Chapter 278

“What exactly did you leave behind?” Xu Zirong looked at him with a frown. The power of blood spells was extremely high, but its durability was only average. If the traps set by this man were just ordinary blood spells, he would definitely not hesitate as much. It would also mean that it must have been an extraordinary thing, and even the man himself couldn’t be sure whether the trap would still work after a thousand years.

“Could it be an array?” Xu Zirong asked.

Apart from arrays, he really couldn’t think of any traps that could last for a thousand years.

The man in black froze for a moment and said sullenly, “I left a blood monster at that time, but for safety’s sake, I divided a ray of my divine consciousness and put it in the blood monster.”

Xu Zirong’s pupils shrank suddenly when he heard so and yelled, “are you mad?!”

The man in black looked a little gloomy, “I was in a desperate situation at that time, and I never thought that I would be able to leave alive, leaving that slight sense of my divine consciousness was just a precaution…”

Xu Zirong looked at him blankly, but in the end he didn’t say anything, he just turned his head bitterly.

Because he knew that if he also fell into such a desperate situation, he would make the same choice.

“What? What’s so important about it?” Xu Ziyan asked softly, sensing the anxiety in Xu Zirong’s heart.

They were quite loud just now, so the people next to them couldn’t help but anticipate the answer anxiously.

Xu Zirong rubbed his forehead vigorously, sorted out his thoughts, and explained in a deep voice, “this blood monster should actually be regarded as a special kind of monster, living based on the essence blood of the monster, and its remnant soul as its god. Then, it’s a body made of a lot of fresh and blood, forming such kind of a blood monster.”

“But it’s an incomplete life form and its soul is incomplete, and I dare not make it complete either. In the spells that I practiced, I have emphasized that it was absolutely impossible to give a blood monster a complete soul. Similarly, you must not infuse your divine consciousness in it.”

“Why?” Le Hu couldn’t help asking.

Xu Zirong glanced at him lightly and tried to reply calmly, “because if the blood monster has a complete soul, it will have instincts, and it will even have its own consciousness, escape my control and cultivate on its own. ”

“What!” Everyone couldn’t help but take a deep breath, and all of them were shocked.

In fact, there is nothing scary about self-cultivation. The scary thing is that your puppet will be out of your control.

No cultivator would allow such a situation, as it is likely to cause very serious consequences.

Just imagine – when you are fighting against your enemy, if your blood monster suddenly has its own consciousness, will it continue to help you? Or would it turn the tables on you? This is really hard to predict.

Regarding similar examples, one could refer to the big massacre that happened in the corpse puppet sect a few years back.

Their disciple’s rebellion was one of the reasons, but the real one having killed the head of the corpse puppet sect was the Natal Mysterious Corpse.

Actually, no one knew the whereabouts of that Natal Mysterious Corpse, and perhaps he’d already disguised himself as an ordinary cultivator!

Many people had seen the Natal Mysterious Corpse of the Corpse Puppet sect. It is said that the corpse was very well preserved – it’s with smooth skin and bright eyes, and it looked just like a living person. Now that it had its own consciousness, no one could really recognize it if it was really integrated into the crowd.

No cultivator would want to have a puppet with its consciousness, that’s why Xu Zirong would never give a complete soul to those blood monsters and he’d rather lose part of his combat power.

“What about divine consciousness? What would happen if divine consciousness was integrated into it?” Although Xu Ziyan was surprised, the man in black said that he had split some of his divine consciousness into the blood monster. Even blood monsters with a soul would become uncontrollable. And wouldn’t it be more terrifying if a human’s divine consciousness got integrated into it?

Xu Zirong took a deep breath, “if a human’s divine consciousness is integrated into it, then the blood monster will treat itself as the cultivator’s clone.”

“Clone?” Xu Ziyan was stunned for a while. He always thought that this thing was actually an extra life, but there’s something wrong with Xu Zirong’s tone.

Xu Ziyan told him his doubts, and Xu Zirong gave a helpless smile, “if you have practiced some kind of spells, it will be like this, but…you have seen the body of a blood monster, and there is nothing other than blood. And brother, what will happen to you when you realize that you have lost your body?”

Xu Ziyan pondered for a moment, “I’ll probably try to find it…”

“What if you find that someone has already taken over your body, and you can only get your body back by killing him?”

“Uh…” Xu Ziyan was completely speechless, he didn’t know what the others would do, but he’d certainly not hesitate killing another person to get his body back.

“In other words, the blood monster left behind by this senior might come to trouble us?” Xu Ziyan said.

Xu Zirong nodded silently, “not only that…that ray of divine consciousness was divided by this senior, who was in a weak state, and his control over the body of the blood monster must have been very inflexible. It would instinctively strengthen itself, so that it could snatch its host’s body and continue absorbing the souls of other monsters.”

“It?” Xu Ziyan immediately noticed the main point of Xu Zirong’s words, then frowned for a while, and his eyes widened, “that blood dragon!”

“That blood dragon!” The one who spoke at the same time was Zuo Shen, who had seen the blood dragon with them.

And the other people’s expressions changed suddenly after hearing them.

They all heard about the blood dragon from Xu Ziyan. They were still glad that the blood dragon’s target seemed to be only the cultivators of nascent soul. Unexpectedly, they had already saved its biggest target and they had even been walking together for so long…

It’s completely just like the blood dragon waving its handkerchief and yelling at them, “come on, let’s play!”

This can’t be more dramatic!

Everyone fell into silence again, except for Xi Yanliu and the righteous girl who looked at them blankly. Before Xu Zirong spoke just now, he had already cast a spell to separate them.

Xi Yanliu knew what secrets they were discussing, but she couldn’t hear it, so she could only grit her teeth secretly, and swore that after she went out, she had to cultivate hard, so that she could torture these scumbags back!

“What blood dragon?” The man in black couldn’t help but wonder when he heard them.

Xu Ziyan kindly explained it to him, but the man in black looked more doubtful in return.

“My blood monster was just a flood dragon, not a blood dragon.” The man in black said, then paused, “although the blood monster has the ability to change itself, it must have the corresponding remnant soul to do it, right? Could there be a remnant soul of a real dragon in this place?”

When everyone heard this, they fell silent. Xia Rongsheng and the Mao brothers couldn’t help but secretly glanced at Wei Qing.

After noticing the silence of the crowd, the man in black raised his eyebrows, “don’t tell me that there is really some soul of a dragon in this damn place. I don’t even think it’s that common, right?”

Not only was it uncommon, in the entire Xuan Yu realm, no families would have a dragon’s soul except one who possessed a real dragon’s blood!

Wei Qing, who was the only person there having a real dragon’s blood, stared expressionlessly at Xia Rongsheng and the others.

What was he supposed to say? That the Wei family once had a dragon’s soul but lost it later? And that it happened just right after this senior was ambushed?

If he ever said so, this senior, who had obvious grievances with the Wei family, would immediately strangle him to death…

He’s not that stupid! And he couldn’t admit such a thing!

“Cough…Senior, who can say for sure what is going on in this world…” Xu Ziyan was afraid of revealing Wei Qing’s identity, so he quickly explained.

The man in black frowned when he heard so, “if my blood monster really devoured a dragon’s soul…then we’d be in trouble…”

The rest of them all looked at each other, and their eyes all fell on Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan nodded helplessly, “what we saw at that time was definitely a blood dragon with five claws, not a blood flood dragon.”

Everyone fell into silence again. Although the rest of them hadn’t seen the true face of the blood dragon, they knew from Xu Ziyan’s description what a ferocious creature it was. They were all in a state or worry after realizing that they would face the blood dragon directly.

“Hey! What the hell are you talking about?!” Xi Yanliu finally couldn’t bear it anymore. She could understand that these people were avoiding her, but now that the environment had become so serious, she instantly knew that there were big troubles. She really couldn’t keep her cool anymore!

And if she’s not prepared when the trouble arrived, she’d become the first one to sacrifice!

As a demon cultivator, Xi Yanliu had no problems sacrificing the others to protect herself. And she assumed that everyone else would do the same.

Xi Yanliu’s dissatisfaction immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Although they looked down on this woman who was full of lies, she still had some fighting power. Therefore, Xu Ziyan did not hide it from her and explained to her the existence of the blood dragon in detail.

Of course, he was vague when it was about the content of Blood Sea Heart Sutra, and Xi Yanliu didn’t ask about it either.

“The blood dragon!” When Xi Yanliu heard this, she couldn’t help taking a deep breath. Even the queen of human-faced spiders, who was in her stage of nascent soul, was easily devoured by it. What would be the fate of these low-level cultivators in their stage of Qi condensation and golden core?

“What are your thoughts?”

“Nothing.” Xu Zirong said coldly.

“Nothing? Are we going to wait here to die?” Xi Yanliu raised her eyebrows and said sharply.

The corners of Xu Zirong’s mouth curved, and he looked at her coldly, “if you don’t like it here, no one would stop you if you go somewhere else.”


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