I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?

Chapter 80 Part 1


This person (Duan Muning) preferred tall and strong guys. According to him, these kind of men were long-lasting on bed.


In his last life, he knew this person. Later, it was said that he had kidnapped a right-path cultivator, and was soon assassinated by the sect in which that cultivator belonged to. In the end, no one knew where he’d gone to. When his bloody demon palace was intruded, he still hadn’t heard from this person.


It was also mentioned that someone had seen Duan Muning and that right-path cultivator hiding on a little island in outer sea, but this had nothing to do with Xu Zirong.


Originally, he was purely cautious to this person, but after seeing his attitude to his brother…


Xu Zirong felt a strong sense of murder, his pupils turned into dark red. If he had a chance, he’d kill this person who looked at his brother secretly.


“Zirong! You have to be careful when you see this person again. If you see him doing anything shady, just kill him directly.” Xu Ziyan said so, with his facial expression as dark as clouds.

Damn it! Pervert! Pedophile! God knows how many people he’d hurt already! If he saw this person ever again, he’d definitely kill him for righteousness! Xu Ziyan thought so resentfully.

Xu Zirong nodded gently, but he was amused by his brother’s slow reactions. It turned out that his brother thought that person was interested in Zirong himself, but it’s okay, at least he knew that Xu Ziyan had nothing against same-sex relationships.

The two boarded on the transportation array, and after a beam of white light flashed, they came in front of a huge vortex. This is the place where they enter the Green Spiritual Secret Realm. Once they passed through this passage, they would appear again in the Xuanyu Realm where they left.

Several cultivators gathered near the passage. This trip to the Green Spiritual Secret Realm was a reunion of the elite disciples of the major sects. Among them, it is likely that there would be leaders of different sects in the future.

These cultivators were also willing to make friends with each other, the atmosphere in the Green Spiritual Secret Realm was therefore quite peaceful overall.

Xu Ziyan hadn’t noticed that among the people who gathered, there was a handsome man in white clothes who looked at him secretly from time to time.

That person was exactly Bai Hua, who was rescued by Xu Ziyan once. Now, he was standing with a disciple of Tian Yu sect, who had an enthusiastic attitude. If anyone came closer, he would even hear that person inviting Bai Hua to Tian Yu sect as a guest.

Although Bai Hua had a smile on his face, he was already feeling a bit annoyed. Although the person in front of him was from Tian Yu sect, his status wasn’t that high. It’s all because of luck that he could enter the Green Spiritual Secret Realm.

Bai Hua had no intention to hook up with such a “product”. Since this person was over 30 years old and he’d just started building base, Bai Hua was certain that he couldn’t have any great development in the future.

Bai Hua was very ambitious. After he discovered the secret of the dragon-shaped jade, he felt that he was the lucky one favored by God. Even a piece of jade that he’d bought inadvertently could bring him such enormous power.

Although he had no true blood of the dragon, and the jade wasn’t completely activated, whatever that’d been exposed already made him thrilled enough.

After the verification of the jade, he realized that he had even possessed a rare Taoist body of an elite core. This body was born as a fine tool of double cultivation. Through continuous double cultivation with a human being,  that person’s cultivation speed would be as high as that of someone with divine spiritual roots.

Moreover, this Taoist body would not absorb the other person’s cultivation practices like those evil methods, but it would allow both parties to make progress together. That is to say, he did not have to worry about being killed as a demon cultivator.

As for double cultivation, it was more like a means for him. As long as he was strong enough, he didn’t care who he’d sleep with.

Besides, double cultivation is usually beneficial for both parties. It’s entirely understandable if he wanted to choose a handsome man with impressive power, and one that could protect him.

Such as…Xu Ziyan of the Liu Guang sect.

Bai Hua’s eyes flashed, and his half-down eyelashes had covered his ambitions. Only a tall and handsome talent would make his heart beat faster. If Xu Ziyan agreed to be with him, it would be beneficial to both of them, right?

Bai Hua glanced at Xu Ziyan quietly again, and immediately looked away. That Xu Zirong was just too annoying, he’d never seen such an annoying one before.

Unfortunatly, Xu Ziyan loved his brother a lot. If he approached now, it’d certainly not look good.

But it wouldn’t matter. His brother was only 12 years old and it’s normal for Xu Ziyan to take care of him. However, he couldn’t take care of him forever. Sooner or later, the two of them would be separated, and at that time…

Bai Hua raised his hand to touch the jade in front of his neck and revealed a smile as if he was saying that he’d already win. Not only would his Taoist body of elite core help him to cultivate, but it would make his admirer more infatuated with him. Once he slept with Xu Ziyan, there’s basically nothing that Xu Zirong could do, as Xu Ziyan would turn against him at that time.


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