Chapter 319

The elders were chatting in the hall, and they all gave their suggestions for this new type of blood-sucking worms.

Golden core cultivators were naturally not fools, except if they achieved the level solely by medicinal pills. They might fight for power and profit for themselves, but once there was something that might threaten the sect, they would instantly unite and take action against the enemy.

As the atmosphere in the hall became more harmonious, Yu Ling also showed some approval from time to time.

He had to admit that these elders must have been really capable, since they had been able to unite to resist the head for so many years. Seeing that so many targeted suggestions were put forward, the slightly tense atmosphere had also been relieved.

Elder Qi occasionally participated in the discussion, but most of the time, he just silently observed the expressions of these elders.

He also noticed something weird – the few elders, who usually liked to oppose the sect’s head, acted quite normal, but another elder, who just reached the level of golden core, looked a little nervous instead.

Elder Qi lowered his eyes and secretly decided to pay attention to this elder. In the Xuan Jia sect, those who managed to upgrade to golden core could be an elder, but there were only a few elders with real power.

The elder Yuan that he noticed was a new one who only advanced to golden core in the first half of the year. Usually, in the council hall, this elder Yuan was like an invisible person and nobody paid attention to him. Also, if he hadn’t been advanced to golden core, no one would have known about him in the sect at all.

But it was indeed shocking to have such an inconspicuous figure among the many inner disciples who suddenly achieved the level of golden core.

Anyway, this elder Yuan still managed it whether it’s by sheer luck or hard work. However, he had kept his characteristics. That is, he was still very low-key in the council hall, and people almost forgot his existence.

“Okay, let’s stop this for now. The rest will be discussed after I have a detailed discussion with cultivator Xu.” Yu Ling waved his hand, signaling that it was the end of the discussion.

The elders left the council hall one after another. When most of them had left, they expressed their kindness to elder Qi. After all, it was his decisiveness that kept so much of the living power of Xuan Jia sect. Otherwise, if these cultivators of building base saw those six-winged flying worms, they would surely all sacrifice.

Elder Liu was furious at elder Qi, since he was accused by the latter that he’d done things poorly, and that the sect leader had assigned some of his tasks away. Elder Yuan, on the other hand, followed elder Liu and smiled at elder Liu with embarrassment before leaving.

Looking at the man’s back, elder Qi narrowed his eyes slightly. He waved his hand to call a confidant of his own and told him to keep an eye on elder Yuan. Once elder Yuan contacted anyone, his confidant must report to him at once!

At this moment, a sound transmission came from elder Qi’s ear. He looked shocked before leaving the council hall and walked towards the residence of the sect master.

No one knew what elder Qi and the sect master had said. Only some relatively sensible elders vaguely noticed something, but for some reason, these elders all kept silent very tacitly.

“What did the master say?” Xu Zirong leaned against a bathtub, letting his long black hair fall on the body, and his naked body was full of transparent stuff…don’t get it wrong, he was just out of shower.

Ever since he tasted his ‘delicious’ brother in a hot spring once, he fell in love with taking a bath – of course, it would be better if he could do it with his brother, but unfortunately he did not succeed too many times.

He especially liked to see his brother looking aroused while facing his naked body but worried about being consumed…and Xu Zirong had no sense of embarrassment while doing so.

“Cough cough…It’s nothing, the master told me that he’d come over after finishing his business.” While wiping Xu Zirong’s hair dry, he tried to control his gaze towards Xu Zirong’s body.

“Master wants to come over?” Xu Zirong casually pulled the quilt up, only to the point of his crotch, a sensitive part could still be seen from the gap in the quilt, leaving a trace of seduction for Xu Ziyan.

“Yeah.” Xu Ziyan nodded in agreement, while feeling secretly annoyed. This little guy with clinginess disease knew more and more how to get intimacy. As a man, he really looked down on his self-control ability.

“Master said that he had read about the earth dragon worm in the classics, and even if he saw it, he wouldn’t be sure if he’d win. He worries about our safety.”

“Then why does he want to come over?” Xu Zirong was a little depressed about failing to seduce his brother, so he simply vent his frustration on his master.

Xu Ziyan slapped Xu Zirong’s head, “be more respectful to our master. Although he’s a little unreliable, he’s still good to us.”

Xu Zirong pouted to himself, that’s all because his brother had no idea what his master had done to him back then. The roots of fear were still in his heart, and he might have already been hit

“Master is worried about our safety so he’s here to help us.”

“Safety? Did you tell the master about Bai Hua?” Xu Zirong asked.

“Well, this matter is too weird, and there are too many doubts. Since we can’t find any evidence, just let the master come. With the master’s strength, we can definitely check the entire Xuan Jia sect more carefully and comprehensively. At that time, Bai Hua will naturally reveal what his plans are.”

Xu Ziyan never doubted the ability of a cultivator, let alone the one of Big Foot Luo.

An idiot would never become a nascent soul cultivator. Big Foot Luo was able to dominate in Liu Guang sect for so many years without being troubled. Aside from his usual strength, he also knew how to manage human relationships well.

Those cultivators who had been offended by him were at most pissed off, but none of them really hated Big Foot Luo.

Xu Ziyan believed that as long as this old man, who had lived for thousands of years, made a move, he would definitely be able to know the opponent’s weaknesses. As for himself, who had lived less than 60 years in his two lifetimes, he’d better just stop dreaming. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Xu Zirong sat up slowly. His quilt slipped off, revealing a piece of smooth skin.

Xu Ziyan’s breathing suddenly became rapid, he stood up abruptly, threw the towel on Xu Zirong’s face, and simply said, “wipe it yourself. I’m going to cultivate now!” Then he ran off…

He ran off!

With a sad look, Xu Zirong silently shrank into the quilt…Well, he admitted that what he did during the breakthrough was a bit ruthless, but wasn’t that also to help his brother?! Why hadn’t his brother forgiven him? It’d been a while since that day…one, two, three, four… five days! Why hadn’t his brother forgiven him still?

(Xu Ziyan: Damn it! It’s not like I’m a goldfish!)

Xu Ziyan ran out of the room, gasping for breath, suppressing the desire in his heart, and his flushed face returned to normal little by little.

It’s not that he refused to do dual cultivation with Xu Zirong, it’s just that this kid was just getting naughtier each day. If he didn’t control it, he was quite worried that all his future cultivation would be replaced by dual cultivation… _(:3∠)_

In order to avoid the shameful death of himself in the future, he could only suppress his desires and educate Xu Zirong from time to time, teaching him about self-control.

Time passed quickly, and it was already three days after in a blink of an eye.

Three days was not a long time, but he succeeded in turning the attention of the head of the Xuan Jia sect to his son’s partner of dual cultivation.

“You mean…that Yuan Jingye is in contact with Bai Hua?” Yu Ling stared at elder Qi below with a cold face.

Elder Qi suddenly broke into cold sweat and secretly whispered to himself that he’d been unlucky. Who would have thought that elder Yuan, who he was originally staring at, would secretly meet the partner of dual cultivation of the sect master’s beloved son?

One was an elder in the sect, and the other was the partner of dual cultivation of the master’s beloved son. There should be no connection between the two, but they indeed met and they also talked for more than an hour in that mysterious cave.

At that time, elder Qi’s confidant did not dare to approach because he didn’t want to alert them. But the fact that they’d met privately already proved the complexity of the matter.

Elder Qi was full of cold sweat now. He really didn’t want to get involved in the private affairs of the beloved son of his sect master. Once this kind of thing was exposed, Rong Taiqing would lose face, and he would surely face some troubles too.

However, they were now at the critical moment of fighting against the blood-sucking worms. He dared not hide this news.

In desperation, he could only report the matter and that’s what had happened.

“Hmph…Taiqing was an idiot. I have already told me before that Bai Hua doesn’t have good intentions and he was still stupid enough to be seduced.” Yu Ling tightly frowned and felt desperate to his son.

“Cough cough…Taqing is still young…” Elder Qi wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. Although he had already known how dissatisfied the sect master was towards his son, it’s still too much to actually hear Yu Ling call his son an idiot.

He couldn’t help crying in his heart, as he might as well be wiped out by the sect master after knowing so much!

After hearing what elder Qi had said, Yu Ling couldn’t help but sigh, “Taiqing is already over 50 years old, how can he be considered young? Look at him, then look at the disciples of Luo Yun…sigh…”

Yu Ling didn’t continue, but elder Qi didn’t really care. For golden core cultivators, being 50 years old isn’t really old at all. It’s still remarkable to have reached the level by the age of 50. It’s only that Yu Ling had chosen the wrong target for comparison. Comparing to someone who’d become a nascent soul at their 30s, Rong Taiqing obviously appeared as inferior.


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