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Chapter 58 (Part 1)


Xu Zirong’s expression became hard, gaze shooting at Big Foot Luo with the intensity of arrows.


Without realizing that he’d kicked down the door, Big Foot Luo walked to the bed, pushing Xu Zirong aside and patting Xu Ziyan on the shoulder. “Stupid disciple, how did the first bolt of thunder feel?”


Xu Ziyan’s expression became awkward, and Xu Zirong did a facefault as well.


Their master was really intent on bringing up the worst subjects. Both of them were already troubled over the whole thing, and yet he still decided to mention it.


“What’s wrong? Did you not even last past the first bolt?” Big Foot Luo asked in shock.


Seeing the expression on his master’s face, Xu Ziyan suddenly felt like he was in the wrong. Perhaps the Thunder Robbery wasn’t so hard after all, and he was to blame for not finding the right trick to get past it?


“My brother was unconscious in the quiet room for three days.” Xu Zirong said coolly. His gaze was ice cold, as if he was waiting for an explanation.


“Three days? Not bad for the first time.” Big Foot Luo rubbed at the hairs growing on his chin, shaking his head.


Xu Zirong was already mad. Being knocked unconscious for three days was good? If he were out for so long on the first alone, he’d be toast if they continued.


Even though he engaged in demonic cultivation in his last life, not many people actually died by his hand. Other than destroying the Xu family, he only killed those who lusted for his beauty with ill intentions. Even so, when he was concentrating his essence, the Thunder Robbery nearly managed to kill him on the spot. If he hadn’t been thoroughly prepared and chosen a particularly isolated spot to cross over, he would’ve either been reduced to dust by the thunder or injured enough to die at the hands of the supposedly upstanding cultivators.


How could any normal person withstand Thunder Robberies? Although the ones here were only imitations, they were still a force to be reckoned with. Was Big Foot Luo intent on sending his brother to his death?


Xu Zirong’s gaze was already bloodthirsty. Big Foot Luo believed that if this kid had hope to defeat him, he would have charged over and decimated him in an instant.


However…ah, why did it feel so good to pick on his disciple like this? Compared to his goody two shoes disciples, picking on this annoying one was oh so gratifying.


Seeing the expression on the kid’s face, clearly incredibly angry but controlling himself because he knew he would lose, Big Foot Luo felt positively refreshed, almost as if the latter blockages in the Nascent Soul were finally beginning to budge.


Pretending like he hadn’t seen Xu Zirong’s murderous gaze, Big Foot Luo graced Xu Ziyan with a look of praise. “Good work, plenty of potential here. Thinking back then, when one of my elders was practicing the same thing he also gave it a shot. But he had a lot worse luck than you did, and ended up out cold for the better part of half a year.”


Xu Ziyan regarded Big Foot Luo with a blank face. Was his master really praising him? Why did he want to beat him up after listening to him?


As if realizing that he’d misspoken, Big Foot Luo turned the topic around. “Ahahaha…I’m not an irresponsible master or anything. That elder of mine was rather proud, and tried interacting with the Thunder Robbery with only five levels in cultivation. I thought that since you’d already reached the level of Qi Condensation, so you wouldn’t fare so poorly.”


Xu Ziyan found himself speechless. A cultivator with only five levels challenging the Thunder Robbery trick prepared for condensed pulse cultivator? Was his master’s elder disciple brother sane?


Big Foot Luo chose to ignore Xu Ziyan’s doubt. He inquired carefully after the process of him being shot down by thunder and did some calculations.


As a matter of fact, he wasn’t an irresponsible master. Hiding Thunder was a very offbeat shoot of the Liuguang Sect: incredibly powerful and only possible with a very hardy physicality. If Xu Ziyan hadn’t happened to be of the Thunder spiritual type and physically strong, Big Foot Luo wouldn’t have recommended that he practice it at all.



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