Chapter 336

“My performance?” Xu Ziyan was taken aback for a moment.

Big Foot Luo glared at him, “What? Do you really think that you can hide the fact that you have brought back such a team to fight against the demon race and won many times?”

Xu Ziyan shook his head quickly, its not what I mean. Im just a little surprised that news can be spread so quickly within our sect.

Big Foot Luo kicked him on the head, idiot! This is the Xuan Yu realm which has been managed by the Liu Guang sect for thousands of years. If they couldnt even get this news, then how could they fight against the demon race? Itd be better to die earlier then.

Xu Ziyan chuckled, then took out a jade slip and handed it to Big Foot Luo.

Luo Dazuo took a look at him before immersing his consciousness into it. Then, he raised his head and smiled at him, youre certainly my disciple. Although the power of this three-talent array is not comparable to those of large arrays, its a great start for the cultivators whod never been in contact with battle arrays. Alright, youll deal with this jade slip then.

“Thank you, master. But since I’m back, I will definitely have to participate in the battle against the demon face in the future. However, some of our cultivators belong to the Xuan Jia sect, and once they leave, there wont be many of us left.

“Okay, bratIll assign some cultivators in the future. Do you prefer golden core then? Big Foot Luo glanced at him.

Xu Ziyan immediately shook his head like a wave drum, master, please be careful with who you choose. Id prefer those casual cultivators without any background or small sects that have already vanished.

“Huh?” Big Foot Luo looked at him in surprise.

Xu Ziyan showed a simple and honest smile, wellsince Im a nascent soul cultivator already, you should be confident in my ability to protect our home.

Big Foot Luo sneered,understood, I’ll find you some people with no background, so that you can gather them. In fact, its reasonable for you to do so, all in all…” He suddenly sneered again after thinking about something, theres not just you whos interested in these cultivators in the Xuan Yu realm. Itd be better for them to follow you instead of turning into sacrifice.

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows slightly. The repaired Meng path was connected to Teng Lan realm, which was a big one. There was no trace of demon race in it, yet there were a few big sects which controlled several middle-ranged or small sects. Some of them were once invaded by the demon race, so the Teng Lan realm had already fought with the demon race long time ago.

The repairing of Meng path was also closely related to the Teng Lan realm.

At first, after learning from an ancient documentation that the damaged Meng path was connected to a middle-ranged realm, the demon race started getting interested in it. Those big sects lost several realms after fighting with the demon race, so they wanted to make it up for the Xuan Yu realm.

However, no one ever expected that the invasion of demon race occurred quickly after the Meng path was repaired. Those few super sects that cooperated to repair it were completely shocked.

To save or not to save? The heads of the sects gathered to discuss and finally came to a conclusion.

They had to save it!

Since the Meng path was directly connected to Teng Lan realm, the demon race would certainly invade the Teng Lan realm after they occupied the Xuan Yu realm.

In the hundreds of years of battles, the Teng Lan realm underwent most of them in their subordinate realms. The main camp was only responsible in providing all kinds of materials. If the demon race really destroyed the main camp, then the big sects of the Teng Lan realm would face the same destiny.

No sects would want that to happen. Thats why these leaders all decided to save the Xuan Yu realm and they even decided to greatly support it. The best way would be to kill the whole army of the demon race before killing the mother worm. Then, the demon race would lose their guidance and they would never be able to break through the void and find the location of Xuan Yu realm.

Once Xuan Yu realm was safe, then the Teng Lan realm would be safe too. Those super sects would be put at ease.

If things developed this way, then there would be no arguments in the world. Even before the battle started, the representatives of several sects already started arguing about materials.

Well, this kind of thing was also understandable. After all, no one would want to see their belongings get wasted.

The five super sects of Teng Lan realm always had plans for Xuan Yu realm. They really wanted to defend the Xuan Yu realm, and besides that, they didnt have any other ambitions.

There were only the more advanced troops of the demon race who were attacking Xuan Yu realm. Xu Yu realm needed to get rid of this army completely to be far away from wars.

Moreover, the location of the Xuan Yu realm was so particular. Apart from the Mongolian path connecting the Teng Lan domain, there were no other passages. As long as it was well developed, it was definitely safer than those small and medium realms with a large number of Meng paths.

The five super sects finally understood the whole picture. In the whole Xuan Yu realm, Liu Guang sect was like its leader. Its not that all the other sects were willing to be ruled by Liu Guang sect, but the five sects were really too powerful. The leaders were clever enough to realize that the Liu Guang sect was at least a local one, and it wouldnt be too aggressive towards the other sects even after becoming the leader of Xuan Yu realm.

But those foreign sects were different. In their eyes, Xuan Yu realm was simply a place of resource production. If they occupied it, then these sects would become the sacrifice of the others. It might sound better in name, but these sects would no longer had any autonomy.

The heads of Xuan Yu realm, regardless of the size of the sect, were always the masters. The Liu Guang and Tian Yu sect never forced them to do anything despite their strong power. Although those super sects had also contacted some sects in private, those small sects had limited influence, and those above the intermediate sects chose to support the Liu Guang sect, which was a smart call.

These people knew very clearly that they were just pawns used by super sects to control the Liu Guang sect. If the super sects managed in occupying other sects, they might not get any major benefits. However, if the Liu Guang sect came into power, then these sects would surely be wiped off. Liu Guang sect might give the impression that its liberal and others might take advantage of it, while Wuchen already proved his power by integrating Xuan Yu realm some time ago.

The reputation of Luo Yun was built up by human lives. Any person who had the slightest evil idea must think if he could really persist til the end before taking action.

In any case, when facing the few super sects of Teng Lan realm, several major sects of Xuan Yu realm were surprisingly unified.

The messengers from the five major sects, who contacted them in private, were all sent back after being treated with nice meals, the five major sects thus couldn’t find any faults.

As the current temporary leader of Xuan Yu realm, and the fact that Wuchen was so hard to reach, they also tried threatening secretly, but the other party knew exactly what their weakness was once the Xuan Yu realm lost control, then Teng Lan would inevitably be affected too. So, the so-called abandonment of support by the five major sects was simply nonsense. They had to show support in some ways.

Wuchen communicated with the representatives of the five sects for several days, and they had a lot of disagreement. In the end, they had to come up with a solution to fight against the demon race for their common interests.

Those representatives would not give up so easily. They were also taking action secretly. On the other hand, Wuchen didnt want to cut things off so obviously either, so their disputes simply went underground.

Luo Yun never had the patience to take part in this kind of discussion. In his mind, itd be way more useful to kill a few more demons than talk.

However, he did not deny Wuchen could indeed get a handful of resources just by talking, so he faithfully completed the task assigned by Wuchen. He took the chance to release the Earth Rock Dragon Worm from the maze, and threw it into the back mountain of Liu Guang sect in front of each representative.

The huge size and sharp teeth of the Earth Rock Dragon Worm looked very shocking, and the several representatives facial expression also changed abruptly after seeing this Mahayana monster with their own eyes.

With the deterrence of the Earth Rock Dragon Worm, these representatives immediately became much lower-key. Therefore, they changed their plan, and instead of recruiting those small sects privately, they transferred some middle-level cultivators from Teng Lan, trying to get those idle ones together and turning them into the starting point to control the Xuan Yu realm.

Xu Ziyan obtained the above scattered information while Big Foot Luo was complaining. Since Xu Ziyan was the head of a company in his previous life, he only had to think a bit to get every bit of detail.

But there was no way to comment on this kind of matter, since both sides were fighting for their own interests. As long as it did not involve battles with the demon race, no one would object it.

But…from Xu Ziyan’s point of view, Wuchen was more likely to win. After all, it was still a battle in the Xuan Yu realm, and the Liu Guang sect had thrived here for over thousands of yearsno one could play this game better than he did!

Although those sects in Teng Lan sect were powerful enough, they couldnt do much unless they got the high-level cultivators involved, which was highly impossible. Its because murder among sects was strictly forbidden during a battle against the demon race. If those in Teng Lan dared to move, the higher level of the cultivators alliance could already kill them without the resistance of Xuan Yu realm.

Thanks to this, Xu Ziyan had absolute confidence in Wuchen. Thats also the reason why those in Teng Lan had changed and started doing basic work, as they needed to convince people with their perseverance if they couldnt suppress people with power.

After all, the Xuan Yu realm was still based on cultivators. If most cultivators were more inclined to let a super sect like Teng Lan rule them, the Liu Guang sect would surely object it.

Its a conspiracy, and itd all depend on Wuchen to solve it!


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