Chapter 351

In a word, in the entire demon-slaying army, only Zuo Shen could get to talk a bit with the other senior Xu as the captain of the 5th team, as for the others…

They were scared away immediately just after being stared at… →. →

Many cultivators began to clean the battlefield, while Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong continued guarding the surroundings.

Although the demon cultivator escaped, Xu Ziyan didn’t dare to underestimate the situation. Who could be sure that he wouldn’t return?

“Brother, do you think that demon cultivator is a bit strange?” Xu Zirong couldn’t help asking.

“Well, since now you’ve mentioned, I agree with you.” Xu Ziyan frowned. Although he and Xu Zirong were on a rather advantageous position in the battlefield, they might not win so easily if that demon cultivator joined.

He still wanted to thank that demon with dragon wing, as Xu Ziyan might not impress everyone with his moves if the demon hadn’t proposed competing alone. He even managed to make all the mantis demons lose the will to fight, creating an overwhelming trend on the battlefield.

“The demon seemed to have no intention of making a move from the beginning, and when I used the Thunderfall, he escaped without hesitation. I’m sure that since he showed up with the winged demon and the bull demon, he must have something to do with one of the clans. How could he have run away so easily?” Xu Ziyan was puzzled.

“Forget it. We should just clean up the battlefield if we haven’t figured out why. I reckon that the commander of demon race will send more troops after knowing about their defeat. We must let other people in Liu Guang sect know that they have to hurry up, or we won’t be able to guard here with just the two of us.” Xu Ziyan shook his head and stopped thinking about that demon man.

The demon race was confident that they could take the mine of spirit transforming, while the Xuan Yu realm would never let the demon race destroy the newly built cross-realm teleportation array. They would never give up the area.

After resisting the first wave of attack of the demon race, Xu Ziyan successfully gained some extra time for the alliance. It’s only that he was worried of Yun Xiao city becoming a battlefield between the two sides if none of them was willing to give up on the area.

Xu Ziyan was worried that if it became the front line, then Mo Xin city would be in danger. After all, the demons were not fools, and it was impossible for them to send troops from thousands of miles every time. Instead of doing so, it’d be better to build a branch base nearby. Yun Xiao city wasn’t easy to fight, but the small cities nearby had not much defense power either; they would thus be the best locations for the demon race.

“Well, it looks like we’ll have to move.” Xu Ziyan shook his head helplessly. He knew that all of Xu family’s affairs were inside Mo Xin city, and there would be no chance for the surrounding small cities to survive if the battle took place there.

Rather than being massacred by the demon race at that time, it would be better to move them all to Yun Xiao city as fast as possible.

Even if they couldn’t live inside Yun Xiao, they had to at least stay nearby to lower the chance of being attacked by the demon race.

“Go back…” Xu Ziyan stopped abruptly before finishing his sentence, then showed a very weird expression.

“Brother?” Xu Zirong looked at him suspiciously.

Xu Ziyan said to him with a look of surprise, “the demon man who escaped just now, he said…that he wants to talk to us.”

Xu Zirong frowned slightly, “we are strangers to each other. What’s there to talk about?”

Xu Ziyan nodded, “but he knows our names.”

Xu Zirong said indifferently, “why should it concern us? It’s not a secret that we’ve come to Yun Xiao city, and I believe that the demon race has their own advantages in investigation.”

“But he also said that…he knew Lin Xiaotian.” Xu Ziyan finally told what’d shocked him the most.

Xu Zirong was also very surprised when he heard so. Lin Xiaotian was quite well-known in Xuan Yu realm, as a disciple of the younger generation, Lin Xiaotian had too much charisma.

Although the Xu brothers surpassed him in terms of level of cultivation, Lin Xiaotian was still a winner in title since he’s the most wanted one for the heritance of Tian Yu sect.

If this demon knew about Lin Xiaotian, it wouldn’t be a strange thing. As long as he did some research in Xuan Yu realm, he would be able to know about Lin Xiaotian, but there were very few people knowing the fact that Lin Xiaotian had a good relationship with the Xu brothers.

The fighting tower was a shared secret among Tang Tianlang, Luo Yun and Song Baiqin. It was also Tang Tianlang’s work to send the three disciples there.

Later, although Lin Xiaotian and Xu Ziyan also saw each other in Xuan Jia sect, they were behaving particularly close. That’s why people usually wouldn’t know that Lin Xiaotian and Xu Ziyan were close friends (while being a disliked one for Xu Zirong, of course…).

Later, they went to investigate the reason for the evolution of the blood-sucking worms. Xu Ziyan went back early because of the unexpected encounter with the earth rock dragon worm. On the other hand, Lin Xiaotian received an urgent message from Tang Tianlang during the investigation and returned to Tian Yu sect temporarily.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong hadn’t seen Lin Xiaotian since then, but they didn’t expect to hear this name from the mouth of a demon either.

“Go and have a look, with the two of us here, I don’t think he’ll play any tricks.” Xu Ziyan was quite carefree about it.

Although the demon guy was a nascent soul demon, he’s not afraid of that with Xu Zirong’s help.

The only thing to worry about would be the possibility of traps, but one only needed to be a bit more careful than usual.

“After cleaning up the battlefield, return to Yun Xiao city immediately. The fifth team will take over from the first team to guard the mine, and the rest will return to the manor of Qiu family to recover.” Xu Ziyan instructed the cultivators, then flew towards the location revealed by the demon.

Xu Zirong followed closely behind him, and their figures quickly disappeared from everyone’s sight…

After passing through a dense forest, he soon saw the figure of the demon.

He was sitting on a low mound, and he seemed to be looking at the distant scenery. The expression on his face wasn’t clear through the hood, and Xu Ziyan felt weird about watching the scenery far away with this demon who’d abandoned his identity

Xu Ziyan didn’t want to waste time with this demon guy. He simply stopped in mid-air far away.

He didn’t know how this demon guy would attack and he had to make sure of his own safety.

For nascent soul cultivators, such a distance wouldn’t create any obstacles in terms of communication. The two looked at each other quietly. In the end, Xu Zirong was the first one to lose patience, “speak up. I don’t have time to waste here.”

The demon smiled, showing his white teeth. He slowly took off the hood on his head, revealing a fair face with a peculiar totem.

“Hello, Xu Ziyan, Xu Zirong, or…do you prefer to be called Purple Thunder Across the Cloud and Bloody Beauty?” The demon didn’t seem nervous at all and he even looked a bit familiar to the Xu brothers.

When Xu Ziyan heard this, he frowned slightly, “have you been to the fighting tower?”

The demon smiled vaguely, “actually…not only did I see you both, but I also…heard about you from Lin Xiaotian.”

“Xiaotian?” Xu Zirong looked at the demon and smiled playfully, “Such a familiar tone…I assume that you’re very close to him. I don’t remember him having fought against the demon race inside the tower.”

“You don’t need to be nervous.” The demon man smiled, “it’s only that I was lucky enough. I was sent to Xuan Yu realm after leaving the base of the winged demons. Otherwise I would never gain your trust.”

“What exactly do you want to say?” Xu Ziyan frowned. He didn’t feel any malicious feelings from the demon guy, but he couldn’t figure out what all that’s for.

“It’s actually very simple, I want to make a deal with you.” The demon man said softly.

“We will have nothing to do with the demons.” Xu Ziyan flatly refused.

“Don’t worry…how about listening to my suggestion first?” The demon said in a leisurely manner and he’s not in a hurry.

Xu Ziyan squinted his eyes and didn’t respond. The demon smiled, “the demons are building a cross-realm teleportation array and we need a lot of ores of spirit transforming. Since you are here, you must be aware of this matter. But as you know, it’s not a very rare mine. The reason why Yun Xiao city is valued here is because the mine here is the largest. The other mines of spirit transforming are either much far away or too small in scale. However, no matter how small they are, there’s still some production and accumulation. If the battle continues, we will finish building the teleportation array one day, and then…”

He shook his head slightly, its not that Im looking down on Xuan Yu realm, but if the demon race really successfully builds the teleportation array, then there will be continuous demon troops being sent here. We are connected to the Teng Lan realm, and the higher level of demon race has already known about it. Otherwise, what else could make them send such a strong team in such a short while? They are actually aiming at Teng Lan realm and theyre treating Xuan Yu realm as a springboard.

“The demons have put in so much effort, do you think that a single mine of spirit transforming can stop them? I can guarantee that once your delay touches the bottom line of the commander, he will definitely mobilize all the troops to attack us.”

“This commander is not an ordinary demon. He came with a mission. Otherwise, why do you think they were so cautious at the beginning? It is because their only purpose is to sharpen the cross-realm teleportation array and to open a passage from the demon realm accessing here.


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