Chapter 290

The righteous girl huffed her nose and bulged her cheeks slightly, like a cute little squirrel.

Unfortunately, her cuteness obviously didn’t have any effect on Xu Zirong. Xu Zirong still looked at her with his usually cold attitude, as if he was saying, “you stay away from my brother!”

“Cough, cough…” Xu Ziyan was already immune to Xu Zirong’s clinginess disease. He coughed twice, got everyone’s attention back and smiled slightly, “we cannot always just wait here. Um…perhaps I’ll go and have a look.”

“No way!” Xu Zirong decisively rejected his brother’s suggestion. What Xia Rongsheng said just now was very reasonable. He would never let his brother take such a risk.

“It’s alright.” Xu Ziyan combed his hair, “I’ll let Aurora go test it first. In the battle just now, Greenie and Aurora both took action, there must be the breath of a blood dragon on them. If the dragon soul furnace really reacts, Aurora’s space-breaking attributes can definitely make it escape in advance.”

“Okay…” Xu Zirong instantly calmed down when he heard that his brother wasn’t going to take the risk.

Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes helplessly. He released Aurora from his Dantian, and little Greenie insisted on following him…

Xu Ziyan: _(:3”∠)_

After seeing Greenie and Aurora tightly intertwined and exuding a strong resentment, Xu Ziyan instantly had the feeling that he’s separating a couple forcefully…

He thought, “forget it. Just go if you want it so much.” He knew exactly that Greenie had been taught a big lesson by the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder and it felt like having lost face, that’s why it wanted to find what it had lost.

With Aurora around, even if the Dragon Soul Furnace really reacted to them, they would definitely be able to escape. He waved his hand casually, and the aurora entwined by little Greenie suddenly disappeared.

When the other few people saw those spirits that Xu Ziyan was keeping, they all expressed their admiration and thought, “my God! These creatures are so rare. Brother Ziyan is even keeping a bunch of them. Ohhh…how jealous I feel!”

Xu Ziyan looked up at the sky at a forty-five-degree angle against the envious and jealous eyes of others. He thought to himself sadly, “no one understands how it feels to keep a bunch of stupid creatures in your Dantian…”

After a while, little Greenie sent him a message, telling him that it’s safe.

When Xu Ziyan led the crowd into the hall that had almost collapsed, Aurora was flying around the Dragon Soul Furnace with excitement.

“Come back!” Xu Ziyan shouted, and Aurora flew back in a swish. It returned to Xu Ziyan’s Dantian with little Greenie, who was full of resentment for not being able to fight a battle.

“Everyone, hurry up and look for the exit. I haven’t found one.” Although the Dragon Soul Furnace seemed to be no longer in danger, Xu Ziyan didn’t want to stay there for too long, and he hurriedly asked everyone else to find the exit.

Although the Dragon Soul Furnace was hanging high in the air, it was dim and looked as if it had been damaged. Also, Xu Ziyan felt that someone was staring at them in the dark, making him feel really pressurized.

Perhaps they got lucky, as the exit originally hidden in the wall got exposed easily after of the collapse of the entire hall, and even the array that was originally used as a camouflage had lost its effect.

“That’s great. Let’s go!” Xia Rongsheng said cheerfully, looking at the faintly luminous passage.

The ghosts of Zuo Shen had already explored the passage and there were no traps. There was a staircase leading directly to the top not far away.

At the end of the stairs, there was a natural tunnel, and the breeze blowing from the tunnel carried the fresh fragrance of trees.

Everyone couldn’t help laughing when they heard this. It’s the kind of tree that really favored sunlight, which means that there must be sunlight at that moment.

It was so exciting to hear such news after staying in this dark True Dragon Maze for so long.

“Okay, don’t waste your time. Let’s go!” Xu Ziyan waved his hand, and everyone walked towards the exit with a smile.

When passing by the Dragon Soul Furnace, Xu Ziyan glanced at it casually, and he was initially planning to stay far away from it.

He was a little far away just now and he didn’t look very carefully. Also, the Dragon Soul Furnace looked dull and it was as if it’d already lost its effect, so Xu Ziyan habitually ignored it. However, after looking at it more carefully, he was really surprised – why was a small cube the size of a thumb missing from the bottom of this furnace?

He was shocked, and almost instinctively thought of the small cube that he had picked up. He took it out naturally…

And when he did, he instantly regretted.

After he took out this piece, it instantly looked alive. Without waiting for Xu Ziyan’s actions, it flew towards the Dragon Soul Furnace at once.

After making up for the missing block, the dull-looking Dragon Soul Furnace immediately radiated with vitality, and there was an extremely dazzling color on its entire body.

“Damn it! Run!” Xu Ziyan was shocked. He didn’t expect that the small cube he took out would lead to such an outcome, so he could only try to get everyone to flee quickly.

It’s a pity that the reality always turns out to be different from one’s expectations. Under the light of the furnace, everyone seemed to be forcibly made much slower than they were. They were obviously running towards the exit frantically, yet they all looked like puppets, moving slowly in small steps.

Such a scene would look extremely ridiculous, but none of them could laugh at that moment. It felt awful to fall in front of the exit when they were already so near it.

Just when everyone thought that they were going to die there, the furnace suddenly burst into a buzzing sound. Then, the furnace cover flew up, and eleven pale white rays of light rose from it. They were connected to the heads of the eleven people there, including Xi Yanliu.

Of course, as the holder of the small cube, Xu Ziyan’s ray of white light was much thicker than the others, and everyone’s expression changed from despair to ecstatic…

After receiving the information from the Dragon Soul Furnace, everyone made the same decision – they immediately sat cross-legged, waiting for the next test.

Xu Ziyan was also stunned at such a turning point. He could never have imagined that this dragon soul furnace was originally used to nourish dragon souls, and the dragon soul was brought back by the ancestors of the Wei family.

Originally, when the dragon soul was seriously injured, it was placed in the dragon soul furnace for nourishment, and the so-called soul furnace opening was aimed at allowing the descendants of the Wei family to throw some heaven and earth treasures inside, so that any remaining dragon souls could get nourished and recover.

After the accidental death of the ancestor, this incident was only recorded in a vague way. The descendants of the Wei family only knew that they had raised a dragon soul, but no one knew where and how they were raised.

Later, something even more unfortunate happened. The seriously injured dragon soul encountered a blood monster eager to improve his strength. After being devoured, it almost lost its mind, leaving only some remaining instincts of a monster, and it started swallowing other monsters to strengthen itself.

Now, what remained in this furnace was a touch of spiritual consciousness left before the dragon soul lost its mind. It mistook Xu Ziyan and the others for the descendants of the Wei family, and it was simply sharing the spiritual power that it had accumulated over the thousands of years to everyone.

Such a nice thing would never be rejected, that’s why everyone looked so thrilled.

However, the Dragon Soul Furnace would not distribute its own good things for free, so it decided to add another pre-condition to test everyone.

The amount of spiritual power that each person would obtain depend on their own strength. If they were just now powerful enough, then they’d evidently get less spiritual power. It’s not like they could complain about this to anyone!

Just as everyone closed their eyes and started the test, the entire Dragon Soul Furnace completely exploded, forming a white light curtain around everyone. Inside the light curtain, everyone was sitting cross-legged, and they all looked calm while accepting to be tested. However, there were subtle changes outside the light curtain at this moment…

If those inside the light curtain opened their eyes, they would find that the hall outside was decaying at an extremely high speed. A mouse would even occasionally appear, moving back and forth at an astonishing speed.

The test of the Dragon Soul Furnace was not that difficult. In other words, it was different to each person.

People with higher skills of comprehension were more adept at this kind of test. Xu Ziyan didn’t know what others were like, but he was able to break through to the end without stopping.

In the last stage, Xu Ziyan saw the divine consciousness of remnant real dragon inside the furnace. It was a middle-aged man in white clothes, who was completely different from the divine consciousness of Meng Xian that he saw in the Lang Yu Secret Realm. This one looked much weaker and the whole body looked so dim that it was almost transparent. However, his momentum made them flinch.

“Here you are.” The middle-aged man seemed quite friendly to Xu Ziyan. He raised his hand, and a stone table and two stone benches appeared in front of him.

There was a green teapot on the stone table, it was steaming hot and there was a sweet scent of tea.

“Real dragon?” Xu Ziyan felt strange when he met this middle-aged man.

It seemed to be a feeling of closeness and awe, which made him unconsciously grow a certain kind of affection for this person.

The middle-aged man smiled and nodded, “sit.”

Xu Ziyan sat down and the middle-aged man brought two cups of tea for them.

The tea’s heat rose between the two, blurring the middle-aged man’s face.

“You, or several of you are carrying the breath of my descendants.” The middle-aged man said softly.

Xu Ziyan understood in seconds. When the middle-aged man mentioned “my descendants”, it meant Snowball and the others.

He nodded, “right, me and my brother have bonded with our spiritual pets, I have bonded with Snowball, while my other two friends also bonded with theirs.”

Xu Ziyan’s answer clearly indicated their close relationships with the dragon sons.


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