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Chapter 58 (Part 2)


Plus, that kind of technique could become Xu Ziyan’s signature killer move. Because his Thunder Arrow already consisted of focusing his energies into the shape of arrows, if he could manage to increase his cultivation level for Thunder Hiding, then he’d be able to turn the godly thunder within his body into arrows too.


Normal energies were absolutely not the same as godly thunder. If someone was accustomed to the strength of regular thunder, they’d definitely be unable to handle godly thunder. Big Foot Luo would even go so far as to say that arrows like that were enough to wound even cultivators a level above himself.


Combining what Xu Ziyan had experienced and felt and his own calculations, Big Foot Luo quickly came up with a method to counter the Thunder Robbery.


If he could utilize this method well enough, he’d be able to counter Thunder Robbery even while cultivating. But this method could only be used by someone with Xu Ziyan’s thunder base energies.


In other words, he’d designed this method specifically for Xu Ziyan. It wouldn’t be suitable for anyone else.


Although he was incredibly dissatisfied with Big Foot Luo, Xu Zirong didn’t interrupt their discussion.


He was still fuming in the beginning, but couldn’t help but get caught up listening to them eventually.


In his previous life he’d acquired the cultivation level of Nascent Soul, but was far below Luoyun Daojun in terms of experience and knowledge. When Big Foot Luo was explaining everything, Xu Zirong couldn’t help but feel that he was benefiting from this as well.


The more he listened, the more he was shocked. Big Foot Luo’s method of explaining was at once complex and understandable. It was clear enough for him to feel like he was learning a lot too.


Who the hell was this guy…


A shade of doubt appeared in his mind, his suspicion toward Big Foot Luo growing even deeper.



Since Big Foot Luo designed his “Thunder Avoidance” technique for Xu Ziyan, he began his unfortunate process of training.


Entering the Thunder Robbery, being caught in the thunder, passing out, waking up, healing, and then going back and repeating it all over again.


Time after time, he discovered with satisfaction that he was passing out for shorter and shorter periods each time the thunder shocked him.


After seventeen days, he managed to suffer through the first Thunder Robbery while conscious. Intense celebration followed, then he began to repeat the process again.


Xu Zirong was concerned for his brother’s pain every single day, but he understood all too well that it wouldn’t do to be powerless in the world of cultivators.


So he could only silently prepare everything for his brother. Everything Big Foot Luo asked of them he took on for himself. After all, for him cultivating was only an accumulation of energy. He had enough memories from his previous life that he had no barriers in cultivation at all. As long as he managed to train to that level, he’d be able to break through easily.


For a whole six months, Xu Ziyan encountered danger after danger, and he finally succeeded in stealing a strand of green thunder.


Staring down at the little strand of green thunder swimming back and forth in his palm like a little dragon, Xu Ziyan felt like he was about to burst into tears.


Who could understand the feeling of being struck by thunder every! Single! Day!


Now he had the impulse to walk into thunder and lightning when there was a storm outside too…


“Not bad, got it in half a year. Pretty good.” Big Foot Luo’s expression was glowing when he saw the strand of thunder swimming between Xu Ziyan’s fingers.


The plan he’d determined for Xu Ziyan initially had quite a lot of risk involved, but learning how to hide thunder wasn’t just good because Xu Ziyan would get to steal the green thunder. As he became more powerful, his root of thunder would also improve. If he tried to lift off in the future, there was a solid possibility that he’d be able to completely master the technique of flying through Thunder Robbery!


Of course, it was extremely unlikely. But physically, his resistance to Thunder Robbery was clear.


Perhaps he himself also worked so hard because he understood the magic of Thunder Hiding. Within the short span of half a year, he finished the first level. Since the first godly thunder he’d absorbed was the green thunder, that meant his foundation was rock solid.


After half a year of hard work, Xu Ziyan conquered the green thunder. Through this whole time, Xu Zirong was by his side caring for him, repaying the favors he’d done for him…


Xu Ziyan was ashamed about this, but Xu Ziyan told him that he was growing through doing all the chores. He had experienced another awakening and reached the Qi Condensation Stage.


Because the two brothers had both achieved the basic requirements for cultivating up a foundation, they were technically allowed to request a foundation-strengthening pill from the sect. But Big Foot Luo didn’t agree to this.


From his point of view, both of them were unusually talented. How could something like foundation-strengthening slow down their progress? Compared to using a pill, they could just use the opportunity to enter Qilin Tower to train and intensively improve their foundations. If they could do so without the pills, then their future potential was almost difficult to imagine.


The Xu brothers agreed graciously to Big Foot Luo’s suggestion.


If it hadn’t been an issue of looking too flashy, Xu Zirong wouldn’t need to worry about starting to build up his foundation. Xu Ziyan also wanted to give it a shot. Even if he failed, he could still take a foundation-strengthening pill. But if he didn’t try at all, he would be disappointed in himself.


Qilin Tower was located on a side mountain of the Liu Guang Sect. Its original name had been forgotten, but since Qilin Tower was located here, it was just renamed Qilin Peak.


Qilin Peak wasn’t too high above the ground. It didn’t take the brothers long to scale the whole mountain. At the peak there was a plaza paved with green stones, and in the center of the square was a wooden tower with seven levels.


Although the tower wasn’t tall, it was filled with a serious aura. Even gazing at it from afar you could sense the ancient history contained within.


It was a grand aura, one that made Xu Ziyan tremble, fear appearing in his eyes.


According to legend, Qilin Tower was built with the body of a deceased Qilin. Surprisingly enough, its aura still lingered so long after death, instilling an intense awe within him.


Xu Zirong acted quite similarly to Xu Ziyan. Even though he’d interacted with many high level cultivators in his previous life, no one he’d met had been able to match the sensation this tower radiated.


There was also the fact that the Qilin Tower arose from a dead creature. It was hard to imagine how powerful a creature like that might be while it was alive.




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