Chapter 341

Xu Zirong turned silent. He turned his face away gently, squatted in a corner behind Xu Ziyan and drew a circle silently. The dark clouds above his head almost formed a substance, and there were even pattering raindrops falling…

The smile on Xu Ziyan’s face almost collapsed. He looked helplessly at his baby brother. He thought, why are you even adding raindrops on top of your head? Are you not shameless enough?

After rubbing his forehead feebly, Xu Ziyan decided that he really had no more methods to teach his brother. He squeezed a smile towards this pathetic-looking teenager, wait for a while, Ive got something to handle first.

“Okay.” Although the young man agreed, he seemed a bit sad.

Xu Ziyan walked to Xu Zirong’s side and patted him on the shoulder lightly.

Xu Zirong didn’t turn his head, but he just let the rain on his head intensify, almost drenching his whole body.

Xu Ziyan had no choice but to whisper in his ear some humiliating and disgusting stuff before making him return to his normal state.

Xu Ziyan wiped his face vigorously. He felt that this guy with serious clinginess disease was too difficult to deal with, since he pretended to look pathetic all the time.

But he still liked that the most! _(:3」∠)_

After sending Xu Zirong away, Xu Ziyan was finally able to talk to the young man normally.

After some negotiation between the two, the young man accepted Xu Ziyan’s suggestion, that he would tell Xu Ziyan his secret after getting some treasures of Heaven and Earth.

These conditions were put forward by Xu Ziyan, and the young man didn’t have any ideas about it. However, from Xu Zirong’s point of view, Xu Ziyan didn’t seem to owe such a big favor.

The treasures that only nascent soul cultivators could obtain were definitely not ordinary. Whether the young man wanted to find someone as a backup or hes really interested in Xu Ziyan, Xu Ziyan was still planning to make it a pure trade.

Judging from his observations, this young man may really have a vague liking for him, but it definitely was the level as Xu Zirong had described. In other words, its more like this young man appreciated Xu Ziyan as his senior, just like how pure Xu Zirong once felt for his brother!

——Of course, the feelings of the little snake turned sour later, and Xu Ziyan was then controlled. At this point, Xu Ziyan felt that he was really a failure as an older brother…

But failure always comes before success. After learning his lesson with Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan would never let others have any extra feelings for him no matter what!

This young man did nothing wrong, it’s just that Xu Ziyan’s love and family affairs were all monopolized by Xu Zirong. And no one could share at all.

Xu Ziyan’s business-like attitude disappointed the young man in black. He was the only child in the family. As his family declined, he had no siblings.

When he first saw senior Xu, he was immediately attracted by his strong momentum.

Xu Ziyan even gave him the pill of building base, something that he needed the most. This ultimately turned his good feelings into a kind of admiration.

However, this trace of admiration was already destroyed that day. Xu Ziyans attitude was also very clear he would never ignore his brothers feelings.

The young man could surely notice Xu Zirongs hostility towards him, he just didnt know that he could make things so clear cut.

He had no intentions to snatch away Xu Ziyan, he just wanted Xu Ziyan to pay more attention to himbut Xu Zirong wouldnt even allow that.

Obviously Xu Zirong was a nascent soul too and he wouldnt let his brother go anywhere without him. Shouldnt he feel shameful about it?

(Xu Zirong squinted and thought, if the world was without younger brothers who admired their elder brothers, how amazing it would be?)

“Do you understand?” Xu Ziyan’s question woke up the young man in black who was immersed in his own thoughts.

The young man was slightly stunned for a while. Then, he quickly came back to his senses. His face turned pale after realizing that he wasnt concentrating while talking with senior Xu.

Xu Ziyan looked helplessly at the young man below and thought, it’s not a big deal if you get distracted, why are you acting like I’m going to kill you…

“Ahem, I mean, if you agree to these conditions I put forward, why don’t we set off immediately and resolve this matter?” Xu Ziyan said in a deep voice.

The young man nodded, then suddenly raised his head and stared at Xu Ziyan with sparkling eyes. He boldly said with blushing cheeks,senior Xu, I…My name is Qiu Siyuan, you can call me Xiao Yuan.”

Xu Ziyan’s expression froze for a moment, then he smiled and said, “okay, Xiao Yuan, let’s set off quickly.”

Qiu Siyuan nodded quickly, got up and led Xu Ziyan to the backyard of the manor.

Xu Ziyan kept a kind smile on his face, but he couldn’t help but curse in his heart and thought, no, in order to avoid trouble, I must not get too close to Qiu Siyuan. I cant always use my body to save this young guy!

Hed better stay away for the sake of his**

Qiu Siyuan had no idea that Xu Ziyan had made up his mind to stay away from him just by giving his name. At this time, he was still immersed in the excitement of being called by his idol.

It was a large manor. The Qiu family must have been a very powerful family in Yun Xiao back then. Unfortunately, the most important thing for a family to maintain was the level of its main combat power. The one with the highest level of cultivation was a golden core cultivator, and the families without a golden core cultivator would naturally become a second-class one.

At that time, the Qiu family lost too much middle-level combat power because of its battle with another family, and the younger generation was unable to take over. At the time of Qiu Siyuans grandfather, its still fine okay to hang out in a small town like Mo Xin city, but it would be impossible to occupy such a big manor in Yun Xiao city.

Qiu Siyuans grandfather didnt have a high level of cultivation, yet he wasnt stupid. After noticing that there were other families which were interested, he decisively abandoned the whole manor and left the Yun Xiao city over night.

When they left, they passed through a secret passage, and they didnt alert anyone. After they left, the letter left by his grandpa started to make other families worried.

In fact, the old man didnt leave any suspense to the others. He just honestly told them that theres a treasure under their manor.

This treasure was connected to the energy mechanism of the entire manor of the Qiu Family, whoever occupied the manor could take it away.

As soon as this note came out, everyone in Yun Xiao instantly got excited. Even some second-level families started disagreeing to the fact that only one family could occupy the manor.

Mr. Qiu’s move was really clever. Even though everyone was dubious about the news, as long as there was a chance, no one could monopolize the entire manor.

There, the entire Qiu family manor had been vacant for more than 50 years. Every family had sent people to search it carefully, but there were no clues or discoveries.

Some people once thought of arresting the Qiu family for interrogation. However, although the Qiu family was down and out, what they had accumulated in the past was still there. Those Qiu family members who left disappeared without a trace, like water droplets melting into the ocean.

They couldn’t find the Qiu family, and they couldn’t find any treasures either. All the other aristocratic families perceived the manor of Qiu family with a skeptical attitude. They didn’t believe that there were treasures under it nor did they allow any family to control it.

This situation continued until they learned that two nascent soul cultivators were about to guard Yun Xiao city.

All the patriarchs of the aristocratic families knew very well that unless they could find the treasure before the two nascent soul cultivators, they would be destined to miss it.

In fact, it’s not like they didn’t think about hiding the news, but Mr. Qiu did a great job back then. Not only did he leave a note in the manor, but he also found someone to distribute leaflets in the city. In today’s Yun Xiao city, most of the people who didnt know this news were from the new generation of mortals, and those older people know exactly that there was a treasure hidden under the manor.

The three major city lords joined forces with the rest of the families to make a final effort, but still nothing was discovered. In the end, these patriarchs had no choice but to give up entirely.

Xu Ziyan brought a lot of people, so he placed them all in the manor of Qiu family. Perhaps they also had some unspeakable plan, but they would really like to know if Xu Ziyan could find anything that they couldnt find, since hes a nascent soul cultivator.

It is precisely for this reason that when Xu Ziyan moved here, these people seemed vague. After all, the manor still belonged to the Qiu family in name, and it even involved such an important matter. It was easy to understand why they wouldnt want to talk about it.

But Xu Ziyan didn’t care about the thoughts of these patriarchs.

All he knew was that something good was coming!

The young man in black seemed very unfamiliar to the manor, which was normal. After all, he had heard everything he knew from his grandfather, and for so many years, when those aristocratic families were searching for treasures, they would cause some inevitable damages to the manor. In order to welcome Xu Ziyan, there were still many buildings that had been rebuilt. Otherwise, the young man would have seen broken walls and ruins.

“Brother, are you here to see me?”

Just as Xu Ziyan followed Qiu Siyuan through the back garden, Xu Zirong’s voice suddenly came from the rockery next to him.

Xu Ziyan looked at him expressionlessly.

Xu Zirong smiled slightly, jumped down from the top of the rockery, and walked gracefully to his brother’s side. He deliberately tilted his head to pretend to be cute,is my brother missing me already?

Xu Ziyan thought, the hell with it! Its just been a short while since we separated, okay? Just follow me if you want to, theres no need to pretend!

Xu Zirong was unmoved by his brother’s expressionless face. Instead, he held his brother’s sleeve tightly,where are you going, brother? Shall I go with you?”

Xu Ziyan’s face twitched. He knew already that Xu Zirong would never get along with Qiu Siyuan, nor would he accept him to be alone with Qiu Siyuan. He should have been used to it already.


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