Chapter 285

“What is this?” The man in black looked at the pile of bottles speechlessly.

“Well, they’re medicinal pills, don’t tell me you haven’t eaten them.” Xu Ziyan quickly opened the bottles one by one and poured out the pills inside.

“Of course I know they’re medicinal pills, but why are you bringing this out at this time?” The man in black asked in a loud voice.

Xu Ziyan gave him a scornful look, “what else do I want? You said that the fleshy monster’s body has reached its limit. If I give it more nourishment, maybe it will endure.”

Man in black: ……

The man in black watched as Xu Ziyan packed the pile of various medicinal pills in a small bag, then took out a translucent arrow and hung it on it.

Finally, he bent the bow and shot the arrow, then shot the translucent arrow at the fleshy monster fighting with others…

And at this time, Xu Zirong, who had a tacit understanding with Xu Ziyan, made a decisive move and raised his hand to scatter a lot of seeds.

“Everyone, step back!” Before Xu Zirong finished speaking, everyone rushed to hide all of a sudden, stunning the fleshy monster.

Xu Zirong flipped his wrist to form a seal, and the spiritual energy of his body increased. Then, a huge amount of seeds was instantly spawned into balls of dandelions.

Everyone there: =口=

What the hell…is this?

The fleshy monster stared at the dandelions with great vigilance, but no matter what angle they looked at, they couldn’t see the slightest sense of danger.

After the fluffy dandelion was spawned, it quickly surrounded the fleshy monster. It was about to use its body to resist. Unexpectedly, when those dandelions fell on it, they were hit away lightly without the slightest trace.

Huh? Is it really the most common kind of dandelion?

The other people were stunned. They thought that it would be a very powerful weapon, but it turned out to be such an ordinary kind of dandelion…

Xu Zirong didn’t explain further. He only released more seeds and spawned even more of them.

Surrounded by this fluffy but ineffectual dandelion, the fleshy monster soon lost patience and decided to kill everyone.

Since the path ahead was completely blocked by dandelions, the fleshy monster almost rushed into the sea of dandelions, then it sneezed…

Yes, it’s just a sneeze, and…there’s nothing followed.

When it sneezed, it was forced to open its mouth, and at this time, Xu Ziyan’s transparent arrow was also shot into it with a large packet of medicinal pills.

Everyone there was utterly speechless, because the fleshy monster was really just like what the man in black had said – the energy that its body could contain had already reached the maximum.

After “swallowing” so many medicinal pills with supplementary spiritual power, its stomach got totally overwhelmed.

Then, it died from having eaten too much…

No one would have thought that a fleshy monster, which looked extremely domineering, was actually killed by a large bag of low-level medicinal pills. Such a result made everyone who fought it desperately feel extremely stupid…

“It died…just like that?” Xi Yanliu couldn’t believe it when she looked at the mud on the ground. At the beginning, she had witnessed how this fleshy monster had killed those cultivators.

Now that it had become more powerful but it actually died from eating too much?

She really didn’t know how to describe her mood at this moment.

“Okay, everyone hurry up and get out of here. We might have drawn the blood dragon over with such a big fight just now.” Xu Ziyan said.

The rest of them quickly realized what had happened, then stuffed themselves with two healing medicine pills and were ready to leave.

At this moment, the man in black, who had been watching the fight the whole time, suddenly changed his expression and showed a wry smile, “there’s no need to leave…”

Xu Ziyan turned to look at him, “what?”

“It has already come…”

“Ow!” A huge blood dragon suddenly passed through space, revealing its huge body from the void.

“Array!” Xu Ziyan’s pupils shrank suddenly. Sure enough, when you’re scared of something, it’d really come. The fight just now really alarmed the blood dragon. Although the people there hadn’t reached the stage of nascent soul, at the moment when the fleshy monster was exploded, a lot of energy dissipated and finally attracted the blood dragon.

As soon as the blood dragon appeared, they immediately followed the original plan, surrounded the men in black, and set up the Nine Royal Profound Thunder Array.

Xu Zirong fluttered with his fingers, and smashed the talismans into the void piece by piece.

“The array is formed!” Xu Zirong shouted loudly.

When the blood dragon completely emerged from the void, there were streaks of golden light, and the nine of them were connected by countless golden threads. The array that gave them high hopes finally took shape in time.

“Ow!” After the blood dragon crossed the void, it circled and flew above the great array.

Perhaps it possessed a trace of human consciousness; it did not rush into the big array like other monsters. But there was a voice that kept echoing in its mind, and that voice repeatedly told him that there was something extremely crucial to him within this great array!

“This guy really devoured the soul of a dragon, and it’s even a complete dragon soul.” Because of that ray of divine consciousness, the man in black had an inexplicable connection with the blood dragon.

He felt his own divine consciousness carefully, and was surprised to find that the divine consciousness of the blood dragon was actually suppressed.

The blood monster created by his essence blood and the divine consciousness were supposed to possess utter power of control over this body, but it seemed to be the dragon’s soul which was controlling the body of the blood dragon at this time.

“How could this be…” The man in black looked worried. After all, it was also his trace of divine consciousness and it ended up getting suppressed by a dragon’s soul. It’s so insulting!

When he separated his trace of divine consciousness back then, he felt very unwilling to do so. At that time, all he was thinking about was to increase his strength and take revenge on the Wei family. Could it be that the trace of divine consciousness had turned his stubborn thoughts into action? It might explain why it wanted to strengthen itself through devouring the dragon’s soul.

In fact, the man in black already knew the truth. When his spiritual consciousness was separated back then, his inner unwillingness occupied most of his thoughts, and by chance, the blood monster entered the secret room of nurturing dragon’s souls by mistake. When that blood monster discovered the existence of the dragon’s soul, it immediately decided to devour it to strengthen itself.

It’s a pity that this dragon soul was not a remnant, but a complete one. As a result, although the body of the blood dragon that devoured the dragon’s soul evolved, its divine consciousness was suppressed by the dragon’s soul in turn, and it turned out to be the way it was…

“Ow!” The blood dragon hovered for a while, raised its head and roared loudly, then slammed into the great array below.

Although there was still the divine consciousness of the man in black inside this blood dragon, it was completely suppressed by that complete dragon’s soul. They would compete for the control of this body from time to time. After thousands of years, the two sides ended up integrating with each other in a weird way. However, there was a larger proportion of the dragon’s soul, and the blood dragon had a bigger nature of monster in its body. When it realized that there was something that it’d need in the big array below, it rushed downward without hesitating.

Moreover, the blood dragon was definitely a well-deserved tyrant in this cave. In the past thousands of years, it had not encountered anything that could pose a threat to him, so it’d naturally not flinch when it saw the big array below.

“Twelve golden figurines, time to be out!” Wei Qing took the first shot, and twelve golden rays of light fell into the array and firmly blocked the blood dragon rushing into it.

“Roar!” The blood dragon faced the twelve golden armored figurines with a very humanized look of contempt on his face. It waved its claws gently, and the array formed by the twelve golden armored figurines was easily broken. Three or four of the golden armored figurines turned into pieces instantly…

“It’s amazing!” Wei Qing’s facial expression changed suddenly, as he didn’t expect that his twelve golden armor figurines didn’t even have the power of unity, and they were even swept away.

After getting rid of the golden armor figurines, the blood dragon waved its claws again somewhat casually, and the claws swept across Wei Qing’s side lightly.

It was obvious that he wasn’t touched by the claws, but Wei Qing’s lower abdomen was slashed open a few inches long, and blood poured out all at once.

“Hmm!” Several other people also groaned, and they also felt severe pain in their lower abdomen, but they still had lighter injuries that that of Wei Qing. At least their stomach wasn’t cut open.

This blood dragon’s attack was just so overbearing! He was only scratched a bit and ended up getting severely hurt already. Everyone felt heavy and they almost lost all confidence in winning this battle.

“Wei Qing!” Le Hu was naturally the most anxious one when Wei Qing got hurt.

He was roaring and rushing towards Wei Qing. Unexpectedly, when the blood dragon pulled away the other golden armor figurines, he took it and grabbed it towards Wei Qing.

“Yin and Yang are boundless, turn!” Xu Zirong’s eyes moved slightly, and he was muttering.

Following Xu Zirong’s movement, the golden thread connecting everyone began to move quickly, and Le Hu successfully moved to Wei Qing’s side, waved his eighteen chain beads and blocked in front of Wei Qing.

“Bang bang bang!”

The blood dragon grabbed at will, and three of Le Hu’s chain beads exploded in one go. Fortunately, with the existence of this chain of beads, neither Wei Qing nor Le Hu suffered any damage this time.

“Mao Da, Mao Er!” Xu Zirong called them, Wei Qing and Le Hu were moved to the rear of the big array, while the Mao brothers were moved to the position facing the blood dragon.

“The Thousand-Tons Mountain Seal!” Mao Da raised his hands and threw the small seal out violently. It was only a fist-sized seal, but when Mao Da threw it out, all his muscles stretched out, and even veins became visible on his forehead, as if the thing weighed tens of millions of pounds.

The small seal’s volume skyrocketed during the flight, and when it landed on the blood dragon’s head, it turned into two huge mountain peaks.

“Ow!” The blood dragon narrowed its eyes and looked disdainful to the mountain. It didn’t even attempt to dodge before being pressed down by the mountain.


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