Chapter 293

There were fifteen cultivators in total, all of them were depressed and their clothes were tattered, as if they had just gone through a big battle.

Xu Ziyan would normally not think too much about it, since he’d been used to seeing cultivators killing each other, and he’d at most assume them to be a bunch of unlucky people.

However, everything became different now, since he heard a depressing keyword in these people’s conversation – the Blood Oath Worm!

“We were really unlucky!” said a cultivator with torn clothes with a wry smile.

“Well, it’s actually not so bad already.” Another disgraced cultivator smiled self-deprecatingly, “at least we’re still alive, aren’t we?”

“Alive? Yes, still alive…but can we continue to live?” A cultivator in a red robe suddenly stood up from the ground and shouted furiously, “we came out with a hundred people. One hundred people! What about now? There are only fifteen people who can still move!!” As he cursed, his eyes turned red, “Old Liu! There are only fifteen people left in our sect! Also…Zhang Qi and the others…”

The cultivator in red robe couldn’t speak any longer. He turned his face suddenly, and his shoulders trembled slightly.

The disgraced cultivator whom he called “Old Liu” also had a tragic expression on his face. He looked at the cultivator on the ground, who was almost cut into two halves, and a few fellow disciples who were obviously dying. Then, he covered his face in desperation, “what am I supposed to do?!”

He widened his eyes suddenly, “just tell me what I’m supposed to do? Our whole sect is gone, and we must depend on those large sects to survive! Given our level, don’t you think that we’ll die sooner or later?”

The cultivator in red robe turned around and roared, “even if we sacrifice, there’s gotta be value, no? What’s the use of this mission of self-sacrifice?”

Old Liu fell to the ground with a wry, “It’s useless, but nobody told us to be careful of the precious disciple of the sect…he’s from the Tian Yu sect and was very well respected. Even though nobody cares about us as small characters, there’re many people who’re willing to fight for them…”

The cultivator in red robe slammed an incense tree with resentment and hit one with a few bangs.

The rest of the cultivators, who were still wide awake, listened to the conversation between the cultivator in red robe and Lao Liu without interrupting them. They just tried to heal themselves aside. And since they had almost finished all the medicinal pills in the battle just now, they could just use this mortal way to heal themselves.

“Those damn blood-sucking worms! Sooner or later, I will…”

“Are you saying that…those are blood-sucking worms?”

“Who?!” The cultivator in red robe was shocked when he heard so.

The rest of the cultivators were also taken aback when they heard this suddenly, but they were well-trained and quickly formed a simple defensive array, vigilantly looking around.

“Were you talking about blood-sucking worms just now?” A man with a half-gold mask slowly walked out of the woods, followed by a gorgeous man with a dragon-shaped pattern on his face.

Old Liu looked cautious. He couldn’t see through the other party’s cultivation base, which meant that his strength was definitely much higher than theirs. Even if they were in their hay day, they might not be able to compete. Not to mention that they were all either injured or crippled. There were also only nine of them and it would be like sacrificing knowingly if they ever took action.

He saluted respectfully, “Senior, what we mentioned just now was indeed the blood-sucking worm.”

Xu Ziyan’s pupils shrank suddenly and thought, “I really heard this right! But according to my original body’s memory and the novel, the blood-sucking worm should be appearing ten years later, so why did it appear earlier?

Could it be…?

He narrowed his eyes slightly, “what year is this now?”

When Old Liu heard this, he was slightly stunned. Could it be that this senior had just finished his retreat and he didn’t even have an idea of what year it was?

Before he could think clearly, an extremely sharp pressure fell on him and suddenly made him tremble, “answer quickly. Don’t think too much.”

Old Liu was shocked and had cold sweat all over his forehead. He replied hurriedly, “yes, senior…we’re in the 79th year of Yunxi.”

Xu Ziyan sighed in his heart. It was only the 69th year when they entered the True Dragon maze, yet ten years had already passed in the blink of an eye.

The time they spent in the maze and the dark passage could not be wrong. The only thing that could cause this effect was the light curtain formed when the Dragon Soul gave them his cultivation base.

In fact, as Xu Ziyan had speculated, the test they had gone through in the light curtain seemed to be very short, but it was just a time domain specially created by the Dragon Soul.

In the realm, their time was much slower than the outside world, because only in this way could they smoothly absorb the cultivation base left by the Dragon Soul.

Otherwise, if they didn’t control it well, their bodies would just explode themselves, and that would be like taking revenge…

“Senior…” Old Liu noticed that Xu Ziyan seemed to be lost in thought and he called out twice.

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan regained his senses, raised his hand and threw out a bottle of medicine pill, “you don’t have to be nervous, I just retreated for a long time and wanted to ask you some questions.”

When Old Liu caught the bottle, he immediately showed a look of ecstasy. He threw the pill to the cultivator in red robe and shouted, “hurry up, give it to Zhang Qi and the others!”

Afterwards, he turned his head and gave Xu Ziyan a big bow and said very sincerely, “senior, please feel free to ask me anything, and I will surely tell you anything I know!”

Xu Ziyan asked a few more questions about the current situation in Xuan Yu realm, and suddenly realized that the current situation there was more sinister than what the original body had experienced.

Since a total of three areas were infested by blood-sucking worms in the Xuan Yu realm, and these three areas were not adjacent, it means that there were at least three female blood-sucking worms in this realm!

“How could this be…” Xu Ziyan frowned. This blood-sucking worm had only one female worm in its previous life, how could there suddenly be three?

He thought that his butterfly wings should not have such a great impact on the demon race outside the Xuan Yu realm.

“Brother, it’s useless to ask them. Let’s return to Liu Guang sect and check.” Xu Zirong comforted him gently.

“Well, after all, they are only cultivators of building base, and the information they can get is limited. Go back and ask our master first.” Xu Ziyan nodded.

“Two seniors, did you just mention…Liu Guang sect?” Old Liu seemed to hear some incredible news and his eyes widened suddenly.

“What? What’s the problem?” Xu Ziyan asked.

Old Liu hesitated for a moment, while Xu Zirong snorted coldly, which immediately put a lot of pressure on him. He said quickly, “senior, there is something that you don’t know. After the all-realm competition ten years ago, as there were many disciples who died in the True Dragon maze, and a lot of them went missing, both the righteous and demon cultivation lost a lot of manpower. Later, after the disaster of blood-sucking worms broke out, Liu Guang sect and Tian Yu sect united together to fight against those worms, and they’ve already become the leader of the whole Xuan Yu realm…”

“Well…” Xu Ziyan wasn’t too surprised. With the strength and heritage of the Liu Guang Sect, it was a sure thing to overpower the Tian Yu sect and the three sects of demon cultivation.

It’s just that Liu Guang sect had always followed the principle of peace, so it was usually very low-key. And after such a low profile for several hundreds of years, even the Tian Yu sect and the three sects of demon cultivation thought that they had similar strength of Liu Guang sect.

However, this equilibrium was quickly broken during the war.

In order to compete for the leadership of the battle between the righteous and demon cultivators, there were people who attacked their opponents with blood-sucking worms in the early days. There had always been a big gap between the righteous and demon cultivation because of an incident ten years ago, and if anything happened between them, it would already be a miracle if none of them offered assistance.

After a few similar incidents, the high-level officials of both sides got angry and accused each other at their joint meeting while disregarding their alliance’s agreement.

The top management of the Liu Guang sect just watched with cold eyes as they fought for months. They were wrangling each other, vying for power for small benefits.

Many of the elders of the Liu Guang sect sneered to themselves. So many human cultivators were dying, but these guys were still trying to kill each other for such tiny benefits.

If there’s no need to endure it, then we might as well overcome it!

Most of the high-level leaders of the Liu Guang sect held a secret meeting together. When they were out, they directly defeated all the leaders including Tian Yu sect with their absolute strength.

Facing the blame of the elders of Tian Yu sect, Wuchen immediately gave an order to Big Foot Luo.

And the simple order was – if you don’t buy it, then fight it!

I might as well hand my leadership over to you if you can defeat Luo Yun!

The elders of Tian Yu sect were dissatisfied and wanted to persuade Tang Tianlang to do the job, yet Tang Tianlang didn’t give a damn to these old crooks at all.

Tang Tianlang used to be stopped when he was fighting for his interests, yet these people now wanted him to defend their interests when they were at stake. He was obviously being taken advantage of. Tang Tianlang thought that he might as well refrain from taking action and see what they’d do.

Tang Tianlang didn’t make a move, and the rest of the Nascent Soul elders claimed to be no match for Luo Yun at all.

And how about finding the cultivator of deity behind them?

Well, even there were cultivators of deity in the Liu Guang sect, and he’s even a sword cultivator with super high strength!

Wuchen still held the same attitude – if you don’t buy it, then fight it. I don’t care whether you’re a nascent soul of deity, and the Liu Guang sect will always accept any challenges!

After the elders of Tian Yu sect put out the fire, those from the demon cultivation were no longer sure if they could win when facing Luo Yun. In the end, the power of leadership went to the hands of Liu Guang sect.

Although Wuchen was usually approachable and friendly, it’s not to easy to defer what his real personality was, since he got to be promoted to the leader of the sect among so many disciples.


Once he had mastered the power of the entire alliance of the righteous and demon cultivation, the first thing he did was to declare a war status of Xuan Yuan realm, clarifying that the biggest enemy of the humankind was the blood-sucking worms of the demon race.


It was forbidden for the two sides to fight each other because of any personal hatred. This included the refusal to provide assistance when the other party was attacked. If there was any violation, the person would be severely punished.

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