Chapter 304

These blood-sucking worms were so powerful, since they depended on their overwhelming number. If they simply raised the mother worm, it couldn’t become sufficient help.

For the sake of his future, Bai Hua acted ruthlessly by releasing his mother worm and occupied a position in the central area of Xuan Yu realm.

He kept telling himself that he did this for the future of Xuan Yuan realm. Once his mother worm grew and developed, he could then kill the other two lairs very easily.

Moreover, his female worm was under his control, and it would never contact the worm king of the demon race. As long as the demon race couldn’t find the position of Xuan Yu realm in the short term, he could use the attacks among the lairs and completely destroy the lair of blood-sucking worms in the whole realm!

It’s just – to do this, first of all, the female worm that he controlled must be the most powerful one. Only in this way could he have enough strength to destroy the other two lairs.

In order to achieve this mighty goal, he could only reluctantly sacrifice some human cultivators, but he believed that it’d be all worth it, and he presumed as well that those cultivators would be willing to sacrifice after knowing that it’d all be so meaningful!

He believed that everything would be worth it if he could save everyone in the Xuan Yu realm.

“It’s surely an effective method.” The old man said leisurely, “sacrifice is necessary if you want to save the realm, and these people are just victims of the battle against the blood-sucking worms. Since their level of cultivation is so low, they will become useless on battlefields anyway. They would have died long time ago if you didn’t help them increase their strength, so why would they complain about it?”

“Besides…” The old man chuckled, “you obviously carry a big mission in this life and you’re meant to be a big and dominant figure. However, some people are destined to crush you, so wouldn’t you want to take revenge?”

“Blood-sucking worms can’t be exposed to people, but these people can. In the future… they will be your most loyal subordinates. The more subordinates you have, the stronger you will be. What’s more…hehe…” The old man’s laughter was a bit peculiar, “people change their mind all the time. Today, they might be very close to you, but they might turn against you tomorrow. Instead of trusting their lies, I would rather trust those worms. After all, you would be the only mother worm in their eyes and they will never betray you.”

Bai Hua bit his lower lip fiercely. His eyes were full of hatred when he was recalling how Lin Xiaotian and Mo Ziyuan were before. Obviously, they had both fallen for him before, and they all changed their mind in just a few days.

Especially that Xu Zirong – he was initially so affectionate towards Xu Zirong, but now he kept destroying his potential opportunities for romance!

Bai Hua perceived himself as a genius and should have had a well-deserved destiny. If those people didn’t decide to betray him, he would never have fallen for people like Rong Taiqing.

Thinking of Rong Taiqing, Bai Hua couldn’t help frowning. He’s just a piece of garbage with double spiritual roots, how dare he plan to even get close? With his low level of cultivation, he would never reach the level of golden core in a short time through dual cultivation.

And if he really cared about himself, then he should really catch some golden core cultivators for his replenishment!

At the beginning, he inadvertently seduced a female disciple in the Nine Fragrance Pavilion. He originally planned to secretly find a target for dual cultivation, yet that female disciple happened to find a secret technique in a hidden base of the sect!

After obtaining the secret technique, he was simply ecstatic, as he found that the secret technique not only had a method of replenishment, but the spiritual power that had been collected and supplemented could also be transferred to other people in a private way.

With his communication skills, the female disciple he quickly hooked up with had a deep-rooted love for him, and was even willing to take the initiative to look for people for his replenishment.

Unfortunately, that female disciple later disappeared in the True Dragon maze and Bai Hua found it a pity.

That girl had the ability to make people contribute their level of cultivation for him! If she didn’t die, he could’ve reached the later stage of golden core directly!

Moreover, the spiritual power that he obtained from the female disciple was extremely pure, unlike the mixed kind that he had now!

Every time he thought of it, Bai Hua got pissed off at that female disciple. What a garbage she was! She even failed to do such a small thing, and she should’ve passed that level of cultivation to him before entering that dangerous maze!

Bai Hua didn’t know if that female disciple really would survive after passing him her level of cultivation, as he couldn’t care less.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and thought about what the old man said.

He’s right when he said that humans can’t be trusted!

Instead of believing the lies that may be revealed anytime, he’d rather trust those blood-sucking worms that he could control.

“So? Have you made up your mind?” The old man asked in a low voice and there’s a subtle sense of bewitching in it.

Bai Hua nodded vigorously and kept repeating in his mind, “I’m doing all this for the Xuan Yu realm! And I’m going to save those human beings! As long as I can succeed, I’m going to wipe off those two lairs as fast as possible.”

After destroying the lairs, he would “try his best” to kill that remaining mother worm. In the end, he might get seriously injured but he’d survive, and the whole Xuan Yu realm would call him their hero!

With his own supporters and huge popularity, he could completely establish a super large sect with a similar scale of Liu Guang sect. Then, after killing all those opponents with the help of cultivators with blood-sucking worms hidden inside them, he might as well control the whole Xuan Yu realm!

The more Bai Hua thought about it, the more excited he became, as if he’d already gotten hold of the whole Xuan Yu realm.

Sooner or later, he’d look down on Luo Yun, the famous nascent soul cultivator and those people would all look up to him as the ultimate hero!

Inside the bright red jade pendant, a huge blood-red grimace revealed a terrifying grin. The treacherous laughter flowed inside the jade pendant, but it did not leak out at all.

Beneath the grimace, a faint dragon energy was constantly being gnawed by the grimace, and not far away, a layer of dull dragon skin was piled up…

“So…” Lin Xiaotian stared at Xu Zirong very seriously, “how sure are you that Bai Hua can control these people?”

Xu Zirong glared at Lin Xiaotian dissatisfiedly, “at least 70%.”

“Why is it so tall?” Lin Xiaotian was stunned.

Xu Zirong twitched the corners of his mouth, fully expressing his contempt for Lin Xiaotian.

Lin Xiaotian:  …

He really wanted to beat this guy up, what to do? But he couldn’t defeat him so he could only endure the anger inside!

With a flick of Xu Zirong’s fingertips, a palm-sized blood monster was born. Under Xu Zirong’s control, the mouse-shaped blood beast danced around the three teacups on the table.

Xu Ziyan watched the rat’s dance moves, and his cheeks twitched immediately – as expected, he shouldn’t have taught Xu Zirong anything about modern times! How could he teach a mouse how to do lap dance?!!

Xu Zirong, what about your integrity! How about your arrogance??

The magnificent dance of the mouse ended by a graceful kick of Lin Xiaotian’s teacup. Of course, the tea was spilled all over Lin Xiaotian’s clothes.

Lin Xiaotian was expressionless: …

He really wanted to beat up Xu Zirong at this point that it became unbearable…

Xu Ziyan:  …

Damn, do you have to bully even someone as soft as Lin Xiaotian…Well, for the sake of my previous life, I’ll take it as if I didn’t see it…

After exchanging glances with Lin Xiaotian, Xu Ziyan turned his face silently.

Lin Xiaotian was very sad and angry, as even Xu Ziyan had learned bad tricks! He was obviously not like that before!

“Cough, okay, let’s get down to business.” Xu Ziyan knocked on the table, motioning for Xu Zirong to get down to business.

Xu Zirong nodded and stopped bothering Lin Xiaotian.

He once said that there were many things between the Blood Sea Heart Sutra and blood-sucking worms that were set similar on purpose. He even suspected that the senior who created the Blood Sea Heart Sutra might have fought against the blood-sucking worms.

This looming connection made him very sensitive to any fluctuations related to blood-sucking worms, and now he felt a vague connection in those cultivators who had been drinking the spiritual tea for a long time.

This connection was not strong enough to allow him to control those people, but it allowed him to perceive that these people had the same fluctuations as the blood monsters.

He could control the blood monsters by relying on this invisible fluctuation. Although those cultivators were different from blood monsters, if they were possessed by blood-sucking worms, then it was very likely that someone would control them like he controlled the blood monsters.

There was no doubt that the person who did this could only be Bai Hua, because among all the others, only Bai Hua had a kind of breath similar to the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

“Tsk tsk, he’s really got big ambitions…” Xu Zirong raised the corner of his mouth in disdain. He didn’t expect that Bai Hua was so ambitious in this life that he wanted to control the cultivators by controlling these blood-sucking worms.

He didn’t even consider about the fact that human beings were born to be enemies with the demon race. If this incident got exposed, then he’d be despised by everyone in the Xuan Yu realm. Could he have been over confident?

Thinking of this, Xu Zirong suddenly frowned. He also knew Bai Hua well. It seemed unlikely that a person like him would act so desperately, unless he had something that’s powerful enough to turn things around.

“Zirong, what’s wrong?” Xu Ziyan asked softly, sensing something wrong with Xu Zirong’s facial expression.

When Zirong told Xu Ziyan his doubts, Xu Ziyan frowned and felt uneasy.

Lin Xiaotian was just standing aside and listening to their conversation, then he seemed to have understood something.


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