Chapter 332

Any combat power was very crucial in times of war. If this team was full of cultivators of golden core and Qi condensation, Xu Ziyan might not have the luck to be the leader.

However, they were merely cultivators of building base. No one would have the guts to mobilize them even if they wanted to give face to Big Foot Luo.

But Xu Ziyan didn’t intend to take all these people under his command. After all, at least half of them were disciples of Xuan Jia sect. If he abducted these people, the golden core elders behind him, who counted on the younger disciples for inheritance, would surely turn against him.

These three hundred people are just seeds. As long as they can survive, their future development will be limitless.” Xu Ziyan spoke in a low voice, but the three golden core elders behind him could hear him clearly.

Originally, elder Liu was a little bit dissatisfied that Xu Ziyan didn’t protect these people, and that hed sent them all out, but he silently withdrew the unused spells after hearing Xu Ziyan

These people were indeed the hope of the Xuan Jia sect, but Liu Ran was only a first-rank golden core cultivator. Even he was not sure of surviving this battle between humans and the demon race, let alone protecting these people.

Instead of waiting for these people to fall after his death, it would be better to start training them early. As long as a few of them survived, then thered be hope for the inheritance of Xuan Jia sect.

There was a stern look in elder Liu’s eyes and he thought if they were all dead, then at least these old guys still had time to find new disciples for inheritance.

Perhaps it was a cruel choice, but ever since the battle against the blood-sucking worms started, countless cultivators had sacrificed. If they couldnt adapt to such a lifestyle, then they wouldnt be able to resist the demon races attack even if the Xuan Jia sect was re-established.

The cultivators performed pretty well at least for Xu Ziyan.

In three days, all the cultivators were already familiar with the positions of the array of three talents. Although the array was usually activated by an array map or an array plate, it was not so difficult to understand.

However, in the past few days on the boat, many cultivators had a lot of disputes in order to compete for various positions in the team, or when they formed various arrays in groups, most of which were focused on seven or eight beautiful female cultivators.

Xu Ziyan: ==

Well, male instincts can be seen anywhere. Even if those female cultivators were all strong, it didnt stop the guys to want to protect them. Every man wants to protect his lady.

Fortunately, these dirty tricks were all within a reasonable limit, since they would at most give some little poison without causing serious consequences. Otherwise, Xu Ziyan really would have no idea how to deal with these people

The team of more than 300 people turned into more than 30 small teams, and the three in each small team cooperated with each other. They all had a certain degree of offense and defense, and there would not be too much pressure to face a mantis monster.

Moreover, there would be several cultivators reaching the late stage of Qi condensation appearing in the array of three talents. These people all passed Xu Ziyans test, and they could freely show their potentials. Those who were not qualified were simply beaten up by Xu Ziyan (without using any spiritual energy) and thrown back to the team.

This group of cultivators obviously couldn’t fight a nascent soul back. Xu Ziyan could already make them crippled without using spiritual energy.

Therefore, in the first three days, there would sometimes be a cultivator with an injured head wandering on the cloud shuttle. And it’s not like he could be cured either, because he might just be beaten up again if the nascent soul cultivator felt unhappy about it. It’d be better to be cured naturally!

After being taught a lesson by Xu Ziyan, he simply found people to form a three-talented team, and those few who were particularly outstanding got the right to attack alone.

In this battle, the pig-head team — a team composed of cultivators who were beaten up by Xu Ziyan — performed extremely well. In fact, it was a sure matter. After all, if these cultivators didn’t have any skills, they definitely wouldn’t dare to try passing Xu Ziyan’s test.

If the combat power of ordinary cultivators was one, then those of half-golden core would be three. The combat power of this team of pig heads would be 1.5 to 2, making them surpass an ordinary team.

In addition to those teams of pig heads, there were two or three groups of cultivators whose cooperation was extremely amazing. Xu Ziyan witnessed their performance well. He nodded secretly and signaled Xu Zirong to note down all these people so that they could be trained further in the future.

Xu Zirong’s eyes flashed, and a sweet smile appeared on his face. He took out the small notebook that he hadn’t used for a long time, and recorded all the names of people who attracted his brother’s attention.

These people were all favored by his brother and they would be taught in the future. It would be great if they behaved obediently, otherwise…haha! They would go through a painful death!

Of course, anyone who dared to be interested in his brother would die! No matter if he’s loyal or not!

Xu Zirong glanced slightly at those who got his brother’s attention. Suddenly, they started shivering: (_) Huh? Why does it feel like I’m targeted by something horrifying?

Under the siege of the array of three talents, the mantis monster quickly showed signs of decline, and kept retreating, approaching the demon with a thorned tail.

There were a few armored demons around the demon girl with thorned tail. A thick layer of iron armor grew behind them. When they activated their natural abilities, this layer of iron armor would spread into a tough black shield.

Moreover, demons with iron armor could also connect this shield with each other. The more demons with iron armor there were, the stronger their defense would be.

There were five demons with iron armor in this team. Their breaths were connected, and they released an extremely thick shield. The three teams of three talents who besieged them didn’t succeed in attacking them, and the cultivators of one team were almost killed by a demon girl with thorned tail.

The most important weapon with this demon girl was her thorned tail – not only was it extremely sharp, but it also had a poison sac hidden at its tip. Once the thorn penetrated into the body of the enemy, the venom in the sac would also flow into his body.

The venom of the thorn was not that toxic, but it had a strong paralysis function. On such a battlefield, once someone got poisoned, he’d be killed by the enemy instantly.

The thorn-tailed demon girl didn’t hit her target and immediately showed an extremely dissatisfied look. She opened her mouth suddenly, and the three cultivators on the opposite side suddenly felt that something was wrong. However, before they could retreat, the thorn-tailed demon girl had already spewed out several extremely cold wind blades.

The cultivator in array of three talents quickly released his spiritual shield, but under the attack of the wind blade, his spiritual shield collapsed without even being able to resist three times of attack.

The following wind blades all hit him, splitting his body into several pieces in an instant.

“Lin Feng!”

“Xiao Feng!”

His two companions exclaimed, and they all had indescribable grief on their faces.

The thorn-tailed demon girl defeated the enemy with one blow and let out a roar of excitement, “human! Food!”

The rest of the thorn-tailed demon girls, who hadn’t participated in the battle, looked over. In their eyes, there was a bit of greed, and they couldn’t help raising their tails and spitting out all kinds of things at the remaining two. They were attacks of different attributes.

After losing one teammate, the other two were smashed to pieces by these countless attacks before they even had time to mourn.

The thorn-tailed demon girl, who was the first to attack, showed an extremely dissatisfied look. She shouted furiously at her companions, “food! Mine!”

A thorn-tailed demon girl, who looked like the team leader, cast a cold glance at all the demon girls, “kill the enemies first, and we’ll distribute after all enemies are dead!”

As soon as she commanded so, the many demon girls with thorned tails immediately cheered. They became excited and immediately launched a counterattack against the cultivators who besieged them.

Wind blades, fireballs, poisonous needles…all kinds of attacks spewed out from the mouths of these demon girls. Several groups of teams resisting them fell into a hard fight, and many people even died after being caught off guard.

After noticing the situation, Xu Ziyan was hesitating whether to take action.

Now these people were all his future subordinates, it would not be worthwhile if they all died in this battle, but if they were not allowed to go through a tough battle, these people would not be able to grow into outstanding fighters.

“Senior Xu, there is no need to worry. Cultivators are fighting against the sky by nature. This kind of battle is still not too difficult for them. If they can’t even deal with this small team of demon race, then there’s no need for them to inherit the Xuan Jia sect. It won’t make a difference whether our sect vanishes here or later.” Although elder Qi was a kind person, he was extremely cold on this kind of matters.

Xu Ziyan also understood that without a real fight, these cultivators were unlikely to become the elite fighters. Besides, this team of demon race was indeed not that overwhelming. If they couldn’t even deal with it, then they’d just sacrifice whenever they encountered demon fighters of higher level.

He didn’t like seeing death, yet this kind of battle was necessary. Without death, there would be no future master of a hundred battles. Even they couldn’t guarantee that they could save themselves when they encountered high-level individuals of demon race, let alone these people……

Xu Ziyan sighed silently. He understood that everyone was fighting for their lives in troubled times. In every battle, there might be casualties. He was not the savior of the world, it was thus impossible to protect these people forever. He had already decided that he would not make a move unless there was an individual of the demon race whose level was similar to his. And if all these people died, then it’d definitely be destiny!

Facts have proved that Xu Ziyan still underestimated the tenacity of the cultivators of Xuan Yu.

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