Chapter 299

The place where the man in green clothes placed them happened to be the guest residence of Xuan Jia sect. Most of the people who lived there were disciples of other sects who were there to perform various tasks.

These people’s cultivation levels varied, and most of them come and go in groups. After seeing that Xu Ziyan and the others were sent there by the man in green clothes, they all started having different ideas, especially after noticing how respectful Xu Ziyan was.

The man in green clothes was specially responsible for receiving foreign objects at Xuan Jia sect, but apart from the disciple of Tian Yu sect the previous day, they’d never seen him sending anyone there personally.

Besides, he had never acted so respectfully to the cultivators from Tian Yu sect, that’s why these people started asking about Xu Ziyan’s identity.

Xu Ziyan had an easy-going personality. Even if he had a successful cultivation base, he did not have the arrogance of a high-level cultivator. Thanks to his friendliness, those who chatted with him quickly loosened their guard and started telling him news.

“So… are you saying that there were blood-sucking worms sneaking in Xuan Jia sect the day before yesterday?” Xu Ziyan tapped on the table with his fingers and said softly.

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows, “these blood-sucking worms should be large enough to cause damage, right? What’s the use of only one or two of them?”

Xu Ziyan shook his head, “these people are not very clear about it either. The Xuan Jia sect is very strict about this matter. If someone didn’t happen to see a member of the sect dealing with a corpse, this matter would never get revealed.”

Xu Zirong curled the corners of his lips. For Xuan Jia sect, a sect that was on its rise, it was absolutely humiliating if those blood-sucking worms managed to sneak into the sect, and no wonder they were trying so hard to hide the matter…

He frowned slightly. If they really wanted to suppress this matter, then why did they open the protective array? Could there be still some other hidden things?

“Don’t worry about it. I heard that the people of Tian Yu sect have been called by their head for discussion, and they will come back soon and inform us. No matter what the sect can do, it is impossible to completely cover up this matter. Also, since our disciples and that of Tian Yu sect are here, he will be taking the higher level of the alliance as fools if he continues to hide the matter.”

Xu Ziyan sneered and took a sip from the tea cup on the table.

The scent of tea overflowing with spiritual energy made him stunned. He didn’t expect that Xuan Jia sect would be able to bring out such high-quality tea products to entertain guests at this time.

“Looks like this Xuan Jia sect has made a lot of money, and the alliance is generous enough to have given spiritual tea.” Xu Ziyan sniffed at the fragrance and there was a sarcastic smile on his face.

He might not have gotten a good impression from Old Liu, that’s why he didn’t have good feelings towards the Xuan Jia sect, let alone mentioning Bai Hua, who’s very likely to be the one that the sect leader’s son admired. This element alone made him hate the sect even more.

“Spiritual tea?” Xu Zirong looked at the pale green tea with a deep thought in his eyes, “it shouldn’t be the only material support from the alliance to Xuan Jia sect, right?”

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan froze for a moment, then frowned deeply again.

If he remembered correctly, when he communicated with the disciples of other sects, he heard many people say that the quality of the spiritual tea provided by the Xuan Jia sect was excellent. However, even the Liu Guang sect wouldn’t serve its guests with tea of such high quality easily. He didn’t think that the Xuan Jia sect could actually afford such expensive tea.

Squinting his eyes slightly, Xu Ziyan covered the teacup and lifted it gently, and the tea filled with fragrance was spilled onto the ground, leaving only a few pieces of green tea leaves remaining in the teacup.

He took out the tea leaves and inspected them carefully with his divine consciousness, yet he didn’t find anything unusual. Xu Zirong did the same. In addition to the rich spiritual power contained in the tea leaves, it could actually improve his health, making him more suitable for cultivating the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

“This is quite surprising.” Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows in surprise, “this tea can actually improve one’s physical condition, making it more suitable to cultivate the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.”

“To cultivate the Blood Sea Heart Sutra?” Xu Ziyan frowned even more tightly. So, the purpose of Xuan Jia sect to bring out such good tea was to make people cultivate the Blood Sea Heart Sutra? It didn’t make sense!

It just so happened that another group of cultivators came to visit. As the guests who were respectfully sent there by the man in green clothes, they had a nice attitude towards Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong.

After greeting the group of cultivators from Jiu Yuan Pavilion, Xu Ziyan fell into deep thought as he watched them departing.

From those people, he learned that this spiritual tea was brought out by the lover of the sect leader’s son. According to him, the spiritual tea couldn’t create any big effect on his hands, and it might be better used for cultivators to replenish their spiritual energy, so that they could fight against the blood-sucking worms better. It would be his best effort to help.

This sounded a nice plan, but Xu Ziyan still sensed some conspiracy in it.

It’s normal that he’s suspicious, whenever he thought of Bai Hua, who might be the lover of the sect leader’s son, he felt uneasy.

“Try not to drink this tea, I still think that something is wrong.” Xu Ziyan raised his hand and poured the freshly brewed tea to the ground. He didn’t feel any pity at all while looking at the spiritual power flowing with the vapor.

Xu Zirong spilled his own tea as well. When he thought that this thing was made by Bai Hua, he felt an indescribable disgust. No matter how good the effect was, he would never drink anything that Bai Hua made.

“My two seniors.” It was the man in green clothes who led them in. “My head would love to invite you both to the council hall!”

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong looked at each other, got up and walked out.

The man in green clothes bowed and raised his hand, “please, come with me.”

Xu Ziyan nodded, and the two followed behind the man in green clothes and got on their flying sword. They soon arrived at the council hall at the other side of the mountain.

There were already many people in the council hall. Judging from their attire, most of them were the elders of Xuan Jia sect or the direct disciples of the elders. In addition, there was a small number of people wearing the robes of Tian Yu sect. Others were dressed very strangely, and some even showed their chest. They were obviously disciples of demon cultivation.

They seemed to be discussing something together. Judging from the atmosphere, there seemed to be some kind of dispute between the disciples of Tian Yu sect and those of Xuan Jia sect.

On the contrary, those disciples of demon cultivation just stood aside to watch the fun. They also whispered something from time to time.

“I’m reporting to the head. The two seniors of Liu Guang sect have arrived.” After the man in green clothes arrived at the door, he shouted without entering.

The discussion in the hall suddenly stopped, and almost everyone turned their heads at the same time and looked at the two people at the door.

A trail of divine consciousness swept across Xu Ziyan’s body, as if they were trying to find out his level of cultivation.

A cold light flashed in Xu Ziyan’s eyes. It was undoubtedly very rude for someone to use his divine consciousness to test another’s level of cultivation. If his level of cultivation was low, then he could only tolerate it. However, he’d already reached the level of golden core, and this level was much higher than those in the council hall. If he still tolerated the others to check his level so rudely, then he would have cultivated so hard for nothing!

He snorted coldly and his whole body trembled. There was a loud crackling sound of thunder, and the divine consciousness wrapped around him was instantly shattered by little Greenie.

Many in the council hall trembled and looked at him with horror. No one expected that an elite disciple from the Liu Guang sect had a higher level of cultivation than some of their elders.

“Humph! How dare you act so rude as juniors!” An elder of the Xuan Jia sect, who only had a middle stage of golden core, scolded with dissatisfaction.

Xu Zirong twitched the corner of his mouth and said softly, “who was farting just now?”

“How dare you!” The elder of the Xuan Jia sect suddenly changed his expression, raising his hand and two water dragons rushed towards Xu Zirong. “Since you haven’t got it, I will teach you a lesson on your master’s behalf!”

Xu Zirong smiled coldly. He placed his hands across his chest, several thick blood vines broke out from the ground, and they wiped out the two water dragons after rolling slightly.

“Who are you to replace my master?” Xu Ziyan also smiled sternly, flicking his wrist and holding his longbow. Three arrows were shot at the old man’s head, chest, and Dantian. It was an overwhelming momentum with a loud noise of thunder.

“Stop!” An old woman in grey clothes roared angrily. She tapped her skinny fingers in the void, and several icy flowers condensed in mid-air, forming an ice wall and blocking the path that those thunder arrows had to pass.

“Want to take action? It depends on whether I agree or not!” Xu Zirong’s eyes became even colder. He flicked his fingertips, and countless hair-like tenacious strands of grass emerged in front of the old woman. They formed a net which was about to wrap her into it.

“Enough!” A stern-faced middle-aged man in the meeting hall hadn’t said anything until Xu Ziyan’s thunder arrow was about to hit the old man.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

No matter if it’s the thunder arrow, the tough grass, or the old woman’s ice wall…they all disappeared after the middle-aged man scolded. Only the blood vines that Xu Zirong released were able to intercept the two water dragons. They were waving their thick branches, swaying back and forth outside the council hall as if they were about to devour everyone.

Xu Ziyan’s facial expression didn’t change, and there was not even the slightest trace of fear on his face.

He had already perfected his level of golden core, and he might as well fight against a nascent soul with Xu Zirong!

Before coming, Big Foot Luo hinted to them that the Xuan Jia sect was quite active recently, and they even secretly colluded with the fallen elders of the Tian Yu sect, as if they wanted to seize the power of the Liu Guang sect.

Aside from a particular mission of Xu Ziyan during this trip, he could also give the higher level of Xuan Jia sect a warning sign, so that they could understand the situation more clearly and avoid making stupid mistakes.

In fact, Big Foot Luo already made it very clear. At the moment when the battle between human and demon cultivators were approaching, Liu Guang sect would never allow any internal friction among human cultivators.


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