Chapter 363

“Yes, but I don’t mean to ask cultivator Xu to work for nothing. Although I, Ao Yuanming, am only a descendant of the Jiaolong clan, I had occasional opportunities when I was cultivating in Xuan Yu realm before. This is my gift to say thank you.”

Afterwards, took out an emerald key and put it on the table.

Xu Ziyan glanced at the key, as if he vaguely remembered something, and he looked at Ao Yuanming suspiciously.

Ao Yuanming gently pushed the key towards Xu Ziyan, “cultivator Xu, do you know why Tengyun is so lively lately?”

“The stele!”

“Exactly!” Ao Yuanming nodded, “the treasure recorded on the stele belongs to a cultivator called Patriarch Lvmei. Now that the stele is exposed, it means that the treasure of Patriarch Lvmei is about to be opened. More than half of the people living in Tengyun are here for the treasure. It’s just that…these people are just making up numbers. Those who are really capable of fighting for the treasure are already there on the island. I am sure that senior Xu is interested in the treasure too, that’s why you came at this time.”

“That’s right.” Xu Ziyan didn’t mean to deny it either. The treasure of Patriarch Lvmei was very popular in the Xuan Yu realm. It would be a huge joke if he said that it’s not his purpose.

“This one is the key to open one of the secret chambers of Patriarch Lvmei.”

Ao Yuanming startled Xu Ziyan, because he suddenly recalled that Bai Hua also had a green pair of keys in the novel.

It’s just that the novel never mentioned how Bai Hua got the keys. Could it be that Bai Hua encountered Ao Yuanming as well, helped his sister to heal and got the key?

“Why don’t you go by yourself? There might be some treasures inside that can cure your sister.” Xu Zirong interrupted coldly.

Ao Yuanming glanced at Bai Hua and said expressionlessly, “the stele only stated the place and time when the treasure was found, but there aren’t any other requirements on it. That’s why so many people in Tengyun want to try their luck. But since I have the key, I naturally know a little more than they do. That is, you can only enter this secret chamber if you’re a nascent soul. Although I’m about to break through, I still haven’t done so. It would be ridiculous if I tell anyone that I want to have that treasure. So, instead of relying on the slim chance, why don’t I use the key to trade for an opportunity to cure my sister?”

Xu Zirong snorted coldly and didn’t speak, but Xu Ziyan knew that it was the approval of Ao Yuanming’s answer.

“What would you have done if you hadn’t met me?” Xu Ziyan asked softly.

Ao Yuanming paused for a moment, “if I hadn’t met cultivator Xu, I would have used my golden core to cure my little sister.”

Xu Ziyan squinted his eyes, “I remember you said that the evil spirit was extremely destructive to the golden core of the Jiaolong clan, or your sister wouldn’t have suffered from such serious injuries.”

Ao Yuanming glanced at Xu Ziyan indifferently, “since we were little, my sister and I have been relying on each other. If it’s necessary, I’m okay with saving her life with mine.”

Xu Ziyan’s heart suddenly sank. Although Ao Yuanming was talking about his relationship with his sister, he couldn’t help but think that Xu Zirong would do the same if they faced the same situation.

He was willing to help for this brother-sister relationship. All in all, he had lots of quota of Purple Night Divine Thunder! He didn’t believe that the remaining ray of evil spirit could fight against it!

(Little Greenie: ╮(╯▽╰)╭, master always wants me to clean up the mess. What a troublesome guy!)

Now that he had decided to help the siblings who depended on each other, Xu Ziyan didn’t waste any more time. He followed Ao Yuanming directly to his residence.

Ao Yuanming was overjoyed. Although there weren’t any special expressions on his face, Xu Ziyan knew that the Jiaolong had been an extremely loyal clan. Their spiritual pets would never betray their masters either. However, because of the numerous benefits, many merchants with bad intentions deliberately stole Jiaolong eggs for their own good.

Since these merchants didn’t know how to hatch eggs at all, more than 80% of Jiaolong eggs died. Even if some eggs barely survived, the combat power was no longer the same.

The businessman spent a huge amount of spiritual stones but ended up losing everything. Looking at those little Jiaolong that were only the size of kittens, he even killed the remaining few out of rage…

After this incident, the whole Jiaolong clan went crazy.

They frantically chased and killed anyone involved in stealing the eggs, and the whole eastern sea became very bloody.

When the Dragon King got angry, the corpses floated for thousands of miles…

In just three years, a total of sixteen sects disappeared in the eastern sea, and countless low-level cultivators died. Even two nascent soul cultivators were killed.

In the end, the largest sect in the eastern sea had to move to the Central Plains as a whole to avoid the mess, and it was in that battle that the Jiaolong clan established their position as the overlord of the eastern sea.

Since then, there had been only one way to get the spiritual pets of Jiaolong clan. That is, one had to participate in the coming-of-age ceremony of the clan.

They could get to see many Jiaolongs that were about to turn into adults. And if one of them liked the human who made the choice, they could even form an equal contract.

It’s just that the most recent coming-of-age ceremony of the Jiaolong clan already happened seven years ago. There’s almost no hope for Xu Ziyan to get any spiritual pets.

Fortunately, Xu Ziyan didn’t care about this at all, as he still had a bunch of cuties in his Little Square. There’s no way for him to have cuter pets.

After glancing at the guy with clinginess disease beside him, Xu Ziyan curled his lips silently.

→. →, He could even get jealous of those spiritual pets which couldn’t be turned into humans, so what if there’s one that could do so…what would Xu Zirong do then?

“Here we are, this is it.” Ao Yuanming lived in a very quiet place, and as soon as they walked into the small courtyard, they heard a clear voice coming from the room, “brother, you’re back!”

“En.” Ao Yuanming responded, and when he saw his sister lying by the window, there was a trace of distress on his face. But when he thought of Xu Ziyan behind him, he got excited again.

“Yuanqing, is your brother back?” It was another gentle guy’s voice, then the door was opened, and an elegant man in casual clothes walked out.

“Hey, it’s you!” The man first nodded to Ao Yuanming, then he looked shocked when the saw the Xu brothers.

“You know us?” Xu Ziyan frowned, and immediately became alert. He only arrived in Tengyun the day before and he didn’t know anyone in the city.

“Ah, don’t get me wrong.” The elegant man sensed Xu Ziyan’s vigilance and quickly waved his hand, “I just saw you from afar, and it’s just that…” He wiped his mouth and smiled, “it’s really hard to forget you brothers thanks to your charisma.”

Xu Ziyan: …damn it…am I really that charming? Does everyone suddenly want to be my little brother?

It turns out that Xu Ziyan was thinking too much…

The elegant man just politely pointed out that he’d met them in Wuti city before leaving.

Xu Ziyan: _(:3」∠)_Okay, it’s all in my imagination! I know that I’m not meant to be a male protagonist!

(Heavenly Way: Hehe…)

“This is my sister.” Ao Yuanming brought Xu Ziyan into the room, and saw the pale girl half leaning on the bed.

The girl’s face was very pale. It’s the kind of pale that shows no color of blood at all. However, her eyes were very bright, and the light in her eyes were very breathtaking when she looked at Xu Ziyan.

——Don’t think too much, she simply had a strong desire to survive.

“Xu…” She originally wanted to call Xu Ziyan “cultivator Xu”, but once she sensed his strong level of cultivation, she held back immediately.

She looked at the handsome Xu Ziyan, then at the delicate Xu Zirong, then silently turned her face away…

(Ao Yuanqing: == At first, I thought that the Jiaolong clan was a powerful once since they instantly became golden core after turning into an adult, but how come I feel like a failure in front of these two people?)

“Cultivator Xu, can we do the healing here?” Ao Yuanming asked.

“Ah? Yes? Why, do you have any questions?” Xu Ziyan looked at him, feeling puzzled.

Ao Yuanming paused for a moment, “I’m just worried that cultivator Xu’s actions would be too loud and we’d get the attention of Jiaolong guards. Let’s find a quiet spot outside the city.”

“Ah, yes, I agree.” Xu Ziyan agreed after thinking about it.

It’s really hard to say what would happen once they started expelling the evil spirit. Now that the opening of treasure was going to happen, most people went there for the treasure. It’d be thus better to stay low profile.

So the group left Tengyun in a hurry and swam towards a submarine canyon in the distance.

That canyon used to be the residence of a group of king crabs, but three months ago, the group migrated. King crabs were also not very popular among the sea clans, as they would eat everything that could be eaten, leaving yellow sand all over.

Now, the submarine canyon was paved with yellow sand. Unlike the surrounding area of Tengyun, there were many seaweeds growing. Except for the rocks on both sides, only the yellow sand remained and there weren’t any valuable things.

Most people would not approach this kind of place unless they were bored.

Ao Yuanming had already chosen this place much earlier. His house in the city was not well protected. If someone disturbed him while he was treating his sister, no one could guarantee the consequences.

In order to reduce the chance of his sister being in danger, he had already found a safe place earlier. No one would find out as long as they weren’t too unlucky.

Under the leadership of Ao Yuanming, several people came to a very hidden cave very quickly. After opening the seal of the cave entrance, everyone was about to go in, but Xu Zirong suddenly stepped forward and stopped everyone.

“No!” Xu Zirong said with sharp eyes, “we have a trap here!”


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