Chapter 325

Since there are more blood-sucking worms and there are many new species that we don’t know about, those cultivators and our disciples from Xuan Jia all feel very uncomfortable about it and they cant defend effectively. Inevitably, more people died, and we are left with only these people when senior Xu arrived. There was an inexplicable misery on his face. There were originally nearly a thousand disciples in Xuan Jia sect, but more than 60% of them sacrificed after this battle. Also, more than half of them became the accomplices of the blood-sucking worms. After surviving this catastrophe, the Xuan Jia sect would naturally become inferior after losing so many disciples, since that was just like losing their hope.

Xu Ziyan was silent for a while, as he could only sigh silently for such a misery.

The dead couldnt come back to life. Instead of mourning there, it’s better to get up and kill all the blood-sucking worms that intruded the Xuan Jia sect.

“How many people actually colluded with blood-sucking worms?” Xu Zirong asked on behalf of his brother.

The man in green clothes glanced at Xu Zirong, calculated silently, and replied while gritting his teeth, there are about fifty traitors in this sect, but about twenty of them were killed in battle. The cultivators who lived here colluded with blood-sucking worms and there are about 50 of them. However, they already left at the beginning of the battle and Ive got no idea where they went.

Xu Zirong frowned. According to his speculation and that of Lin Xiaotian, there should only be eight people parasitized by blood-sucking worms, and the rest seemed to be unable to become containers for blood-sucking worms. How on earth did the devil man behind Bai Hua create so many parasites in such a short period? If they didnt solve this problem, then the rest of them might become new hosts of these worms as well!

“You all should stay here and are not allowed to leave.” Xu Zirong told the survivors.


“We still have to save others!”

“That’s right! We’re going to kill the blood-sucking worms!”

Those cultivators all became agitated.

Xu Zirong’s eyes turned cold, and with a wave of his long sleeves, a pungent bloody smell permeated from his body, calming the group of cultivators who were hot-headed like a bowl of cold water.

They were facing a nascent soul cultivator, and it wasnt a wise thing to refute the words of a nascent soul.

The cultivators living there could retreat, but the disciples of Xuan Jia sect couldnt. They really didnt want to just stay there as they all wanted to protect their sect.

These disciples exchanged glances with each other, and they all focused on the cultivator in green clothes.

The man in green clothes smiled bitterly, as he knew that senior Xu wasnt someone easy to deal with. However, hes the only one leading the group since hes the leading disciple of Xuan Xu Peak.

“Senior Xu…”

“You don’t need to say anything.” Before the cultivator in green clothes finished speaking, Xu Ziyan interrupted him. He knew why Xu Zirong said those words and hed rather explain it himself.

Since you have been drinking a kind of tea for a long time, your body is now prone to possession of blood-sucking worms. Instead of letting you take the risk and contact the other worms, itd be better to stay here and use this place as a defensive spot. If I manage to save any others, I can transfer them here too.

“What?!” Everyone was shocked when they heard Xu Ziyan. No one thought that this senior Xu would suddenly say such a thing.

They would not doubt the credibility of this statement, but then it also made everyone start worrying if there were any blood-sucking worms inside their bodies.

“This matter is still a secret for the time being, and I don’t have the time to explain the details to you. All in all, you should all stay here first. According to our analysis, there shouldnt be many worms that can possess human bodies. Those people who died might be all of them. However, you should just stay here for safety. After all…” Xu Ziyan paused and glanced at those people with a sharp gaze, no one can say for sure whether there are still spies of blood-sucking worms among you.

The cultivators all acted up again after hearing so. It certainly feels horrible after someone goes behind your back, and no one wants to experience the same the second time.

They could also see that Xu Ziyan didn’t trust them at all, but Xu Ziyan couldnt be blamed. After all, they had just experienced a betrayal, and they really couldn’t guarantee whether the remaining people could absolutely be trusted.

Xu Ziyan’s unapologetic accusation calmed the cultivators down. The disciples of Xuan Jia sect started worrying about having spies of blood-sucking worms among them. And if that happened, they would only give troubles to the sect leader after arriving the main peak.

“Thank you senior Xu for your advice, we understand. We will stay here. And please assist the main peak as soon as you can. The man in green clothes reacted quickly and immediately arranged for the rest.

Xu Ziyan nodded, and just as he was about to leave, he couldn’t help but ask again, you can still hold on, right?

The one in green clothes nodded in a solemn manner, no problem. There is actually a defensive array on Xuan Xu Peak, but the sneaky attack by those people came too sudden and we didn’t have time to activate it.

“In this case, you should activate it first. And Ill leave after you do. By the way, you must be careful when staying inside the array, those whove been possessed by the worms would surely act a bit abnormally. Since you all know each other, you should check for any abnormal signs among you. After Xu Ziyan said so, he put his arm across his chest and waited for the man in green clothes to activate the array.

If they were in a peaceful state, then Xu Ziyan could ask Xu Zirong to check whether these people were possessed, but since the entire Xuan Xu Peak was filled with the breath of blood-sucking worms after the battle, there was a vigorous fluctuation of spiritual power, suppressing the unique fluctuations of blood-sucking worms.

In desperation, Xu Ziyan could only use this method. Fortunately, most of the people who stayed behind had fought an overwhelming battle with the blood-sucking worms, and there was a low probability for them to be possessed. Xu Ziyan still decided to let them stay there for safety concerns.

The man in green clothes hurriedly entered a high tower on the top of the peak. From the outside, the tower seemed to be just a place for cultivation, but there were soon a layer of light red ripples on top of it under his manipulation.

The ripples continued to spread, covering the entire Xuan Xu Peak. Xu Ziyan jumped up and flew out before the array was completely formed.

“I would like to ask senior Xu to assist the main peak quickly.” The man in green clothes came out of the tower and bowed in unison with the disciples of Xuan Jia sect.

Xu Ziyan didn’t respond, he just got on his flying sword and rushed upwards, flying towards the main peak.

Although Big Foot Luo had superior power, those blood-sucking worms must have something to rely on to launch this attack. They were mostly worried about the devil man behind Bai Hua, the one who taught blood-sucking worms how to use arrays.

One had to reach the level of nascent soul to become a devil man. Also, with the infusion of the demonic energy, his combat power would also be drastically increased. Xu Ziyan was really worried about Big Foot Luos safety.

Just not far from the top of the main peak, they heard the sound of various spells bursting from there.

Xu Ziyan felt his chest tightened. He simply pulled over Xu Zirong to activate the Auroras void-breaking attribute. A white light flashed, and the two appeared instantly above the hall of the main peak.

Looking down, the two suddenly——

Xu Ziyan: ==

Xu Zirong: =_,=

Wait…wait a minute…wasnt that the Earth Rock Dragon Worm which was continuously devouring blood-sucking worms and possessing cultivators?

Xu Ziyan felt completely confused why would it be released at this time? He remembered Big Foot Luo saying that he was going to bring it back to Liu Guang sect to domesticate it. Wasnt releasing it equal to returning a tiger back to its mountain?

“Huh? So youre both here?” Just as Xu Ziyan stared blankly at the Earth Rock Dragon Worm killing everything it saw, Big Foot Luo appeared out of nowhere.

“Master, you…” Xu Ziyan should have asked if the master was okay, but he gave up on the question after noticing how relaxed Big Foot Luo looked.

“Well, I’m fine.” Big Foot Luo laughed cheerfully. He glanced downwards and was happy about the misfortune, its a pity that they arent.

“Uh…What the hell is going on here? This Earth Rock Dragon Worm still hasnt been tamed, no?” Xu Ziyan asked in confusion.

“Yeah. It’s really not tamed yet.” Big Foot Luo took out the small maze and played with it. Then, he snorted coldly,just when I first arrived here, this useless guy told me that it cannot contain the Earth Rock Dragon Worm. At that time, these blood-sucking worms were besieging the defense array of the hall of the peak, so I simply put it among them and let them play together!

Afterwards, Big Foot Luo glanced at the small maze again, its really useless, and I must advise my senior brother to just melt it and turn it into something else.

The small maze shook violently, and Xu Ziyan faintly heard the sound of crying from inside. His face twitched, and he looked at his master sincerely, umI cant say that its less, since it still managed to contain the Earth Rock Dragon Worm for some time. For a monster of Mahayana, I must say that itd already tried its best.

Big Foot Luo snorted again, you know what, my senior brother was going to catch it and turn it into a sacred monster to guard the mountain. If it cannot even contain a worm, then what else can we use it for?

“I…I can contain it.” A weak voice came from the small maze.

“Oh? How do you trap it?” Big Foot Luo rolled his eyelids.

It continued to say weakly, “I just woke up not long ago, and I don’t have enough control over this maze. Now, if you catch it again, I promise to contain it for more than three days.”

Big Foot Luo snorted and seemed to have reluctantly accepted the suggestion.

Xu Ziyan held his forehead silently. Compared with the strange objects in Mr. Little Square that knew how to pretend to be silly and cute, the weapon spirit of this small maze was way too weak!

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