Chapter 353

Lin Xiaotian put the sleeping man on the bed. His face was still expressionless, but the movements of his hands were very light, as if he was afraid that he would accidentally hurt this mortal guy with no spiritual energy.

He looked at the mortal man with a complicated look, while his fingers kept trembling, as if he wanted to caress that man.

Seeing Lin Xiaotian’s actions, Xu Ziyan’s cheeks twitched. He really wanted to shout out loud “just touch him if you want to! It’s so obvious that you’re after his beauty. Even a fool knows how special your relationship is with him, okay?”

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but look at that mortal guy again. That’s right! Aside from having no spiritual energy or no totem on his face, this person really looked exactly like that demon guy.

Speaking of the totem on the demon guy’s face, Xu Ziyan really hadn’t looked at him carefully. He must admit that this mortal guy looked really handsome.

Different from Xu Zirong’s beauty, this face belonged more to a kind of gentle elegance. If he really started comparing, he kind of looked like the younger version of Bai Hua.

It’s just that one was gentle in disguise, while the other…well, the other one was still not awake yet. Judging from the character of the demon guy, this guy’s gentle temperament was probably also fake. _(:3」∠)_


“What?” Xu Ziyan turned around.

Xu Zirong ‘whispered’ in his ear with a look of resentment, “he actually showed affection in front of us! Brother, don’t you think he’s an eyesore?!”

Xu Ziyan: (╯‵ )╯︵┻━┻who can beat you for that area? Don’t make troubles!

Lin Xiaotian: …

His body was stiff and he looked embarrassed, as if his little secret had been exposed. For a while, he was too shy to look at Xu Ziyan.

Xu Zirong silently gave himself a thumbs up. He thought to himself, “although I’ve forgiven you in this life, it’s still my right to get some profit back by making troubles.”

“Now I know why the demon guy said that he could turn back into a human being.” Xu Ziyan looked at the sleeping mortal and was suddenly inspired.

Lin Xiaotian’s face suddenly turned cold, “I won’t let Qingchen’s soul being taken away! Although he’s just a mortal, he shouldn’t be used as the vehicle of that demon guy!”

Xu Ziyan froze for a moment, then murmured, “actually, I think you’re thinking too much.”

“How?” Lin Xiaotian frowned.

Xu Ziyan looked at the so-called Qingchen, then at Lin Xiaotian, “although this man has no spiritual power, I can feel that his aura is very similar to that demon man. No… I should say that if the demon guy loses the demonic energy on his body, then he’d have exactly the same breath. He just might be the body of the demon guy, or nothing can explain this coincidence. Am I right?”

Lin Xiaotian remained silent.

“By the way, I never asked why he is still asleep. Did you make him this way?”

“It’s not me.” Lin Xiaotian shook his head, “he was already like this when I returned. He has been sleeping this whole time. His neighbor told me that he has been like this since a few months ago, and he hasn’t woken up ever since. If his neighbors hadn’t been so nice to feed him some soup every time, I’m quite sure that he’d be…”

At the end, Lin Xiaotian clenched his hands tightly and showed a deep sense of regret under his eyes.

If he hadn’t left at that time, perhaps that would have never happened.

However, at the same time, he still found it fortunate that Xu Ziyan had mentioned about Wonton noodles, or he would have missed the best chance to rescue Qingchen.

“Well, so that’s how it is…” Xu Ziyan sighed and asked, “if I’m not mistaken, when he was unconscious, it should be the day when the demon race intruded the Xuan Yu realm. Correct?”

Lin Xiaotian was startled suddenly. He didn’t realize it when he heard the neighbors say it before, yet when he thought about it now, it happened when the demon race broken the nodes in space and intruded the Xuan Yu realm.

“Do you mean that…?!” Lin Xiaotian reacted fast. He immediately knew what Xu Ziyan was implying.

“I guess so. Otherwise, nothing else could explain why the demon guy would say such a thing.” Xu Ziyan sighed helplessly.

He walked over and patted Lin Xiaotian on the shoulder, looking at him with sympathy.

He already knew the basics of the whole matter by looking at how Lin Xiaotian was.

He thought that Lin Xiaotian had developed an intimate relationship with Qingchen out of some reasons, yet he later found out that he’s just a mortal without the ability to cultivate. That’s why Lin Xiaotian chose to leave his side instead of keeping a fruitless relationship.

No one would be troubled by love or relationship matters if things were that easy. It’s the same for Lin Xiaotian, who thought that he might forget this person if they stopped seeing each other. However, what happened later was that whenever somebody mentioned about Qingchen, his emotions would be eating him alive.

If things stopped there, then perhaps it could still be developed into a touching romantic story. Although Qingchen couldn’t cultivate, Lin Xiaotian could still spend the rest of his life with him.

However, there was a huge turning point of the whole incident.

This so-called ‘mortal’ turned out to be just a lover of a demon guy! Even the soul inside was just a part of the soul that had been sealed with memory. Now that the true master was there, it had directly merged into the main soul, leaving an empty shell waiting for the arrival of the main soul.

Even Xu Ziyan didn’t expect such an unexpected development. However, after analyzing it a bit, he thought that Lin Xiaotian should be happy about it, since a mortal who was only able to accompany him for a lifetime turned out to be a nascent soul cultivator. In that case, they might even spend a thousand years together.

Xu Ziyan then sneakily glanced at Lin Xiaotian, who was gritting his teeth at the moment. It was obvious that he was struggling much by feeling both happy and worried.

But after thinking about it, Xu Ziyan understood more.

There was no comparison between a simple mortal from a mountain village and an old monster who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years.

In the eyes of that mortal, Lin Xiaotian might be the love of his life, but the nascent soul cultivator might not think the same. All in all, the memory of this mortal guy was just created by a ray of his soul, and the main soul would simply feel like watching a play without any other feelings.

At this time, Lin Xiaotian felt thrilled that Qingchen had become a powerful monk, but he also felt worried at the same time. He was wondering whether the demon guy would still care about him after absorbing Qingchen’s memory.

This kind of ambiguous feeling made him suffer so much and he even found it difficult to breathe. With the fluctuation of spiritual energy in his body, he started feeling suffocated.

“Calm down!” Seeing that something was wrong, Xu Ziyan quickly shouted.

Lin Xiaotian regained his senses immediately after Xu Ziyan yelled.

He also felt scared that he almost got lost in his subconscious thoughts after thinking about Qingchen.

Now that when he thought about it, it’s actually impossible to cut off the emotional ties between him and Qingchen. If he hadn’t discovered what had been bothering him the most under this occasion, he wouldn’t break through the Heart Tribulation when he attempted to break through next time.

After taking a deep sigh, Lin Xiaotian had already regained his calmness.

Whether it was a mortal or a demon, he was always in love with Qingchen, who’s always smile at him gently and cared for him in every possible way.

Now the soul in this body was gone, he only hoped to see the demon again. And if that demon guy was no longer Qingchen, he’d just accept the fact that Qingchen’s dead.

“Are you okay?” Xu Ziyan asked worriedly as Lin Xiaotian’s emotions fluctuated too much.

“I’m fine.” Lin Xiaotian had completely calmed down. He took one last look at the mortal’s body and silently looked away. His Qingchen was no longer there, it was just an empty shell.

Big Foot Luo and three other nascent soul cultivators were replacing Xu Ziyan to guard Yun Xiao city, and the whole Xu family had already moved to the manor of the Qiu family. Therefore, Xu Ziyan could finally return to Liu Guang sect with ease.

In just a few days, the development of the matter became worse. Just after talking with Lin Xiaotian, Wuchen noticed that the demon race had started a large-scale mobilization.

After sacrificing some spies, there was a clear investigation of the movements of the demon race. Undoubtedly, all those large troops were dispatched to the vicinity of Yun Xiao. It seemed that the demon race was bound to win the mine of spiritual transformation.

Fortunately, Big Foot Luo already been stationed in Yun Xiao. As long as he stayed there, Yun Xiao would remain safe unless the demon race sent more than two deity cultivators.

Because of this matter, Wuchen and Yun Shang were incredibly busy. After knowing that Lin Xiaotian was coming, they immediately arrived Tian Luo Peak.

After knowing the identity of this mortal, there was a sophisticated expression on the faces of the two nascent soul cultivators.

Although their defense against that demon guy never decreased, his words became more believable with the existence of the mortal guy.

Moreover, unlike Xu Ziyan’s consideration of stealing the Rock of Empty Space, Wuchen and Yun Shang immediately thought of a plan to use the identity of this demon guy to kick out the advanced demon army.

“Do you think what the demon guy said was credible?” Wuchen asked again.

Xu Ziyan thought for a while, “although he’s a demon, he never interfered in any battles between us and the demon race. Also, I believe that his disgust towards the demon race is real, and he also said that he’d been set up by one of his kind. I could feel the hatred when he told me that, unless he faked it too well.”


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