Chapter 311

“Oh? Do you mean that it’s your fault?” Xu Zirong raised one eyebrow and asked.

Pink Hair silently turned its face and thought, “Gluttonous, you may rest in peace! I will burn paper money for you in the future!”

“Actually, Snowball ‘accidentally’ ate the five-element condensation dew of the little divine tree. In order to make up for it, it gave the tree a drop of dragon blood, and the tree then produced a dragon fruit. It ate that dragon fruit, but it didn’t expect it to produce horns right after eating it!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Pink Hair ran away instantly. Its movements were agile and smooth, not at all like its usual lazy self.

“Meh!” (qaq, How dare you betray your brother. There is absolutely no fraternal love at all! We won’t play together ever again!) Snowball looked at Pink Hair resentfully, who had already fled and left Snowball there to face the furious master.

“So…the little divine tree is also involved in this matter?” As soon as Xu Zirong finished speaking, he felt the tree branch above his head tremble suddenly, as if it wanted to escape.

Xu Ziyan almost burst into laughter and he sneered, “as long as you’ve rooted in Mr. Little Square, where can you flee to?”

The tree branch above his head shook and stopped, but another one extended from the side.

This branch was full of colorful fruits, all of which were the success of the hard work of the little divine tree. It seemed to want to use these fruits to clear his sins…

“Stop it!” Xu Ziyan slapped the fruits away. Every drop of the Five-Elemental Condensation Dew could produce at least five fruits. All the other dews of other attributes were eaten by the little divine tree besides the wood-type condensation dew that was used to clear the spiritual roots of Xu Zirong.

Over the past few days, Xu Ziyan had accumulated a lot of these fruits, but there was still a lot of spiritual energy left by the dragon soul in his body, and he had no chance to eat these spiritual fruits.

Of course, the spiritual power in his body would take a long time to digest, but these spiritual fruits could quickly replenish the spiritual power. If he ate one during a battle, it would be sufficient to make his enemy despair. And his enemy might even want to kill himself if Xu Ziyan ate a bunch of them.

If he hadn’t accumulated so much, he wouldn’t be so generous to share some to Gluttonous. After all, these dew belonged to Xu Ziyan. Without his approval, even the little divine tree dared not hide any for itself.

It’s just that…→. →, Xu Ziyan didn’t realize that this little divine tree was quite cunning, as it actually extorted a drop of dragon blood from Gluttonous’ body. Unfortunately, ever since Gluttonous knew Xu Ziyan, it had contributed its dragon blood twice, and each time created a huge fuss…

Snowball: qaq, why do you still dislike something as good as dragon blood…

“Come on! What the hell is going on?” Xu Ziyan grabbed Snowball by its two horns, held it in front of him and asked rudely.

In fact, Xu Ziyan wasn’t so worried anymore after learning that it’s Snowball’s work, since there’s no way Snowball would hurt him.

But he still had to make Snowball learn its lesson!

How powerful is the effect of dragon blood? Well, Wei Qing almost died after drinking it last time, and God knows what could actually happen if Xu Ziyan wasn’t strong enough?!

Snowball was a dragon son with pure blood, and the blood power contained in his dragon blood was absolutely enormous. However, Snowball could no longer show such big power due to the restrictions of Xuan Yu realm, but it doesn’t mean that it got less power.

This time, Xu Ziyan was lucky enough to grow only two dragon horns. If Snowball gave him more drops when he got weak next time, he might end up like the flesh monster.

It means that he might get stuffed to death…and Xu Ziyan didn’t want to die like that!

“Tell me! Do you dare to feed me randomly in the future?!” Xu Ziyan shook its horns vigorously.

Both eyes of Snowball had turned into mosquito coils.

“No…I don’t dare…anymore…qaq!” Snowball replied aggrievedly.

Xu Ziyan sighed and tapped Snowball’s head lightly, and Snowball looked up at him with a pair of sad eyes.

“I know that you’re worried about me.” Xu Ziyan stroked Snowball gently, but you have to understand that while you’re a dragon son, I’m just a human being. We have very different physical conditions. Perhaps dragon blood doesn’t serve a lot of purposes in your opinion, but no one knows what it will bring on human bodies.”

“Meh…” Snowball cried out in a low voice and it sounded a bit regretful.

“Well, I know.” Xu Ziyan smiled, he understood the good intentions of Snowball, but doing bad things with good intentions could also be fatal!

“Meh…meh meh meh meh!!!” Just when Snowball wanted to touch Xu Ziyan’s face with its hooves, someone grabbed its neck and threw it away. It let out a miserable cry and saw who had done it while it was rolling away.

“You’ve been too close to brother!” It was Xu Zirong’s cold voice.

Snowball: qaq…I cannot stand these days anymore! What could make a human even get jealous of a spiritual pet? Doesn’t he understand that human beings and pets can’t be together? Is it really okay that you bully your brother’s spiritual pet?

Xu Ziyan:  …

Damn, this clinginess disease is getting cancerous now…

“Brother, doesn’t your head hurt anymore?” Xu Zirong threw Snowball away and looked at his brother with concerns.

“Huh? Strange, it doesn’t seem to hurt anymore.” Xu Ziyan rubbed his head suspiciously. Those two horns weren’t that long, just about an inch high and a bit hairy, a bit like antlers. It would still be fine if he used his hair to cover them.

“Meh Meh!” Snowball, after being thrown away, ran back in small steps, but this time he wisely bypassed Xu Zirong and kept a certain distance from his master.

Under such conditions, it finally had the chance to speak out his speculations.

In fact, the drop of dragon blood of Snowball wasn’t the main point. It had a guiding role at most, and the spirit power of dragon soul in Xu Ziyan’s body was the culprit that produced the dragon horns.

Back in the True Dragon maze, Xu Ziyan alone had one-third of the dragon soul’s spiritual power, and the remaining two-thirds were shared by Xu Zirong, Wei Qing, and Le Hu. The other people took the remaining one-third.

In the end, only Xu Ziyan saw the remnant soul of the true dragon. Even if it was only a remnant of consciousness, the dragon energy attached to him was still beyond amazing.

It’s just that this dragon breath was illusory and had no substantial effect, but humans who could be infused with dragon breath often easily gain the favor of those who were related to the true dragon.

In other words, if Xu Ziyan had met dragon soul before he met Snowball, then Snowball would certainly not test his strength. It would just perceive Xu Ziyan as its master.

And those who had the blood of a true dragon, such as the Wei family, would also favor him easily. This was a kind of goodwill from the blood of the ancestors, and anyone with the blood of a true dragon could not resist.

Also, monsters with the blood of the true dragon would never attack him unless Xu Ziyan took the initiative. Although the blood dragon was invisible, it was in no way inferior to the spiritual energy that the dragon soul had left him.

Since he got into contact with the dragon breath and there’s a large amount of spirit energy remained in his body, Xu Ziyan’s body underwent a miraculous change with the blood of real dragon of Snowball.

Xu Ziyan was almost like a half-dragon. Why? That’s because he never fought proactively for the dragon breath nor dragon blood, those were all granted to him.

One would obtain totally different results by killing the real dragon to get its blood or getting it as a gift. When the former is done, the person’s body would be forcefully transformed as a half-monster. He would then be despised by all the dragon races. However, when one got the dragon blood as a gift, he could then choose whether to transform his body and he would even gain the favor of people related to dragon blood.

This kind of gift comes from its master’s kindness, so when Xu Ziyan subconsciously didn’t want to become a monster, the dragon breath, dragon blood, and dragon spirit would not change Xu Ziyan’s physique forcibly.

When these three things came together, they produced a powerful force. In the past, these forces would be used to transform the human body into a monster-like creature, but Xu Ziyan didn’t want that, so those things simply condensed and produced two dragon horns on his head…

So, now the dragon horn on Xu Ziyan’s head was equivalent to a monkey’s cheek pouch. The only difference is that monkeys’ cheek pouches usually store food, but his dragon horns were used to store spiritual energy. →. →

After Snowball finished analyzing, it dared not speak anymore. Snowball was really innocent, as it already knew that Xu Ziyan was immersed with the dragon breath and there was spiritual power of dragon soul in his body, but it would never expect that there was so much spiritual energy in his body that could support him to Mahayana…

As a result, there was too much spiritual power that even Xu Ziyan’s Dantian couldn’t contain it. As a result, it could only store it on the two horns.

“So…as long as I use up the spiritual power, I can then get rid of the horns?” Xu Ziyan touched his chin and asked.

Snowball nodded desperately, and it also taught Xu Ziyan a trick to hide those dragon horns! Then, it escaped at the blink of an eye when Xu Ziyan wasn’t looking…

Xu Ziyan could only accept such a result, he was sure those two horns would probably stay there for a long time when he had so much spiritual energy to support him to reach Mahayana.

Just when Xu Ziyan was thinking about how to hide the horns other than Snowball’s trick, he suddenly had a numb feeling on top of his head.

“What!” Xu Ziyan shuddered and looked up, and it was Xu Zirong who was gently stroking his dragon horns.

Noticing his brother’s reaction, Xu Zirong’s eyes flashed slightly, and he said with a smile, “brother’s horns feel so comfortable.”

Xu Ziyan:  …

He slapped Xu Zirong’s hand away and was pissed off, “go away!”


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