84 Part 2


At the same time, the ‘fortunate’ Miss Jiang was looking at the handsome young man blocking her way with a surprised look, “Fang Tianrui, what are you doing to stop me?”

“Nothing.” The young man named Fang Tianrui asked, “I just want to know, why are you doing this?”

“What am I doing?” Jiang Ying asked with doubt.


“Why are you getting married to Fany Tianyun?” Fang Tianrui asked.

“What does it matter to you if I marry Fang Tianyun?” Jiang Ying was confused. What’s this all about? Why would the cousin brother of her husband ask this question?

Fang Tianrui gritted his teeth and looked at her, “and why does it not have anything to do with me? We obviously…” Then, he swallowed the next words abruptly, since there’s absolutely no way for him to mention the private encounter of him and Jiang Ying. He just didn’t understand – since he and Jiang Ying obviously loved each other and they had seen each other so many times. Jiang Ying also promised to get married to him. Initially, he was going to propose marriage to the Jiang family, but the marriage letter of the Jiang family was there even before he got to meet her parents. It turned out it’s the son of his second uncle, Fang Tianyun, who’s going to get married to Jiang Ying.

Among the children of the Fang family’s generation, he and Fang Tianyun were the only ones with the best qualifications. They usually had a good relationship, but since he knew that Fang Tianyun was going to get married to Jiang Ying, Fang Tianrui absolutely couldn’t face him anymore.

“Why!?” Fang Tianrui just wanted to know why. He knew that Jiang Ying and Fang Tianyun were about to get married, and he couldn’t change the decision. So, he wasn’t going to waste any effort trying to change anything. He just wanted to ask Jiang Ying, the one who’d spent so much time with him before, the one who once vowed that she’d get married to him – why the hell would she marry to Fang Tianyun?

“What why? What are you talking about?” Jiang Ying was completely confused. She had never had anything to do with Fang Tianrui. She felt upset being questioned like this.

“You don’t admit it… You don’t even admit it…” Fang Tianrui felt like a joke. Looking at Jiang Ying’s beautiful face, he just found it abhorrent.

This woman that he loved was going to marry his younger brother. Perhaps it’s for this reason that she was eager to cut ties with him.

Fang Tianrui felt so desperate. He was deeply in love with Jiang Ying, but Jiang Ying was about to marry his younger brother. From now on, he would have to face his lover and his brother together every day. This was just too cruel for him.

“Forget it…you don’t admit it…and that’s fine.” Fang Tianrui murmured to himself, and then left in a daze. He knew that Jiang Ying was right to deal with it this way. In the future, they would live in the same family. If the relationship between the two was revealed, it would definitely be the biggest scandal in Wuti City.

When Fang Tianrui left, he looked very confused.

Although Jiang Ying felt that it was annoying to be stopped and questioned inexplicably, it still made her worry. All in all, that guy was the cousin brother of Tianyun, and he looked extremely confused when he left.


After thinking about this, Jiang Ying decided to let his guards follow. Then, she went to the house of the Fang family to report about this.

When Fang Tianyun followed Jiang Ying’s guards to find Fang Tianrui, he couldn’t believe that the drunk guy who’s still asking for more alcohol turned out to be his cousin brother.

“Cousin, you-why are you drunk like this?” Fang Tianyun snatched the flask from Fang Tianrui’s hand quickly and turned his head to the waiter, “how much did he drink?”

Of course, the waiter this young master of the Fang family, he immediately waved his hand, “not much, Mr. Fang had just drunken two flasks…ugh, actually, it’s one flask and a half, since the other half is with you.”

Fang Tianyun didn’t know what reaction to give. He never realized that his cousin brother had such poor ability to hold alcohol. He got drunk by just drinking so little.

“Cousin brother…”

“I’m not drunk…” Fang Tianrui was trying to snatch the flask, but a drunk man couldn’t do this.

Fang Tianyun frowned speechlessly, Fang Tianrui was actually just drinking the most ordinary wine. It might be an excellent type in the eyes of ordinary people, yet for cultivators, as long as the wines weren’t made from spiritual fruit, they wouldn’t get drunk at all. All they needed to do is to force the feeling of being drunk by using their spiritual force.

Judging from Fang Tianrui’s behavior, it was obvious that he was deliberately getting himself drunk. Fang Tianyun had no idea what’d happened to his cousin brother. What made him so upset?

Jiang Ying didn’t tell Fang Tianyun the fact that Fang Tianrui had once questioned her. She didn’t want to cause any friction between the two brothers.

She analyzed once more about the questions that Fang Tianrui asked her. It implied that she’d had an affair, but she had never done that at all.

She and Fang Tianrui did know each other, but there was absolutely no private meeting. This was a profoundly serious matter for a woman. Even if she was a cultivator, she would not ignore her reputation and have private meetings with other men.

Thus, there was a contradiction. She could guarantee that there’s nothing between her and Fang Tianrui, but Fang Tianrui didn’t think the same. Fortunately, he was still a gentleman and he didn’t discuss this matter in public, no matter how much he insisted. Even though he was questioning her, he found a relatively quiet spot and he also opened the soundproof barrier, proving that he really cared about the reputation of Jiang Ying.

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