Chapter 63 (Retranslation)

After mentioning the incident casually, Xu Ziyan started preparing dinner without thinking too much. Master ate dinner with them every day and was even quite picky. He preferred not to have the same dishes every day. Fortunately, Xu Ziyan could ask Big Foot Luo to prepare the ingredients, or he wouldn’t know how to find so many of them.

“Xia Houlian…” Xu Zirong’s eyes turned red as he mentioned this name.

Of course, he wouldn’t forget about her! She was a very petite and lovely girl. She’s fifteen and it would be the most beautiful moment of a girl, and since his brother had also turned fifteen, it means that he was eligible for marriage already.


Xu Zirong’s look grew even deeper. Once he thought of Xia Houlian becoming his future sister-in-law, he couldn’t tolerate it.


He would just be tossed around if his brother got married. Once a man gets his own family, would he still care about his younger brother with no blood relations?

His eyes got redder and redder, and the breath in his body became more violent. The grass near him became a little red, then it became even redder and it spread like a bloodstained carpet.

A sister-in-law?!

His brother belongs to him and he doesn’t need those redundant people!

It would be enough as long as his brother had him, and he’s sure that he could satisfy his every need!

His brother would never fall in love with somebody else! He belonged to Xu Zirong and Xu Zirong only! No one could ever take him away!

Xu Zirong only felt that everything in front of him was dyed red. There’s an extremely strong sense of blood in his nose, and it’s such a bloody taste in his mouth.

He started wondering if nobody would take his brother away if he’s taken at this moment.

“Zirong, what are you doing outside? Give me a hand here!” Xu Zirong shouted from the house.

“Here I come!” Xu Zirong hadn’t realized that the redness in his eyes had already faded away, and he just replied instinctively.

There was a dim yellow light in the wooden house, it was not that bright but very warm.

Xu Zirong let out a low laugh. In his previous life, he had been fighting so hard for a warm and loving relationship, and since he finally got it in this life, how could he let it slip away so easily?

“I’m really possessed.” With a self-deprecating smile, Xu Zirong adjusted the expression on his face and walked towards the kitchen in a relaxed manner. At that moment, he suddenly remembered that Xu Ziyan was fond of Bai Hua in his previous life, and Bai Hua was a guy.

He wasn’t sure if his brother was into men, but he didn’t really care about it anyway. Even if he didn’t, he would make things possible between them.

Hmm…to make it more accurate – he didn’t care whether his brother was into men, but he had to be fond of him only.

Recalling the disgusting scenes that he’d witnessed when he was imprisoned in the magic lamp, he suddenly thought that if he removed the two extra people there and replace them with him and his brother, it would be a very harmonious image without any awkwardness.

Right, that’s it! Xu Zirong thought, “if my brother needs a lover, I can then take up this responsibility.”

Xu Zirong secretly made a decision in his heart. At this moment, the pain of his soul being roasted in his previous life seemed to be less intense. He couldn’t help but sigh. Although the four scumbags were not at all afraid to perform all kinds of restricted-level scenes in front of his soul, he didn’t watch them most of the time because he hated them. Now he really started regretting it, as he had to at least learn how to please his brother…

When he thought of this, Xu Zirong lowered his head and looked at his lower body silently – well, he was simply thinking too far right now. He had to at least increase his strength first, so that he could provide a solution fast when the others or his brother started having this kind of thought.

After Xu Zirong entered the kitchen, a figure flashed out from where he was just standing.

Big Foot Luo’s clothes were still so sloppy, yet his face still looked as cold as ice. He bent down and grabbed a small reddish withered yellow grass from the ground.

The essence on the grass seemed to be drained, and with the loss of the master’s spiritual power, the color of blood was also gradually fading.

Big Foot Luo frowned deeply. He tightened his fingers and the grass instantly turned to flying ashes.

He stared deeply at the small wooden house with dim yellow lights, and the expression on his face changed sophistically…

That night, Xu Ziyan directly sent Big Foot Luo a communication talisman, telling him that he had something to do that day and couldn’t join for dinner.

Xu Ziyan didn’t think much about it. He simply deducted the number of dishes by half. After eating and drinking, the two brothers entered their respective quiet rooms and began to cultivate.

In the world of cultivation, although the lifespan of cultivators increased, they required a large amount of time to increase their level as well.

Now, Xu Ziyan would take about three days to cultivate once, and if he wanted to retreat, he’d need at least half a month or more.

A few months passed by, and soon came the day when the Green Spiritual Secret Realm was opened.

After receiving the communication talisman sent by the sect, the Xu brothers walked out of their quiet rooms respectively.

During the month before the opening of the secret realm, there was a certain kind of reaction from the Green Spiritual Seal, and it’s the perfect moment to integrate it.

Xu Ziyan’s Green Spiritual Seal was a blue fruit, and after taking it, he noticed that it actually contained an astonishing thunder-type spiritual power.

This fruit melted in his mouth immediately, and the energy inside burst out, rushing instantly towards his Dantian with a powerful momentum.

However, no matter how strong this surge of power was, it wasn’t as powerful as the Green Night Divine Thunder which had already occupied his Dantian.

As soon as this spiritual power entered his Dantian, the ray of Green Night Divine Thunder immediately acted like a shark having smelled blood. The green light was wrapping the enormous surge of thunder-type energy and devoured it in an instant.

After being devoured by the Green Night Divine Thunder, the surge of spiritual power immediately became extremely submissive, as if the spiritual power that Xu Ziyan had cultivated by himself had simply integrated into his body.

Xu Ziyan stayed without any expressions. Ever since he had finished building base, he’d noticed how special his Dantian was. And after such a long time of trying, he had learned the situation pretty well.

The Dantian that was assimilated by Green Night Divine Thunder could hold spiritual power of any attributes. As long as this surge of spiritual power did not exceed the sum of the spiritual power in his Dantian, he could completely devour it and own it with the assistance of Green Night Divine Thunder.

It was a complete surprise for him, as it meant that whenever he took spiritual pills in the future, he could almost absorb all its spiritual power without leaving any.

Generally speaking, cultivators could only absorb 70% of the spiritual power when taking a spiritual pill. This was even only possible if the cultivator started to cultivate immediately after taking it. And one would already be super grateful if he could absorb half of it.

However, Xu Ziyan’s strange Dantian could completely absorb the effects of the pill without his control. His Green Night Divine Thunder spontaneously completed this mission for him.

With the help of Green Night Divine Thunder, the process of merging the Green Spiritual Seal was incredibly easy, and it only took Xu Ziyan about two hours.

Xu Zirong’s Green Spirit Seal was a vermilion grass, and it took him only a short time to complete the integration.

The two brothers hurried to the meeting place after receiving the communication talisman of the sect. The one who was responsible for leading them to the Green Spiritual Secret Realm was an uncle of golden core. Since the place of opening of the realm would be different every year, only those who had the Green Spiritual Seal integrated would be able to sense it.

No one could really tell whether the opening was hidden in a dangerous place. Except for those cultivators who successfully got the seal and got it integrated, other cultivators were usually led by some high-level ones to ensure their safety.

Those who were chosen to be sent to the Green Spiritual Secret Realm were naturally elites of each sect. If they ended up sacrificing in the secret realm, then it only meant that they had a bad life; but if they died on the road, those leaders would be thrilled.

“Well, there are a lot of acquaintances.” Looking from a distance, there were more than a dozen cultivators in green clothes standing in the square, and Xu Ziyan saw many familiar figures among them.

In addition to Wei Qing’s Green Spirit Seal obtained from the inner disciple’s assessment, Le Hu and Xia Houlian were also there.

He didn’t know most of them, yet there was someone whom he was somehow familiar with.

“Senior brother Qilian, hello.” Xu Ziyan greeted with a smile when he saw Qilian Hongyun.

“Why are you here?!” Qilian Hongyun was taken aback, but after thinking about it, he found it normal that Xu Ziyan was able to obtain a green spiritual seal with his strength.

“Doesn’t senior brother want to see me?” Xu Ziyan asked in surprise. He really wasn’t sure how and when he’d offended this senior brother. How come did he look so pissed off?

“It’s not that…” Qilian Hongyun forcefully smiled. What was he supposed to say? That the Xu brothers would only bring him bad luck? He got punished for a year in the practice hall because of the elder one, and he got hung in front of other brothers after being defeated by the younger one.

Qilian Hongyun understood very well that those two people would only bring him bad luck. Only bad stuff would happen if they saw each other.

Xu Ziyan had quite a good impression of brother Qilian. He thought that Qilian was out for a mission as they hadn’t met for a year, and he only learned that Qilian was cultivating inside the practice hall throughout the whole year.

Xu Ziyan applauded for this senior brother in his mind. He already wanted to commit suicide after staying in a place like that for half a year, and that’s only because he was there to steal the Green Night Divine Thunder. It turned out that Qilian was there for a year and he found it really impressive.

“Qilian, what are you doing here?” A beautiful girl walked over slowly. When she saw the Xu brothers, her eyes flashed with anger.

“Ah, Xue Yan, were you looking for me? You came here just in time, let’s go over there.” Qilian hurriedly left with Xue Yan, while the Xu brothers watched him leave handsomely.

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