Chapter 338

“Go? Where are you going?” Big Foot Luo raised his eyelids halfway.

“Let’s get home and have a look. Although Mo Xin city is not that close to the accumulation points of blood-sucking worms and the demon race, I’m still a bit worried. That’s why I’d like to apply to station there.” Xu Ziyan said honestly.

Nascent soul cultivators were qualified to garrison a city, but it would usually be a big one, and they could also cover surrounding small cities.

The nearest big city to Mo Xin was Yun Xiao. Since there were no nascent soul cultivators guarding in Yun Xiao, there would normally be no problem for Xu Ziyan to apply to station there, but…

Big Foot Luo turned and looked at Xu Zirong. If Ziyan planned to go to Yun Xiao, then this stinky kid would surely tag along. It might seem a bit exaggerated to send two nascent soul cultivators to guard a rather faraway city.

Big Foot Luo always followed his instincts. He would rather let those guys in Teng Lan complain but he’d already decided!

With Big Foot Luo’s firm support, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong soon received the task of stationing in Yun Xiao.

Before setting off again, Big Foot Luo deliberately talked about life with those elders who were responsible in the distribution of manpower. Those elders thus happily assigned cultivators without background, power or spiritual stones to Big Foot Luo.

Big Foot Luo looked at those cultivators with low level…among them, the one having the highest level only reached the middle stage of Qi condensation…and there was even one reaching the tenth level of Qi refining! He really hoped that it’s not real.

This group of elders really didn’t hesitate to assign him people that they didn’t want.

Although there were enough of them, what could he use with a thousand building base cultivators?

Big Foot Luo rolled up his sleeves and planned to talk about life with those elders again. He planned to tell them, “it’s true that I want to find cultivators with no background, but you can’t just give me ANYONE, right?”

On the contrary, Xu Ziyan didn’t mind at all, as he knew that there were benefits in keeping low-level cultivators as well. Since he had enough materials in Mr. Little Square, he wasn’t worried that they wouldn’t be interested.

In this way, Xu Ziyan took over more than 1,200 low-level cultivators, and together with the less than 200 casual cultivators that he had originally brought, their team immediately became the largest among all the expatriate teams.

It’s just that when someone noticed their team, they almost couldn’t help laughing. What’s the use of these building base cultivators? Even the demon race would think that they took up too much space as sacrifice.

Among these people, the only thing that could be used was a team of less than 200 people uniformly dressed in black robes. All of them looked full of energy, and they had a very strong desire to fight. This was really not easy to understand for those who’d fought against the demon race and who’d lost.

Are these people out of their mind? Why would they get so excited from the idea of fighting against the demon race? Are they simply fools?

There were many cultivators having such thoughts. Only those in Teng Lan, who’d been bitterly beaten up by the cultivators in black robe, knew clearly their strength.

Also, judging from the news that they’d inquired, it only took a month for senior Xu to form such a team, which was simply astounding.

They either laughed at Xu Ziyan or were in awe, and Xu Ziyan led the big team and left the mountain gate of Liu Guang sect.

Not long afterwards, Xu Ziyan took out a wooden boat and everyone was surprised.

Of course, it was not an ordinary wooden boat, but a shuttle-leaf flying boat that could be driven by spiritual stones.

This shuttle-leaf flying boat was extremely fast, and it was a rare gem among large-scale flying magic weapons. Compared with the Nine-Leaf cloud shuttle that he rode before, the shuttle-leaf flying boat wasn’t as comfortable, yet it was much faster.

Such a treasure would be reserved for the sect, but Xu Ziyan’s boat was obtained by Big Foot Luo from the elders who were responsible in assigning the manpower.

According to him, since his disciples were considerate enough to help the sect (to deal with those who’d be sacrifice), these elders should at least show a bit of their gratitude.

What ? It doesn’t interest you at all? Come and we’ll talk about life, or we can also talk about the Earth Rock Dragon Worm if you prefer.

Then, the elders slowly understood what Big Foot Luo wanted. They generously took out the shuttle-leaf flying boat and packaged it as “supporting the disciples to share the worries of the sect”.

The shuttle-leaf flying boat was huge – it was several times larger than the nine-leaf cloud shuttle, but it also required a lot of spiritual stones, and most people really couldn’t afford it.

When he first got the shuttle-leaf flying boat, Big Foot Luo threw a bag of spiritual stones to Xu Ziyan. When Xu Ziyan opened it, he felt his heart beating frantically and he had difficulties breathing.

Although he already knew that it’s impossible for a nascent soul cultivator to lack spiritual stones, Big Foot Luo indeed had more than what ordinary nascent soul cultivators had. It’s because he’s fond of exploring secret realms.

Also, as the elder of Liu Guang sect, he had obviously accumulated a large number of spiritual stones.

Xu Ziyan silently glanced at his Mr. Little Square——

——Well, he could be considered as a rich guy, yet most of the stuff in his bag couldn’t be sold, so he couldn’t exchange them into spiritual stones either.

Taking the spiritual stones given by his master, Xu Ziyan placed five high-level spiritual stones on the shuttle leaf flying boat.

The operator of the flying boat was at the very front of the flying boat. No matter who passed by there, they couldn’t help but take a sneak peek inside.

It was a high-level spiritual stone. In the eyes of these cultivators of building base and Qi condensation, the value of all their belongings might not even be higher than one single high-level spiritual stone.

It’s just too miserable !

But some people were not listed here. Those cultivators who had been fighting with Xu Ziyan for a month really did not care much about high-level spiritual stones. After all, their Qiankun bags were already filled with many middle-level spiritual stones, which were obtained by handing over the materials from the demon race to the Liu Guang sect. The refiners of the Liu Guang sect were also very interested in researching the materials of the demon race.

Although they also had some materials, it wasn’t sufficient. In addition, the refiners of other sects stationed in the Liu Guang sect were also very interested in it, and the materials inside the pockets of these cultivators could be sold at a good price.

People who have money in their hands naturally have more confidence, so the cultivators on board were really polarized.

Most of the new cultivators looked lifeless, believing that they were the sacrifice given up by Liu Guang sect and they saw absolutely no hope. On the other hand, those who followed Xu Ziyan to the Liu Guang sect were full of enthusiasm. From time to time, they gathered to discuss how to improve the three-talent array, or several people would ask Xu Zirong about square arrays and five-elemental arrays.

At the beginning, Xu Ziyan didn’t take the initiative to pay attention to those new cultivators, but he only let them dangle on the flying boat. Later, as time passed, these people started paying attention to those energetic and active cultivators. They wondered why they could be so lively and full of energy all the time.

Later, as the two sides spent more time in contact, the frustrated cultivators gradually began to be dubious. After all, the spiritual stones in the pockets of those cultivators and the magic weapons on their bodies were real. It would be ridiculous if those were just tools for deception.

After about half a month, Xu Ziyan felt that the time was right, and the group of new cultivators gradually had hope as well, so he found an open space and landed the flying boat.

The newcomers found some familiar people to stand together and they were divided into dozens of groups.

Those brought by Xu Ziyan lined up in strict accordance with his requirements, each of them remained silent, and it didn’t take long for them to stand in two neat rows.

Those who were standing around suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. They might not understand why they felt uncomfortable. Their level of cultivation was already low, and they even looked more inferior while simply standing there.

Xu Ziyan suspended in mid-air majestically, looking coldly at the chaotic groups of cultivators below.

He didn’t speak, but just looked at them blankly.

Gradually, there was less discussion among the cultivators and it finally disappeared. The entire venue was so silent that they could even hear a needle dropping on the ground.

Xu Ziyan glanced at these people lightly, and everyone else felt a tremendous pressure on his head except those who had followed him since long ago.

Those reaching the level of Qi condensation might be better, but those of building base had to use their spiritual energy to counteract this pressure. The few cultivators of Qi refining even couldn’t withstand it and simply passed out.

Only the young man in black was leaning on the sword with one hand, half-kneeling on the ground with much difficulty. He was sweating profusely but he just refused to pass out.

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan glanced at him and praised him, “Not bad.” Then he withdrew the coercion that he’d just released, popped out a porcelain bottle and floated in front of the young man.

The young man in black was stunned for a while, and he quickly took the porcelain bottle after being reminded by others, opened it and smelled it, and immediately showed a very surprised expression.

“The pill of building base!”

Xu Ziyan smiled briefly, “You’ve got admirable ambitions! I will reward you with this pill. I hope you will go forward bravely when you fight against the demon race in the future!”

“Thank you, senior Xu!” The boy in black robe was very pleasantly surprised, holding the porcelain bottle tightly in his hands and he was full of disbelief.

The few cultivators around him all looked at him enviously. People who could stand with him had about the same level of cultivation and strength. The pill of building base was an extremely precious item for them, and they were really surprised to receive such a compliment.

The cultivators reaching the later stage of building base or Qi condensation might not care about the pill, but they also looked at the young man in black robe with jealousy.

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