Xu Zirong looked at him slowly, his expression didn’t change, but the movements of his hands didn’t stop at all. He was just touching the man up and down, almost turning the man upside down in the blink of an eye!

The man in black:…

Everyone: …

“Brother, is this what you want?” Xu Zirong turned to look at Xu Ziyan not far away, and raised a jade box with a smile. The jade box still had a seal on it, but even so, it couldn’t hide the rich power of the five elements.

The man in black narrowed his eyes cautiously. Even after the ice melted, he didn’t let go of the sword in his hand, and it gripped even more at this moment.

Xu Zirong slowly turned his head and looked at the man for a while, as if he’s unaware of his anger. He said slowly, “um… senior. Before you were frozen, you were at least a cultivator of nascent soul. Oh, have you heard of one thing?”

“What?” The man became more and more fierce, and the strong sense of blood made him churn with a bright blood light.

“You must pay back your life-saving grace with your body.” Xu Zirong glanced at him and pouted in disgust, “but that’s not necessary, since my brother won’t be interested in you.”

Man in black:…

“But…” Xu Zirong’s tone changed and he smiled, “my brother really likes this thing of you, I’m sure you won’t mind giving it to him as a gift.”

Man in black:…

“Of course!” Xu Zirong didn’t seem to notice the man’s dark expression, “oh, it doesn’t matter if my senior brother thinks that your life isn’t worth a treasure. I have another saying for you here.”

“Oh?” The man seemed less aggressive this time. He sneered and looked at his junior brother with the same breath as his, “what’s that?”

“It may not sound very pleasant, but I think it makes more sense. That is – If the tiger went down to level land, he would be insulted by dogs. I know that in your best days, it’d be extremely easy to kill us all, but now…” Before Xu Zirong finished speaking, he showed a gentle smile.

Man in black:…

That’s totally irrefutable!!!!

After being frozen for thousands of years, it was just a miracle that he was still alive. Although the cultivators of Qi condensation and golden core were not his competitors if they fought, he might not win given his weak state.

Originally, he could use this treasure as a gift to these guys for having saved his life, but…

The man looked at Xu Zirong’s beautiful face and couldn’t help grinding his teeth!

Sure enough, none of the good-looking guys are good!

At that time, he fell in some handsome man’s trap! Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so unlucky to be frozen in this dark crypt for so many years!

When thinking of that man, the man’s eyes darkened. He’d spent incredibly happy days back then with his lover, and that’s also how painful he felt when being frozen. How could he end up being like this without the trap?

What’s even more hateful was that after he was seriously injured, he still asked to see his lover. At that time, he just wanted to ask him why he was being lied to! But that coward didn’t even dare to see him. Even when he made his essence blood explode and used the blood shield to escape, he never got to see his lover even once.

It’s ridiculous to say that he was able to escape with his life by relying on the treasure that his lover had given him back then.

Thinking about it now, his lover really put a lot of effort into gaining his trust, and he even sent out the rarest treasure ever. No one would have expected that it’s exactly the treasure which saved him under the siege.

Wei Mengxian…

The man in black couldn’t describe his current mood while muttering the name that he both loved and hated…

When he was sealed in the icicle, he had thought countless times that once he could get free, he would surely find Mengxian and kill him!

Unexpectedly, when he really escaped, what he wanted to do most was to find Mengxian and ask if he’d ever been in love with him or not!

“Senior…” Xu Zirong didn’t have the patience to observe the changing expression of the man in black. There was no friendship between the predecessors and successors of blood demons.

He had no interest to know why this blood demon would be so severely injured and why he would be trapped in this place. He merely wanted to know if this so-called senior knew the way out!

“Why?” The man in black looked very upset when Xu Zirong disturbed his thoughts.

Xu Zirong despised this senior, whom he thought was a helpless romantic at first glance. He asked plainly, “I just want to ask this senior – if you know the way out.”

“The way out?” The man in black frowned. Back then, he was chased and killed all the way by the Wei family who besieged him, and he rushed there in a panic. He didn’t even remember the way he came, “I don’t know.”

Xu Zirong didn’t show too much surprise. It’s obvious that this person had been chased all the way and it’s normal that he didn’t remember the route.

However, there must be a way out since he could come in. They only needed more time to find out.

“Senior…” Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows and raised the box in his hand, “this is a thank you gift to us from our senior. I think you must have agreed to it. Right?”

The man in black looked blankly at Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong looked indifferent, but there were no signs of him giving in at all.

“Okay.” In the end, the man in black agreed but he was obviously reluctant about it.

Xu Zirong smiled and flicked the tip of his finger. Five blood monsters and several thick blood vines surrounded the man in an instant.

The man in black raised his eyebrows and his black sword made a buzzing sound. A faint aura permeated from it…


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