Chapter 286

“That somebody! Shoot!” Xu Zirong called out, turning his fingertips slightly. Mao Da and Mao Er stepped aside, and the righteous girl moved to the front.

In order to express his disdain for this woman, Xu Zirong never asked her name at all. Although she once took the initiative to introduce herself, Xu Zirong always used “that somebody” to address her, making her extremely dissatisfied.

“My name is not that somebody…I have a name, and it is Ding Ying…” The righteous muttered with dissatisfaction. She really didn’t get it – Xu Zirong was such a handsome man, yet he was such a scumbag. He never even looked her in the eyes and he didn’t even take the effort to remember her name. Moreover, whenever she attempted to talk to Xu Ziyan, that guy would stare at her firmly like he wanted to kill her!

Although she was full of resentment, Ding Ying did not delay her attack.

Taking out the talisman of breath of sword given by her master, Ding Ying prayed in her heart, “master, your disciple will need this talisman to be saved! Please protect me!”

“Sword rushes to the sky!” The righteous shouted loudly, causing all her spiritual power to release at this moment, all of which was injected into the talisman.

The blood dragon, which was pressed down by the seal, seemed to sense the threat of the talisman, and it even wanted to turn over that mountain after a roar.

But if the Thousand-Ton Mountain seal could be broken free so easily, it wouldn’t have become the most precious treasure of the Mao brothers.

“Thousand-Ton Mountain Seal, all into my hands! Stack!” Mao Da shouted with a spell.

Overlapping shadows of countless mountain peaks appeared on the seal, and the blood dragon, which was about to raise its head just now, was once again weighed down by the added weight.

“Ow!” The blood dragon didn’t expect the mountain to be so heavy, and he couldn’t break free. The intent of swords of the girl in front of him became more and more powerful, and the blood dragon started having a bad feeling about it.

The talisman in the girl’s hand turned into a huge golden long sword, hanging high in the air. The blade was cold and shining. Even if it’s just a phantom, it still gave the illusion of destroying the sky and the earth. .

“Divine Sword Slayer!” The girl’s eyes widened, and a little streak of golden light flashed in her eyes. At this time, she looked resolute, her eyes were like ice, and there was no more naivety in them. Instead, they were full of murderous intent.

“Break!” The girl raised her hand to hold the phantom of the long sword, and slashed down hard.

The golden long sword fell in response, slashing fiercely on the immobile blood dragon.


The blood dragon roared fiercely, while blood splashed all over its body. The light of the long sword left a huge wound on its body.

The wound was more than ten meters long, and the surrounding blood kept rolling and boiling to fill the wound, but the blood dragon’s body was obviously smaller, and the blood on his body was much dimmed.

The blood dragon looked at the group of humans that it regarded as ants with fierce eyes. It didn’t expect that its contempt would cause it to suffer such a serious injury!


It angrily let out a deafening roar, followed by a sudden flick of the dragon’s tail, and slammed it on the Thousand-Ton Mountain Seal.

“Pfft!” The Mao brothers spat out blood at the same time, causing the seal to tremble vigorously, and there was a huge crack on the peak.

“It’s not looking good!” The Mao brothers felt that something was wrong, and they quickly wanted to take back the seal.

Unexpectedly, the blood dragon reacted very quickly. It immediately threw it back from the opposite direction, throwing off the seal.

The Mao brothers spat out another mouthful of essence blood and they looked extremely pale. They’d basically lost all combat power.

Xu Zirong’s expression remained the same. He calmly moved the two of them to other positions in the array, then pushed his brother on top.

Without saying a word, Xu Ziyan took out the dark golden horn bow and released all the Purple Night Divine Thunder in his Dantian. He condensed them into purple-black arrows one by one, and shot them out like continuous arrows.

“The Ninth Turn Styx River! Come out!” Xu Ziyan raised his hand and released the Ninth Turn Styx River in Mr. Little Square, and the pitch-black river instantly flooded the space, including the blood dragon.


The dark river water made the blood dragon lose his vision, its original consciousness was suppressed by the dragon soul and it was even its confidant having made it blind.

The blood dragon angrily roared in the water, but couldn’t find a way out.

Xu Ziyan manipulated the water of the Styx River, constantly manipulating various vortexes to rush towards the blood dragon, but unfortunately, those vortexes that could cause a lot of damage to Xu Ziyan were all hit to pieces when they encountered the blood dragon.

With the cooperation between the Styx River and the array, everyone except Xu Ziyan got a chance to rest for a short while. Although they were also isolated in the Styx water, they wouldn’t be hurt.

“Ji ji!” Taking advantage of the opportunity that others couldn’t see, Xu Ziyan also released the little carp. The Styx carp was originally born from the Styx River, and in such an environment, it was only natural that it could exert its full strength.

The little carp flicked its tail and rushed towards the blood dragon, but after a while, it ran back in tears.

Xu Ziyan: _(:3∠)_

“Ji ji ji ji!” The little carp told Xu Ziyan the ferocity of the blood dragon while bursting into tears. At the same time, it did not forget to show it pitiful tail that was almost snatched by a claw…

Xu Ziyan wiped his face hard, and put the little carp back into his Dantian.

Well, it was wrong for him to release a spirit that was not in harmony with the world. It would be a bit hard for it, since it had never experienced fighting against a monster of nascent soul that had no problems with eating old monsters…

Xu Ziyan kept comforting himself, but his face looked inexplicably furious…

In the future, he’d have to make these little guys practice harder. If none of them could be useful during battles, then he’d have raised them for nothing.

Fortunately, in addition to this unreliable little carp, a little snail with no fighting ability, and the sadistic Aurora, there was a natural militant living in his Dantian – the Little Greenie!

Greenie’s younger brothers were condensed into arrows, and they wouldn’t come back in a short while, but Greenie had its own consciousness and could fight independently, so Xu Ziyan simply gave it enough extent of autonomy, allowing it to bring its younger brother (Aurora) and take action. As expected, Greenie acted diligently by attaching itself to Aurora and rushing directly towards the blood dragon.

Relying on its nature to fight against the evil, it successfully wounded the blood dragon to a certain extent.

“The vajra subdues all demons!” Xia Rongsheng shouted and instantly transformed into a golden body of Arhat. This Arhat was holding a pestle to subdue demons, with a majestic-looking face and a pair of angry eyes staring at the blood dragon. Once the opponent had any intentions to escape from the array, he would immediately be knocked away.

Xia Rongsheng’s attack was definitely a great weapon to kill the blood dragon. Buddhism was originally designed to annihilate the demons, and the demon-subduing vajra possessed by Xia Rongsheng was the most vicious of all.

Even if the real body of this vajra was only a phantom, the blood dragon would still tremble and retreat unconsciously. If Xia Rongsheng’s move could last longer and if his level of cultivation was a little higher, he would have been able to deal with the blood dragon alone.

“Xi Yanliu!” Using the Styx River as the cover, Xu Zirong quietly moved her to a position closest to the blood dragon.

Xia Rongsheng’s golden body had begun to gradually turn into a phantom in front of her, but fortunately, it could still block the blood dragon’s attack.

Xi Yanliu clenched her fists but she still looked calm, but the little redness between her fingers proved that she was not as calm as she seemed.

Although Xi Yanliu wasn’t the one with the lowest level of cultivation, she was definitely the weakest in defense. Everyone there knew how powerful the blood dragon’s attack was, and it’s only natural that she felt nervous while being so close to the blood dragon.

Fortunately, no matter what, she’s still the beloved disciple of the Wuji Demon Woman. She might feel scared, but her self-esteem wouldn’t let her show any fear.

Xi Yanliu acted ruthlessly and took out a waxy yellow pill from her pocket. She swallowed the pill in one gulp, and her face suddenly turned red, there was even a lot of white mist on her head.

“Damn it, this is all I have got!” Xi Yanliu scolded secretly. She muttered in a low voice, “the parent and child will take alliance and seize lives!”

It’s a set of 18 soul-devouring needles. Xi Yanliu once said that she could only five of them at most, but in fact, she could drive ten together. It’s only that it would cause her divine consciousness a big burden, so she’d rather control five.

But at this time, in order to create more damage to the blood dragon, Xi Yanliu threw out all eighteen soul-devouring needles in one go, and the rosy color on her face disappeared little by little. It even became quite pale. At this moment, the 18 soul-devouring needles slowly approached the blood dragon.

Xia Rongsheng’s golden body completely disappeared at this moment, and when the blood dragon saw the vajra disappear, it rushed towards him fiercely.

“Be careful!” Le Hu roared, and suddenly threw out the fifteen chain beads he had left, only to hear a clear sound. In order to block the blood dragon’s move, eight beads out of fifteen burst in one time.

“Hey! It’s so dangerous just now!” Xia Rongsheng, who was turned back to the rear of the array by Xu Zirong, was sweating coldly as he looked at the broken beads.

At this time, his face was pale, and the spiritual power in his body was almost exhausted. If Le Hu hadn’t saved him in time, he would have gone to heaven already…

The blood dragon couldn’t succeed with a single blow, and it suddenly tossed around in anger after losing the trace of those damn human beings.

The pitch-black river water tumbled as it struggled, but it just concealed the eighteen soul-devouring needles which were fluctuating…


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