Chapter 343

“Walk behind me, and Xu Zirong would be the last one.” Xu Ziyan made other arrangements without caring about his brother with clinginess disease.

Xu Zirong didn’t refute, but Qiu Siyuan, who was walking in the middle, still felt a sharp chill down his spine. It felt like there’s a sharp dagger hanging and ready to take his life any time.

The group of three walked down the stairs for a long distance. On the way, Xu Ziyan only noticed that there were many arrays engraved on both sides of the stairs, and Xu Zirong was surprised to find that all the arrays were used for suppression.

He wondered what kind of treasure required so many suppressive arrays.

Xu Zirong looked at those arrays and he felt doubtful briefly. These arrays looked more like they were suppressing something. Although some treasures of the Heaven and Earth emitted a strong spiritual light after getting mature and one would need a suppressive array to hide their existence, there were still way too many suppressive arrays. It’s more like they were used to seal some incredibly strong enemy.

Xu Zirong’s gaze turned cold and shot a blood vine up into the sky, pulling Qiu Siyuan aside with a snap. Then, the blood vine tightly wrapped around Qiu Siyuan’s neck, hanging him high.

“Tell me! What’s down right here?!” Xu Zirong looked as if he’s ready to kill Qiu Siyuan.

“Ahem…” Qiu Siyuan was strangled and looked at Xu Zirong in horror.

He didn’t understand why this senior Xiao Xu suddenly attacked him, could he have done something wrong? Perhaps he shouldn’t have trusted senior Xu?

“Zirong? What are you doing?” Xu Ziyan was stunned by this sudden turn of events. Although he didn’t understand why Xu Zirong would do so, he knew that something must have been noticed.

But Qiu Siyuan obviously looked like he was about to be strangled to death. If he still didn’t move, Qiu Siyuan would die before giving further information.

A flash of thunder suddenly hit the blood vine, which then shook slightly, and the half that was wrapping Qiu Siyuan loosened immediately.

Qiu Siyuan fell to the ground from mid-air. He was coughing vigorously before catching his breath.

When he looked at Xu Ziyan eagerly with tears in his eyes, he realized that senior Xu wasn’t pay attention to him at all. Instead, he was just looking at Xu Zirong with concern.

Qiu Siyuan: qaq, I was the one who was beaten and injured, right? Senior Xu, why do you look like your younger brother is hurt?

“Zirong, don’t be angry, if I don’t do anything, he will be strangled to death.” Xu Ziyan comforted his younger brother who was trying to look miserable again.

Xu Zirong squatted on the ground and drew circles, constantly muttering, “my brother doesn’t love me anymore. He actually attacked me for the others…nobody loves me…”

Several veins popped out of Xu Ziyan’s forehead uncontrollably.

Damn it! What does this spoiled brat want now?! Xu Zirong, can’t you stop pretending? Even your victim has stood up already!

He couldn’t bear it anymore and squeezed his fist. He up and down, and finally decided to pinch someone’s butt hard.

Xu Zirong was petrified in an instant. He looked at his brother with an expression of disbelief – did my brother just pinch me?

Xu Ziyan signaled with his eyes: is it enough for you? If not, I can also spank you in front of Qiu Siyuan.

Xu Zirong wept silently. He knew that he’d been pretending to look pathetic for too many times and his brother seemed immune…hmm…he might as well use another method next time.

(Qiu Siyuan: qaq, can’t you be more gentle next time, you almost took my life…)

“Okay, tell me, why suddenly attack Xiao…Qiu Siyuan?” Facing Xu Zirong’s mournful eyes, Xu Ziyan forcibly swallowed back the term “Xiao Yuan”. Let’s not provoke him any further, as it would be of no benefit to himself.

When Xu Zirong talked about the suppressive arrays on both sides of the stairs, Xu Ziyan’s expression became more serious.

When Qiu Siyuan noticed that things started souring, he instantly swore in the name of heart demon that he was hiding nothing, and that everything he knew about that place was heard from his grandpa.

Xu Ziyan frowned slightly. Since the news came from Qiu Siyuan’s grandfather, theoretically speaking, it was impossible for him to harm his grandson. Instead, he was worried whether there was some kind of misunderstanding during the process of inheritance, that they might have perceived this hiding place of enemy as where the treasure was hidden.

Although it wasn’t really possible, they started wondering if the treasure underneath could get them killed.

“Senior Xu, I really don’t know anything…” Qiu Siyuan noticed Xu Ziyan’s furrowed eyebrows and immediately cried out with a mournful face. He originally donated this treasure to establish a good relationship with Senior Xu. If there was really a strong enemy underneath, then there would be more losses than gains.

Xu Ziyan glanced at him and smiled, “don’t worry, I won’t blame you. It’s all about fate and chance. We aren’t even sure of what’s underneath us.”

“Oh.” Qiu Siyuan finally relaxed a bit. Although he was still a little nervous, it was much better than the moment when Xu Zirong strangled his neck just now.

“Let’s go, everyone be careful.” Xu Ziyan looked at the dark passage below, feeling strangely excited.

He was puzzled. He wasn’t an adventurous person, but he couldn’t contain his excitement at all. It’s like there’s something mysterious associating him.

They continued to walk down the stairs. There was no danger except for the dense suppressive arrays on both sides of the wall.

From this point of view, there might really be treasures underneath. After all, if it was a place to suppress enemies, then all kinds of traps must be indispensable along the way.

They went down very deep, and Xu Ziyan and the others walked cautiously. After nearly half an hour, they saw a closed door in front of them.

There were two torches hanging on both sides of the gate and the flames were burning fiercely. It seemed to have been burning for an unknown number of years.

Xu Ziyan took a look at the gate. In the center, there was a huge sculpture of animal head. The only thing that was puzzling was that there were obviously many fierce monsters in the cultivation world that could be used for decoration, so why would the Qiu family use a cat for this purpose?

And it’s not even a spiritual monster, but only the most ordinary type of domesticated cats. When Xu Ziyan first glanced at it, he immediately thought of a cat stretching itself and rolling in its master’s arms.

When Qiu Siyuan saw the huge cat head, he felt really speechless.

He sneaked at Xu Ziyan and he wondered what senior Xu was thinking at this moment. After hesitating for a while, he said in embarrassment, “back then, the ancestor of our family really loved cats.”

“Yeah.” Xu Ziyan replied casually but he really felt like laughing out loud.

It sounds really cute to have a cultivator who loves cats…

“The ancestor of your family is quite unique. Not only he likes tricks, but he’s also into cats. He must be a very gentle person.” Xu Ziyan smiled.

Qiu Siyuan twitched when he heard this. He silently took out a stone and infused spiritual power into it.

It was a recording stone commonly used in the cultivation world to record family trees, and there were images of each person in the family tree.

Under Qiu Siyuan’s urging, a miniature figure appeared on the record stone, Xu Ziyan only took one look before his smile froze.

“This is my family.” Qiu Siyuan said.

Xu Ziyan looked at the big man with a vicious look, and he couldn’t associate him with “cat-lover” no matter what.

He silently turned his face away, it’s true that people cannot be judged by their appearance…

“How do we open this door?” Xu Zirong’s cold voice promptly relieved his brother.

Qiu Siyuan quickly replied, “I’ll open it.” Afterwards, he walked to the gate, picked up the mouse that was used to open the mechanism and stuffed it into the mouth of the cat head.

“Meow!” The sculpture made a soft meow, and afterwards, the door opened in response, revealing the most unimaginable scene…

Xu Ziyan:

Xu Zirong:

Qiu Siyuan:

“Forty thousand!” A handsome man in green clothes slapped the mahjong on the table.

“Touch!” The man in red on the opposite side was thrilled and took the 40,000 mahjong in his hand. He immediately gave out another one, “nine suit ! “

“Don’t move, don’t move! I’m in! Hahahaha, give me aura!” The man in red was next to a strong man with a very vicious appearance, and he looked very hard to mess with.

“Hey! Why are you in this again? It has been 3,692 times, tell me if you are cheating!” Another guy in yellow clothes was dissatisfied.

“Hey, what are you talking about? Did you see me cheating? Do you have any proof? If you don’t, then shut your mouth! Give me aura!” The tough-looking guy tapped on the table and stretched out his hand towards the one in red.

Regardless of other things, this place looked like an ordinary mahjong room, but neither Xu Ziyan nor Xu Zirong could ignore the men in green, red, and yellow, as all of whom had the same face, and there was a pair of dragon horns on each of their heads…

Qiu Siyuan looked at the big, fierce-looking man and murmured, “old patriarch of Wucheng…”

“Oh? Isn’t this a visitor? This round doesn’t count then.” The man in red’s eyes lit up, and he was about to deny on the bill.

“Hey, how shameless you are! I won more than 3,000 times and that’s how many times you’ve cheated. Do you still want to continue or not?!” The strong guy looked depressed and roared.


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