Chapter 145

“I’ll remember what happened today, Rong Qingyun, you must live well, and when I…”


Before the elder Yumo finished speaking, Snowball, which had been staring at elder Yumo just now, suddenly jumped up.

There’s a big mouth showing sharp teeth, and the nascent soul of the elder Yumo didn’t even have the energy to dodge, it was swallowed entirely by Snowball.

Ba ji Ba ji…

Snowball chewed twice and showed a somewhat disgusting look – the aura of this nascent soul was so impure, it’s obviously formed by refining…it’s not yummy at all! Aw!

All the people there showed a stunned look, except for Pink Hair who’s still eating carrots happily, and all the others were just dumbfounded, including that white-tailed fox…

The white fox that Rong Qingyun had transformed into squeaked in horror, desperately moving its body to escape.

Pink Hair glanced at Snowball and sneered, “puff!” (Eat him if you can! Don’t you like grilled foxes the most?)

“Meh?” Snowball’s eyes widened, then it suddenly turned its head, looking at Xu Ziyan with some expectations.

The spiritual power in Xu Ziyan’s hand had stopped flowing, and the talisman wasn’t stimulated anymore. He stared at Snowball blankly, and he looked as if he’s cursing, “damn it! Could this be real?”

“Meh!” Snowball bounced to the side of Xu Ziyan’s leg, rubbing him flatteringly.

Pink Hair didn’t want to look directly at his brother anymore, he’s so shameless that he even gave up on his self-respect for food…

“Uh…” Xu Ziyan dully watched Snowball pretending to be cute after having swallowed a nascent soul, and he couldn’t speak for a while.

“Meh!” Snowball rubbed twice, turned its head quickly, and stared fiercely at the fox which was going to flee.

The white fox shook swiftly, holding its cut off front paws stiffly and was unable to move.

“Meh!” Snowball let out a soft cry with great momentum.

The white-haired fox threw down its paw and fled quickly.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong looked at each other, things have become a little weird and they couldn’t react properly.

“Meh!” Snowball happily pounded its four short legs, and drew back the front paws that the fox had thrown away.

Xu Ziyan held the paw of the fox, wondering what he should do with it.

“Puff!” (Look at your stupid master!) Pink Hair looked at Xu Ziyan’s stupid look.

“Meh!” Snowball rolled its eyes to him, then it collected some wood and put it out like a bonfire.

After a while–

Xu Ziyan was expressionless, he was turning over the half-cooked fox legs that had been roasted, as the white fox was so big after being transformed, only one of the legs weighed more than 20 kilos.

Snowball squatted by the bonfire, watching the fox’s legs exuding a strong smell, and it slightly opened its mouth, not only showing sharp teeth, but also some transparent saliva…

“Puff puff!” (Great!) Pink Hair hid aside contemptuously, it’s really a shame to be brothers with this kind of spiritual pet.

Xu Zirong took care of Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui not far away. The two of them did not have as many treasures as the Xu brothers. They were strongly hit by the elder Yumo and had quite severe injuries, and they were still in a coma.

“Alright…” Xu Ziyan put the roasted fox leg on a plate and handed it to Snowball.

Snowball suddenly jumped up, raised its front hoof and put it on the fox’s leg. With a clattering sound, a sharp nail popped out between the hoofs, and with a light stroke, the fox’s leg was divided into three parts. .

One of them occupied more than four-fifths, and the remaining two were about the same size, only about one-tenth.

The corner of Xu Ziyan’s eye twitched, and he didn’t know what to say about the physique of Snowball, also…

He glanced at the fox meat that Snowball had wanted to share, and he really couldn’t eat it.

He pushed the meat back, “I appreciate your kindness, but you can enjoy this meat by yourself…”

“Meh?” Snowball didn’t understand why Xu Ziyan didn’t eat it. This was some delicious fox meat and it was a fox of golden core. Just a leg contained extremely rich spiritual energy. It might even break through after eating it.

Seeing Xu Ziyan’s very firm attitude, Snowball naturally wouldn’t force him, so it opened its mouth wide, and it swallowed all the fox meat and weren’t complying to any laws in physics.

Snowball yawned contentedly after eating. Although the fox leg couldn’t be compared with a phoenix’s wings, it was already very good compared to the dried monster meat in the Fire Demon Realm.

“We are not going back to the Day Devouring City.” Xu Ziyan groaned for a while and made up his mind.

The elder Yumo died. As the elder of the Hehuan Sect, he must have left some important traces in the sect. As an elder of nascent soul deceased, it would definitely become a big incident in the sect. Although they might not be discovered, it’d still be better to leave first.

Speaking of which, Xu Ziyan also felt strange. When they got the Resentful fruit, they had clearly cleaned up all the traces. How did the elder Yumo find them?

He naturally didn’t know that the elder Yumo wouldn’t abandon any subtle traces. Before intercepting them, he had already killed several groups of cultivators who had passed through the Ghost Mountain Ranges, and Xu Ziyan just happened to be in one of the targeted groups…

After driving the cloud shuttle, Xu Ziyan chose a very complicated route, avoiding most of the sects of demon cultivation as much as possible. Perhaps they got lucky again, on the way, they hadn’t even encountered a demon cultivator of golden core.

The calm days allowed Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui to heal very well. Also, there were still some good medicines that they had bought at the Qilian’s auction house, so they did not have any hidden injuries.

After a long journey for more than a month, they finally arrived at the city at the junction of the righteous cultivation and demon cultivation – Yin Yue City.

“We’re finally safe…” Xu Ziyan only felt exhausted and weak after lying on the big bed of the inn of Yin Yue City. After driving with the cloud shuttle for a whole month, even Xu Zirong could take turns with him and there were high-level spiritual stones to replenish his energy, he still felt so exhausted.

He knew the serious consequences of the death of the elder Yumo, so they dared not stay along the way. He dared not take any risks even though the Hehuan sect might not get any results after investigation.

After they arrived at Yin Yue City, they were finally safe. Unless the demon cultivators wanted to start a fight with the righteous cultivators, no one would take action there.

Somebody told them that there’s a cultivator of deity in the city, and anyone who dared to fight would be perceived as a threat to this cultivator. Everyone of this person’s sect would have to bear his revenge.

Therefore, both righteous and demon cultivators strictly stipulated their disciples to not cause any troubles in Yin Yue City, otherwise they would get expelled from the sect.

After yawning, Xu Ziyan kicked Zirong out of bed, and he expressed his determination to sleep with unusually sharp eyes.

Xu Zirong quietly put away the ears and tail that he had just shown, since his brother was too determined and there’s no use in acting cute…

After having slept enough, Xu Ziyan opened his eyes and felt that he’s alive again.

After “untying” Zirong off himself, Xu Ziyan was about to roll out of the bed. Then, his waist was wrapped around by a pair of pale and slender arms.

“Good morning, brother…” It was Xu Zirong, who’s half asleep.

“Ahem, it’s not early anymore, it’s already afternoon. But it’s okay, you can still sleep for a while.” Xu Ziyan patted his arm and was about to get up.

“Don’t.” Xu Zirong hugged Xu Ziyan tightly without letting go, and pushed his elder brother with his private part.

Xu Ziyan was speechless – why did this kid have unlimited energy? Wasn’t he afraid of dying from doing too much?!

“Brother…” Xu Zirong moaned sweetly, and began to stroke his brother’s chest.

Xu Ziyan hummed twice, he half-pushed and agreed.

He was just an ordinary man. It was actually quite inhumane to ask him to abstain from intimacy for so long…

——I am a peaceful dividing line—

When Xu Ziyan woke up again, it was already morning the next day.

He felt refreshed after being taken care of, except for some part that felt sore, he was in a good state.

After touching his sore and weak waist, Xu Ziyan supported himself to sit up.

Perhaps cultivators have a strong ability to adapt, or Xu Zirong was simply too good in bed, Ziyan still felt a bit uncomfortable for his first time, yet after that, he had felt so satisfied that he’d pass out…

Xu Ziyan silently raised his middle finger towards the sky – is God just forcing him to be homo?!

“Brother, are you awake?” Xu Zirong opened the door and came in. Seeing his brother who was sitting in a daze, he suddenly smiled.

His eyes swept across the hickeys on his strong chest, and he smiled even more happily.

He liked to leave countless marks on his brother’s body, as it felt like creating a symbol. It also meant that his brother would always belong to him only!

“Zirong!” Xu Ziyan called out suddenly.

“Huh?” Zirong looked up at him.

“It’s nothing.” Xu Ziyan didn’t say anything, he got up and went to get the clothes next to the bed.

Xu Zirong’s eyes got dimmer when he saw his brother’s body, he walked over silently and touched his brother’s tight tummy.


Xu Ziyan slapped away his hand straightaway.

“Brother is rejecting me.” Xu Zirong bit his lower lip, looking in grief.

“Well, I want to change clothes, please go out.” Xu Ziyan remained still.

“No!” Xu Zirong resolutely defended his rights.

Xu Ziyan looked at him blankly, and finally Xu Zirong gave in. He took a few steps back, raised his hand and indicated that he’s only looking.

After ten breaths…

Xu Ziyan stared at Xu Zirong fiercely.

Xu Zirong raised his hands aggrievedly and took a half step back, indicating that he was not touching him sneakily at all.

Xu Ziyan was speechless for a while, Xu Zirong did not do anything, but his fiery gaze was too obvious. Being stared at like that was just like being licked by somebody all over; he felt hot all over his body, and even his lower part had a bit of reaction.

Xu Zirong refused to go out, and Xu Ziyan could only bear with that embarrassing gaze of Xu Zirong and put his clothes back on.

Phew… After a long breath, he finally finished wearing it.

If someone told Xu Ziyan before that he would be under a lot of pressure even when he was wearing clothes, he would definitely burst into laughter, but now——_(:3∠)_

“Let’s go, call Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui, and we’ll go out. This Yin Yue City is a neutral city, maybe there will be some unexpected gains.”

“Okay.” Xu Zirong smiled. He was in a good mood after a full meal last night and his good mood would last for quite a while.

The group of four walked on the street of Yin Yue City, and Xu Ziyan checked out the shops on the sides of the street with great interest.

The styles of Yin Yue City and Day Devouring City were completely different. The Day Devouring City was a large-scale distribution center of products. In the entire city, there were shops in almost every street.

And Yin Yue City had a very strong atmosphere of cultivation. It might be under the influence of the cultivator of deity, in addition to shops selling magic weapons, talisman and other necessities, training ground and fighting platforms were also commonly found there.

There were actually 3 fighting platforms built in one city, which was absolutely invisible in other cities.

The so-called fighting platforms was obviously a place where cultivators competed. There were two types of fighting platforms, one was called the fighting platform of art and the other was called the fighting platform of martial arts. The former was for competing skills and the latter was for life-and-death fights.

After all, when there’re people, there’d be fights. Private fights were not allowed in Yin Yue City, and fighting platforms became the best way to resolve disputes.

Xu Ziyan and the others walked along the road, and they came to a circular place, like an ancient arena.

Many cultivators around were discussing something in high spirits, Xu Ziyan couldn’t control himself from showing a weird smile after listening to them for a while.

Who said that all cultivators are pure-hearted? That is absolutely nonsense!

If they are so pure and righteous, there would be no disputes, there would be no robbery of any natural treasures, and no gambling outside of fighting platforms either.

Well, this is a legal gambling business in the cultivation realm!

“Is my brother interested?” Xu Zirong noticed that Xu Ziyan’s expression had become different and he asked out of curiosity.

“Huh? Do you mean the fighting platform?”

“Yeah. If my brother is interested, and since we have nothing else to do, so we might as well watch it.”

“Uh…” Xu Ziyan didn’t actually have any interest in this kind of thing, but when he noticed the eagerness of Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui, he changed his attitude, “then let’s take a look, just join in the fun.”

“Okay, do you want to bet?”

“Well, we don’t know how to bet, right?” Xu Ziyan shrugged.

Most of the cultivators on this fighting platform stayed there all year round. If they were powerful enough, then it’s also a great place to earn spiritual stones. There would be no danger of life on the platforms of art if there’s no accident. Moreover, if there was a huge difference in the levels of the cultivators, they wouldn’t be arranged to fight against each other.

Xu Zirong smiled slightly and took his brother towards the small alley outside the platform. He remembered that when he went there in his previous life, there would be a cultivator in this small alley analyzing the results of each fight.

At that time, his level of cultivation was low, and he was just passing by, so he didn’t pay attention to it. When he recalled about it, he remembered how precise the cultivator’s analysis was, and everyone would gamble according to his analysis. If they won, he would get some share too.

That person managed to earn a lot of spiritual stones in a short period of time, but then he seemed to have offended the real boss of the platform because of this, and he was never seen again.

Xu Zirong was wondering if he could see that person again that day.

“Although Huang Qi has reached the middle stage of building base, he has relatively weak defensive power given that he has water attributes. His opponent is a cultivator of sword, who’s great at attacking. If they fight, it’s hard to guess who will win.” There was a strong and firm voice coming from the alley.

The pace at Xu Ziyan’s feet slowed down, this voice…why did it sound so familiar?

“Okay, you say the same bullshit every time. Straight to the point, please. Analyze it more carefully as we still have to bet.” It’s a hoarse male voice, complaining.

“He he…it’s okay for me to analyze, but the old rules still apply. If you win, aside from giving me 50% of your spiritual stones, you still need to…”

“We will also need to help you publicize. It’s all because you have the best news and you have a guaranteed reputation. If we want to buy news, then we can find you, mouse. Okay, no more bullshit please, you’ve said this too many times.” The man with the hoarse voice seemed to be very familiar with the rules and he finished the sentence.

“Hey, it’s good that you know. This is the old rule. If you don’t follow the rules, don’t blame me for being cruel. I’ll tell your spouses where you’re all hiding your concubines, hehe.” The man called mouse laughed.

There was a burst of laughter from the surrounding people, and everyone thought that he’s kidding.

Only Xu Ziyan, who stood far away, raised his eyebrows. If these people didn’t take his words seriously, then they would have some consequences afterwards.

“Huh? What are you doing here?” Xu Ziyan stepped forward and turned around the alley. When everyone saw his tall figure, it immediately attracted a lot of attention.

One of the more mindful ones signaled to the others and arched his hands politely, “this cultivator, how can we help you?”

The people around him shut their mouths when they saw this. Among them, the man who was speaking had the highest level of cultivation. Since he was so polite to this man, how would the others act rudely then?

“It’s nothing, I just met an old friend by chance, that’s why I’m here.” Xu Ziyan smiled brightly. He didn’t expect to see “mouse” there, what a surprise.

Before, when he was forcibly pulled into the Hell Demon Realm by Patriarch Bu in Wuti City, he thought that he would never see Yu Hao again. After all, Bai Hua was in Wuti City at that time, and Yu Hao was about to return soon. Since he wasn’t there, the merit of having rescued Yu Hao’s mother naturally belonged to Bai Hua, and Yu Hao would definitely follow him forever afterwards.

In fact, he was still not sure whether Yu Hao had listened to Bai Hua and promised to build the Qianwen Pavilion for him. However, it was still a good thing that he’d met Yu Hao in advance, at least he could still work a bit to convince Yu Hao to join his camp.

“Cultivator Xu.” When Yu Hao faced Xu Ziyan, he looked very cold, and he just arched his hands briefly.

Xu Ziyan’s heart sank suddenly, but then he relaxed again. It’s because Yu Hao winked at him quietly when the others hadn’t noticed.

Xu Ziyan’s heart moved and put away the smile on his face, “cultivator Yu, it’s been a while.”

Yu Hao looked even colder, “thanks to you, I’m still alive.”

Before Xu Ziyan replied, Xu Zirong stepped forward and stood in front of his brother, staring at Yu Hao with sharp eyes, “last time I’d already let you go, how dare you show up in front of my brother again?”

Yu Hao almost knelt to Xu Zirong. Although he knew that Xu Zirong was just acting, the momentum of Qi condensation that Xu Zirong had released was so real. Also, Yu Hao’s just a cultivator of building base, he couldn’t resist such threat. He had cold sweat all over his forehead and looked at the Xu brothers in fear.

“Forget it, Zirong. After all, we have met once, so let’s forget it.” Xu Ziyan said lightly, then turned to leave, but before leaving, he called Yu Hao and told him the name of the inn where they were staying. .

Yu Hao nodded without leaving a trace, then sneered, “you guys are in Yin Yue City, you have to think twice before doing anything.”

Xu Zirong glared at him coldly, but he didn’t do anything further as he had to give face to his brother.

Yu Hao watched the two of them leave, then turned around and looked at the group of people around, arching his hands, “I’m sorry, there was just a little trouble.”

The people around them didn’t comment too much, but some people already began to keep a distance from him discreetly, as if they were worried to be dragged into troubles.


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