Chapter 283

The whistling sound was like crying and weeping, which made one feel very uncomfortable. The Mao brothers, who were slightly weaker in cultivation, even felt slightly dizzy.

“She’s calling someone!” Xu Ziyan’s expression changed suddenly, and he became faster in shooting the arrows in his hand.

The rest of the crowd also looked grim, and one moved faster than the other. The face-devouring monster couldn’t dodge quickly enough and there were a few more bruises on her body.

The face-devouring monster sneered, “what a bunch of idiots! I was going to let you live for a bit longer, yet you guys were asking to be killed!”

Xu Ziyan frowned deeply, as he didn’t expect that there would be helpers for this face-devouring monster. After thinking about what Zuo Shen had said, it’s not difficult to defer that she was calling that fleshy monster.

“Kill it first!” Xu Ziyan didn’t want to let anyone worry by saying it. He decided to let them focus and kill the face-devouring monster first.

Compared with the fleshy monster that seemed to have only elementary intelligence, the face-devouring monster, who knew how to think, was even scarier.

That face-devouring monster was caught off guard, and was hit a few times by the siege of the crowd, and there was a kind of grayish liquid flowing out of the female cultivator’s body. It was like all of her blood had turned into mud.

“Roar!” Outside the array, there was a huge roar from afar.

Xu Ziyan looked colder and colder, “everyone, act faster! Don’t spare your energy!”

As soon as Xu Ziyan said so, he flicked his hand and released five thunder pythons.

Wei Qing and the others didn’t spare their spiritual energy either, and they kept releasing different big spells.

“Damn! Rong! I’ll die if you’re still not here!” The face-devouring monster let out a high-pitched scream, barely dodging Le Hu’s attack, but it fell into the hands of Xu Ziyan’s five thunder pythons.

Since it couldn’t dodge any longer, the face-devouring monster simply rolled its body into a ball and tried to pass through the middle of the thunder pythons.

“Humph!” Xu Ziyan’s eyes lit up, and his five fingers suddenly clenched tightly. The Thunder Python took advantage of the situation and began to spin and strangle, trying to crash against the face-devouring monster, which was then cut into several pieces by the thunder python.


Wei Qing’s Explosive Inflammation Technique was also released, just in time to burn the body of the face-devouring monster that was twisted into several segments.

Without the protection of spiritual power, the female cultivator’s body quickly disappeared under the flames, and there were almost no ashes left.


A piece of greyish flesh fell to the ground. When Xu Ziyan saw it, he immediately frowned and warned everyone, “be careful!”

The piece of flesh suddenly flew from the ground and rushed towards Le Hu, who was the closest.

Wei Qing’s facial expression changed abruptly, and he smashed dozens of fireballs towards the piece of flesh.

Xu Ziyan also worked hard with his Thunder Spiritual Arrow to block the piece of flesh, but after losing half of its body, the face-devouring monster became even more flexible. It successfully to avoided the attack every time.

Since Le Hu was too close to her, Xu Ziyan didn’t really know what to do as he didn’t want to hurt Le Hu. However, if she got possessed by the face-devouring monster again, there might even be worse outcome.

Just at this critical moment, Le Hu suddenly opened his mouth and roared, followed by a surge spiritual power floating up and down his body, quickly forming a red tiger-shaped outline on the outside of his body.

“Roar!” The phantom of a tiger’s head covered Le Hu’s head, while his hands turned into tiger claws, and he grabbed at the grey flesh—


Some greyish black liquid flew out of the flesh.

And more importantly, Le Hu stopped the attack of the flesh. With just such a pause, Wei Qing’s fireball, Xu Ziyan’s Thunder Spiritual Arrow and other numerous attacks also aimed at the piece of flesh.

The piece of flesh let out a shrill whine, and it completely disappeared. However, Xu Ziyan and the others didn’t dare to relax at all, as the monster roaring just now was still in front of them.

The destruction of the face-devouring monster made the magic water crystals lose their effectiveness, and the blue water nets around them disappeared in a flash, revealing a relatively wide ‘hall’. One of the passages was being overturned by a huge monster, and the narrow hole was pushed open, revealing an extremely horrifying monster.

“Damn it! What the hell is this?” Xu Ziyan looked at the monster and felt mortified.

It’s not because of the monster’s overwhelming strength, but it’s more because of its outlook that’s extremely disgusting.

He used to think that the fleshy monster was already unbearable with so many human beings that got integrated. And now he realized that he still hadn’t seen enough!

Things might get even worse.

This monster had a human head, yet the whole body was composed of the strong parts of different monsters. That’s simply too disgusting.

In short, it was a strange monster that could be described in words. It did not have any symmetrical parts on its body at all, as if every part was made to attack!

“Everyone, be careful!” When the man in black saw the huge monster, his pupils contracted suddenly. Although he’s not as powerful as before, he could still see things clearly. The monster in front of him had only reached the later stage of golden core, yet its actual strength far exceeded this level.

He didn’t know what it was, but he instinctively felt the danger this monster was bringing him.

“Roar!” The monster seemed to sense the disappearing breath of the face-devouring monster, and it immediately roared wildly. It opened its big mouth, but just when everyone thought that it would release some spells similar to attack waves, a black spider the size of a fist protruded from his mouth.

Those black spiders rushed towards the crowd like a tide, and everyone else used their own means to attack the black spiders. However, when Xu Ziyan saw those black spiders, he immediately jumped on the flying sword and shouted, “everyone, get on the flying sword and don’t touch those spiders!”

Although the rest of them were a little puzzled as to why Xu Ziyan cared about those little spiders, they all jumped on the flying sword at once to avoid their attacks.

At this time, Xu Ziyan was extremely grateful that the face-devouring monster chose a rather spacious place to attack, or things would be much more complicated if they were in a narrow passage.

Those little spiders crawled very fast, and almost in the blink of an eye, this black tide covered their feet.

Bang bang bang!

Those little spiders started to explode themselves one by one, and they sprayed out a lot of black liquid. Since Xi Yanliu was in a relatively low position, there was black liquid spraying on her skirt after some spiders exploded.

With a hissing sound, her skirt was corroded into a huge black hole. If she hadn’t ripped off the black liquid-stained skirt immediately, it would definitely be her calf suffering next.

“What is this?” Xi Yanliu was taken aback by the attack of the little spider, and she quickly raised herself. Although this little spider wasn’t evident, she didn’t expect it to have such attack power after self-explosion.

With Xu Ziyan’s timely reminder, this little spider’s attack didn’t hurt anyone except Xi Yanliu’s skirt.

After seeing this, Xu Ziyan breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, when he first met Snowball, he had already seen the horror of this little spider. Otherwise, they would become overwhelmed under the attack of these spiders or even pay a price to kill them.

The human head of the giant monster found that its spiders were not working, and couldn’t help but squinted slightly. It shrugged its shoulders, and the muscles on its back began to bulge rapidly. After a few movements, its shoulders bulged, and the giant monster roared in pain. Its shoulders violently exploded, showing two bloody bones…

Immediately afterwards, as the giant monster kept wriggling, other parts of it underwent some minor changes, while the two wing bones continued to grow flesh and blood, and soon extended into two complete wings.

After the wings were created, the giant monster flapped its wings and slowly lifted into the air. His dark and white eyeballs stared coldly at the few human cultivators in front of him, with endless murderous intent in his eyes!

“Everyone, come on!” Xu Ziyan didn’t say much. He instantly shouted, bowed to shoot his arrows towards the giant monster.

There was no need to negotiate at all. Everyone knew that if they wanted to survive under the attack, then they had to use their full strength.

The monster’s body had at least reached the middle stage of nascent soul. In fact, if it wouldn’t attract the blood dragon because of its high level of cultivation, the monster might not want to increase its strength through this way.

With such a body, it could of course increase its strength, yet there were also limitations.

Now that its body had reached a level of saturation, it could no longer accommodate new flesh. It might even make itself full to death without the influence of the others…

At this time, Xu Ziyan and the others didn’t know that the fleshy monster had lost the ability to integrate. While they were attacking, they made sure to guard against those pieces of flesh. Xu Ziyan did taste the bitterness of that flesh, and he might have sacrificed without the help of his Aurora!

The group used all their strength to continuously attack the disgusting fleshy monster, but apart from Xu Ziyan’s Thunder Spirit Arrow, the other people’s attacks were as if they were simply scratching the surface. The monster didn’t even bleed because of it.

The bodies of the monsters were extremely powerful, not to mention this fleshy monster had collected the strongest parts of other monsters. To put it more exaggeratedly, if Xu Ziyan and the others acted more slowly, this fleshy monster could very well use its body to crash them into pieces.

“Damn it! Our attacks are useless here!” Xi Yanliu’s pulling machine could only pierce the skin of the fleshy monster, and the poison on the machine was completely ineffective. So far, the fleshy monster didn’t look poisoned at all.

“It can’t go on like this.” The man in black said in a deep voice. The hand which he was holding the sword was already shaking, and the few breaths of sword that were released also exhausted the spiritual power inside him.

Although the thousands of years of isolation in the ice have eased his injuries, they couldn’t be cured. Those injuries still existed, and they were just forcibly suppressed by him. The two battles just now injured him even further, and if it went on like this, he might not make it out of the cave.

“What kind of spells can you do?” Xu Ziyan was also anxious, as he really didn’t know what to do regarding this fleshy monster.

Their attacks didn’t work, but the fleshy monster could easily attack them. If this situation continued, then everyone’s spiritual power would be exhausted and they’d eventually die.

The man in black frowned. In his era, he had never seen such a strange monster. After listening to Xu Ziyan’s reminder, he knew that this monster seemed to be able to fuse with any other race to enhance itself. It’s just that the battle has started for a while, he didn’t understand why it wasn’t using such a trick.

One must know that any integration was almost irreversible once it was activated (the only exception was Xu Ziyan), which reduced the chance for the enemy to strengthen himself. The fleshy monster would surely use such an effective way.

“You guys, please hold on for just a little longer. I’m gonna try!” The man in black narrowed his eyes, then suddenly jumped out of the temporary array formed by the crowd, and rushed towards the fleshy monster.

The rest of the people quickly transformed into a defensive array, stubbornly blocking any attack from the giant monster, creating opportunities for the man in black.

The man in black knew that he was not strong enough, and he would definitely not be able to kill with one shot, so he simply gave up this idea. Instead, he kept attacking various parts of the fleshy monster.

He attacked from the top of its head to the hoofs, and even didn’t let go of the tail. However, aside from adding a few more injuries, there was no critical impact.

“There must be some flaws, there is no such thing as a perfect monster…” The eyes of the man in black flickered slightly, and his sharp eyes were constantly patrolling the fleshy monster. He believed that the monster must have a weak spot, but he just hasn’t found it.

“Roar!” The fleshy monster seemed to be annoyed by the man in black’s fly-like attack, and even abandoned the group of people on the opposite side, suddenly throwing a whip at the man in black.

The man in black was caught off guard by such an attack, but fortunately, he reacted very quickly, and he quickly retreated when he was hit. Although he suffered a great impact, it was not fatal.

“Cough cough…” The man in black spat out a mouthful of blood, staring at the fleshy monster.

It had been ages since he was beaten by a monster of golden core!

The dignity of a blood sword demon shouldn’t be challenged. Back then, he managed to kill someone of deity stage with his level as nascent soul, and he was relying on the blood demon sword on his hand. Now that he was so bitterly defeated, his feelings of rage had overwhelmed his head.

“Damn it!” Xu Zirong’s expression suddenly changed in the array, looking up anxiously in the direction of the man in black.

“What?” Xu Ziyan followed his gaze and was shocked.

The man in black seemed to be burning blood all over his body at this time, and his whole body was emitting a bloody glow.

They could feel the blood energy that was so thick that it almost formed a substance…it seemed that this previous generation of blood demon was definitely a god of murder walking from a sea of corpses!

Xu Zirong pursed his lips tightly, looking at the man in black with a rare respect.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, the blood energy in his body was indeed inferior to that of the man in black. Nothing could change this difference.

Moreover, the former blood demon did not lose his mind even in such a weak state, which was enough to show how firm he mind was!

“I will surpass you.” Xu Zirong looked at the previous blood demon with a complicated expression, and murmured silently in his mind.

He would sooner or later possess the same quality of power!

After taking a peek at his elder brother who was staring at the blood sword demon in a shock, Xu Zirong bit his lower lip hard. He believed that it wouldn’t take long for this day to come!

“Bastard!” The man in black wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, showing a hideous smile on his face.

He suddenly waved the black heavy sword in his hand, and the soaring blood energy that had been surrounding him was completely absorbed by the black sword all at once.

The body of the sword became red, and the phantom of a man slowly appeared on its blade. The man’s figure was clear, yet his face was blurred, and only a pair of closed eyes could be seen.

But for some unknown reason, Wei Qing felt that the man in black’s artifact spirit looked somewhat similar…

“Roar!” The fleshy monster also seemed to have noticed the extraordinary nature of this sword, and it didn’t attack. Instead, it took a few steps back and there was a deep look on its face.

“I had been frozen for so many years and I had nowhere to vent…about the Wei family…I have no intention to look for him now, but it’d be great if you can sacrifice yourself for my sword!” The man in black sneered, his clenched his fist and punched his chest.

With a puff, a mouthful of blood fell on the sword, and his face got pale a bit.


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