Chapter 136

Perhaps it was because of the subtle identity of the Qilian family, there were cities controlled by this family no matter if it’s a territory of a demon sect or a righteous sect. However, these cities were mostly for the storage of resources, and they hardly any strategic importance.

In this regard, the Qilian family paid great attention to avoiding suspicion.

In this context, the Day Devouring City, controlled by the Qilian family, suddenly became a neutral one in the territories of demon cultivators. In this city, one could see many shops opened by righteous cultivators, and Xu Ziyan naturally wanted to look for the one opened by the Liu Guang sect.

As one of the leaders of a righteous sect, the daily consumption of the Liu Guang Sect also required a lot of resources. On a territory controlled by the demon cultivators, there were many resources also needed by the righteous cultivators. Therefore, under the protection of the Qilian family, Liu Guang sect also established a shop for acquisition.

Xu Ziyan also learned about this under Xu Zirong’s reminder. After all, his original body had never been in a territory of demon cultivators, and he wasn’t aware that the Liu Guang sect had opened a shop in their territory.

Xu Ziyan was still a severely disabled person, and he had only consumed one-fifth of the spiritual power in his meridians.

The good news was that the Green Night Divine Thunder had already wakened up after devouring the Purple Night Divine Thunder, but the downside was that it had “eaten too much”, and it released some purple thunder from time to time.

It didn’t cause much damage to Xu Ziyan’s Dantian, but after the thunder moved in his body along his meridians, his sense of touch became extremely sensitive, and he’d have some embarrassing reactions after his private part got rubbed by his clothes…

“Brother, let’s take a rest and look for the shop tomorrow.” Xu Zirong’s face also showed a bit of fatigue. In order to escape the control of the corpse puppet sect as soon as possible, they used the cloud shuttle almost day and night. After controlling it for such a long time and using his divine consciousness for so long, Xu Zirong felt exhausted.

“Okay.” Xu Ziyan was also tired, but it wasn’t because he’d used too much of his divine consciousness, he’s actually mentally tired.

After his Green Night Divine Thunder woke up, he had been bothered by his sensitivity, he had to control all the time not to erect and it’s unbearable…

Naturally, Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui would not refuse Xu Zirong’s suggestion. For them, Liu Guang sect really had nothing to do with them. There was no difference between contacting them one day later and earlier.

The group quickly found a place to stay, which was an inn opened by the Qilian family.

The Qilian family was indeed a family for business. The level of the inn that they opened was just a little higher than that in the Five Ghost City.

Xu Zirong deliberately asked for a separate courtyard and sent Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui to the next door. Xu Ziyan didn’t understand why Xu Zirong wasted their spiritual stones to do so, but Xu Zirong only gave him a smile that meant a lot of things.

Xu Ziyan, “ _(:3∠)_Hell, why does it feel like I’m going to be eaten? It must be my illusion, right?!!!”

After settling his brother down, Xu Zirong left slowly under the insecure gaze of his brother.

Xu Ziyan suddenly felt a sense of relief. In the past two days, Zirong’s presence gave him a lot of pressure, it even made him want to escape.


——First, he’s already paralyzed, and every time he wanted to run away, his instinct warned him that it’d be a horrible thing to do, and what could happen would turn out to be a million times worse!

This feeling of having nowhere to escape really made him feel horrible. Fortunately, Zirong had temporarily left, and he had finally some breathing space…

While Xu Ziyan still felt fortunate that Zirong was acting calmly, he hadn’t realized that Zirong was just preparing for the big meal that night.

About an hour later, Xu Zirong came back. He didn’t mention why he’d left. Xu Ziyan was also meditating with his eyes closed and he dared not ask.

Xu Zirong didn’t feel anxious after seeing his brother meditating, he took out a red blanket from his Qiankun bag and started decorating the room.

Xu Ziyan seemed to be meditating, but how he could ignore entirely Xu Zirong’s action when he’s in that environment?

He only dared to open his eyes when Xu Zirong had finished decorating the room. And he became speechless when he saw that everything was red in the room.

Damn it!!! What’s all this redness about??? Why would I feel like I’m being forced to xxx???

“Brother, have you finished meditating?” Xu Zirong held his brother’s waist and whispered in his ears.

Xu Ziyan wanted to deny it, but facing Xu Zirong’s smiling but unusually firm eyes, he couldn’t speak at all.

“I’ll help my brother take a bath.” Xu Zirong didn’t mind his brother’s silence, and started to undress Xu Ziyan on his own.

Xu Ziyan was shocked, and instinctively wanted to resist. He hadn’t been able to take a bath for the past few days on the Cloud Shuttle, and he could still hide his erection with his clothes. However, if Xu Zirong saw him naked, how could he hide it anymore?

Zirong’s intentions were already plainly and explicitly expressed by the way he’d decorated the room, if he happened to have such a reaction at that moment, it would be a beautiful misunderstanding for Xu Zirong…

“Wait…wait a minute!” If Xu Ziyan was a rabbit, the hair all over his body would be standing up right now. He was panicking and wanted to reject Zirong, but how would Zirong accept this?

Unsurprisingly, each piece of clothing fell on the ground, and Xu Ziyan soon exposed his whole body in front of Xu Zirong.

Perhaps it’s now the end, and Xu Ziyan simply stopped struggling. He just let Xu Zirong hug him and put him in the bathtub.

Once again, he was impressed by the wealth of the Qilian family – it was a small courtyard in the inn, which was even equipped with such complete bathing facilities.

Xu Ziyan silently looked at the petals in the bathtub, and he wanted to drown himself in it…

“Brother, don’t’ you like these?” Xu Zirong noticed the embarrassed look on his brother’s face and asked thoughtfully.

I like it, I like it to death!

Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong blankly, then shook his head with difficulty.

Well, in fact, he already had a reaction down there after Xu Zirong helped him with the bath. Luckily, he still had those petals to cover himself a bit, otherwise…

“Brother…” Xu Zirong’s voice was a bit hoarse. He hugged Xu Ziyan from behind, kissing his earlobes.

Xu Ziyan reacted quickly, he could feel Xu Zirong’s warm body with his back and he’s fully alerted now!

“You…you…you…” Xu Ziyan stuttered. He felt that no matter whether it was before or after the transmigration, he had never been so nervous.

Xu Zirong, who held him firmly in his arms, was no longer the child who needed protection, he’s a fully grown man.

“I’m very happy.” Xu Zirong sounded a little excited, “I can finally have my brother.”

“Ahem, Zirong, your brother is actually always yours.” Xu Ziyan tried to persuade Zirong more gently, and he tried hard to ignore the thing pressing against his bottom.

“No…my brother is still not mine.” Xu Zirong smiled, biting Xu Ziyan’s shoulder, and said vaguely, “although I’ve left a blood contract on brother, it’s not enough. You will only be mine when we become one.”

Xu Ziyan became speechless. Damn it…I know what you’re going to do…wait, when did you leave me a blood contract?

Xu Zirong seemed to be able to see his brother’s expression, and laughed in a low voice: “brother, please don’t get angry. After today, when you’ll become mine, I guarantee you that I’ll be obedient…”

Xu Ziyan really didn’t know what kind of expression he should put on to face Xu Zirong. It’s good for you to be obedient, but can you not do so many things, such as decorating the room? Also, it’d be great if you stop using your thing to press against me!

“Brother, do you feel good too?” Although there were many petals in the bathtub, it was obviously not enough to cover the entire surface of the tub, especially Xu Zirong was still washing Xu Ziyan’s body, and it was quite easy to see that he’d got a reaction down there.

Xu Ziyan wanted to cry. He wanted to tell Xu Zirong that his reaction was a side effect of having swallowed the Purple Night Divine Thunder, and it had nothing to do with him. But he also understood that he shouldn’t offend a man’s self-esteem at that moment, or there would be very serious consequences.

Zirong’s fingers were very flexible, and Xu Ziyan had not fully experienced it until today. After a short moment of silence, he snorted and finally released himself in Zirong’s hands.

Xu Ziyan closed his eyes tightly, he refused to open them. It’s not something that he could solve anymore by pretending that nothing had happened…

Whether it was a word or an action, Zirong was very firm. Since Xu Ziyan knew how he was, he’d given up on communicating with him.

Xu Ziyan just let Zirong clean himself and do whatever he wanted on him. He had completely given up whatever Zirong was doing.

Xu Zirong’s movements were very gentle, and he was pretty good on foreplay. When he entered, Xu Ziyan didn’t feel much pain, he even had a moment of relief.

It’s like him thinking, “what I have been worrying for so long finally occurred. Although it’s not a good thing, at least I don’t need to keep worrying about it anymore.”

After everything was over, Xu Ziyan quietly looked at the ceiling, thinking about his state of mind at the moment.

Did he feel pissed off? That’s for sure. After being tortured by his younger brother in so many ways for one whole night, he’d obviously get angry.

But…should he get resentful with Zirong? Or treat him as his enemy? Didn’t seem necessary.

After all, Xu Ziyan had spoilt Xu Zirong from the beginning of the journey. After so many years, he had already formed a habit, and he even kept backing his bottom line…

Xu Ziyan gently rubbed his eyebrows, looked at the corners of his barely movable arm and his mouth twitched. Okay, this evening…cough, it’s not that there weren’t any advantages at all. At least he could refine one third of his spiritual energy through Zirong’s double cultivation of blood contract. It’s worth his effort of the past seven days.

With a silent sigh, Xu Ziyan was also a little speechless to himself. His relationship with Zirong had become like this, and it had something to do with him spoiling Zirong all along too. Otherwise, how would Zirong dare to do whatever he wanted?

If he had treated him like his original body from the beginning, well, maybe the grass on his grave would have grown now…

After experiencing the things that happened in the previous days, if he still couldn’t see that his baby brother had changed, then he’d just lived his life in vain.

After all, even things like transmigration happened, who could guarantee that Zirong wasn’t transmigrated also?

One has to know that in his era, transmigration and rebirth are two popular topics in novels…

“Brother…” A white and slender arm hugged Xu Ziyan’s broad chest from behind and it wrapped his lower abdomen tightly. Xu Ziyan couldn’t think breathe smoothly, “what are you thinking?”

Xu Zirong’s slightly hoarse voice had a unique charm. If they were in a more appropriate situation, Xu Ziyan might get fascinated a bit.

However, after a whole night being called by this voice, and along with different positions, Xu Ziyan wanted to slap him yet he couldn’t, and it’s all because he’s out of energy…

“Shut up! I don’t want to talk to you now.” Xu Ziyan gritted his teeth and said.

Xu Zirong was silent for a moment, and his arm that was holding her brother shrank sharply, but there was a deep laughter in his throat. He had anticipated many scenes of how they woke up that morning, but his brother’s reaction was much better than he expected…

He thought, “so, you just don’t want to talk to me NOW?”

Xu Zirong rubbed his cheek on Xu Ziyan’s broad back, and he thought, “brother, does it mean that…you’ve already accepted me?”

The room had become silent. Xu Ziyan moved a bit and he felt something warm flowing out from a certain part of his body…

Xu Ziyan’s face instantly turned greenish, and the way he looked at Xu Zirong was so sharp that it’s murderous…

Xu Zirong was stunned by his sudden anger, but soon, since they were so close together, he could feel it flowing out too…

Xu Zirong, “…”

Xu Ziyan, (kept staring at Xu Zirong)

“Brother, let me clean it up for you.” Xu Zirong showed an embarrassed look, and he lifted Xu Ziyan, who’s covered in green and purple traces, to the bathtub.

Xu Ziyan was expressionless and he could feel the liquid flowing out and dropping to the floor. He had completely lost his self-esteem as an older brother…

“Ahem… I’m sorry brother, I will pay attention next time.” Facing such a situation, Xu Zirong also felt the anger in his brother’s body, and quickly comforted him.

Next time?!!! You still think that there would be a “NEXT TIME”???

Xu Ziyan looked shocked.

Damn it! He had forgotten that Xu Zirong had already done it to him, so how could he continue to abstain from sex? Wouldn’t it be normal for a guy to want more?

Speaking of it, it would feel horrible if you can’t do anything next to your lover, right?

Wait! Why was Xu Ziyan even considering for Xu Zirong? Shouldn’t he be beating him up after recovery and make him normal again? Why should he be worried if Xu Zirong needed to get abstained from sex?

After being forcibly “suppressed” by his younger brother, he still needed to worry about him, Xu Ziyan felt hopeless about himself…

After he was cleaned, Xu Ziyan completely lost all the shameful feelings…

Xu Zirong had already done everything possible on him the night before, so what’s the use of being shameful? He might as well use the time to refine the spiritual energy in his body and beat up this kid after recovery.

Therefore, in order to “cooperate” with his older brother, Xu Zirong had given him full support in the next two days…

(Xu Ziyan, “damn it! Who needs your support now?”

Perhaps the blood contract set by Xu Zirong was really more advanced than Jiang Ying’s double blood contract. Through just two days of “cultivation”, not only Xu Ziyan successfully refined the spiritual power in his body, even Xu Zirong also took the opportunity to break through the period of Qi condensation.

After finally regaining his strength, Xu Ziyan eagerly dragged Xu Zirong to the test field of the Day Devouring City, reserved a secret room for cultivation and beat up Xu Zirong severely inside…

With no use of spiritual power, it was purely torture. Seeing that gorgeous face being beaten up like a pig, Xu Ziyan had a sense of inexplicable achievement.

“Fight back!” Xu Ziyan yelled as he looked at Xu Zirong who looked like a pig. He’s lying on the ground now and refused to get up.

“No!” Xu Zirong made up his mind to let his brother vent once, so naturally he would not fight back.

“Tell me! Do you dare to do that to me in the future!” Xu Ziyan was sure that it’s just nonsense, and Xu Zirong’s reply was just as expected, “of course! My brother is mine now!”

Xu Ziyan, “…”

Damn it, why would he have such a remorseless character? It’s not his fault, right?

“Even if my brother beats me to death, I don’t regret doing it to my brother! If I don’t do it, sooner or later my brother will be snatched away by people who pop up from nowhere!” Xu Zirong wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth coldly and said.

Xu Ziyan was speechless for a while. In fact, if Xu Zirong hadn’t already perceived Xu Ziyan as his lover and even done that kind of thing, he would really look for a lovely and gentle female cultivator for Xu Zirong and let them become a couple of double cultivation.

“I know that I don’t have much. Since my brother now belongs to me, I will never let my brother taken away by the others!” Xu Zirong said with determination, and Xu Ziyan was shocked by the decisiveness in his tone.

He slowly got up from the ground and reached out to hold Xu Ziyan’s hands, “and I’ll never fight back, unless my brother beats me to death.”

Xu Ziyan held his forehead helplessly. He had always thought that he’d brought up a lovely and obedient younger brother, now it all seemed fake.

Xu Zirong! Well done! You might as well get an Oscar award!

Actor Xu Zirong didn’t know that his older brother was thinking about all his acting the past few years, he only knew that his brother hadn’t let go of his hand.

He took the initiative to throw himself into his brother’s arms and hugged his waist. Xu Ziyan tried to push back twice yet didn’t succeed, so he just let Xu Zirong be.

“Brother…I will be very obedient and well behaved in the future, please don’t refuse me.” Xu Zirong lowered his head and begged his brother.

Xu Ziyan’s heart softened, and he couldn’t help but recall the experience of Xu Zirong in his past life…

He really didn’t have much.

“Brother, don’t refuse me, don’t leave me…” Xu Zirong buried his face deeply in his brother’s arms, and even choked up in his voice.

Xu Ziyan hesitated for a long time, and finally breathed a long sigh – although it shouldn’t have happened, it did. Xu Zirong had already done what he shouldn’t have. Even if Xu Ziyan didn’t agree, Xu Zirong would never let his brother get married and have kids.

The fierceness hidden in Zirong’s character had never disappeared, it’s only that he’d hidden it for Xu Ziyan. Therefore, if he rejected Xu Zirong, wouldn’t he walk on his old path again?

After recalling the soul that had been burnt in the true fire of Nine Suns for hundreds of years, Xu Ziyan felt sore and unbearable, he couldn’t accept it just by thinking about it.

After rejecting Xu Zirong in vain, Xu Ziyan’s arms kept hanging down. He slowly moved them on Xu Zirong’s head and gently stroked his smooth hair. Xu Ziyan sighed again.

In any case, he wouldn’t see Zirong, the one that he’d brought up, to repeat his previous fate.

Zirong, who felt his brother’s comfort, shook and raised his head, looking overjoyed. He saw the complicated facial expression of Xu Ziyan.

Brother…” Xu Zirong couldn’t use words to describe the surprise in his heart at this moment. He raised his head, slowly closed his eyes, and slowly tightened the arms around his brother’s waist, even giving Xu Ziyan a feeling of suffocation.

After being embarrassed for about three seconds, Xu Ziyan coughed twice and put away the unnecessary shame. They had done even more embarrassing things already, so what harm could a kiss do to him?

Besides, Xu Ziyan wasn’t the kind of person who liked struggling. He knew that he wouldn’t want to see Zirong suffer. Also, his feelings towards Zirong had already reached a certain degree.

Perhaps these weren’t a romantic kind of feelings as Xu Zirong expected, but it wouldn’t take long to transform them from filial to romantic…


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