59 Part 2


The capacity of his elixir expanded, and Xu Zirong started his power again and tried to absorb more aura.

There was an intense aura vortex formed around him, and the aura of the whole Unicorn Tower started shaking vigorously.

There was mist in the layer upon layer of spiritual energy, which tightly wrapped Xu Zirong to form a huge spiritual cocoon.

Xu Zirong’s big movement obviously shocked the other three people. Except for Xu Ziyan who was still struggling to fight the impurities in his body, the other three couldn’t help but wake up from their concentration, staring at the huge spiritual cocoon in amazement.

One of the elegant, bright girls was surprised, “is this…building base? Could it be a newly joined disciple?”

“It should be.” A burly cultivator next to her nodded, “I’ve always heard about how powerful these disciples are, it looks like it’s really the case. They’ve newly joined the sect and they’ve already got the quota for the Unicorn Tower. I think they must rank the first 3 places in the internal assessment.”

“They rank the first and the second.” The other young man looked at the spiritual cocoon with complex facial expression, “the one building base now ranks the second, and the one next to him ranks the first.”

“Oh? Have you seen them?” The gentle girl asked curiously.

The young man smiled bitterly and said, “at that time, I took the mission of my senior uncle and that’s to attack these disciples. In the end, when I first attacked, Qi Lian next to me was defeated, and the one who won hadn’t even finished building base.”

“Is he the new disciple who made Qi Lian stay for six months in the Practice Room, then another six months?” The gentle girl covered her mouth and exclaimed.

“Right, that’s him.” The young man raised his chin toward Xu Ziyan, “I’m assuming that you didn’t know…that the one building base now is his brother…” Later, he looked quite awkward.

“Brother? How old is he?” The gentle girl suddenly became very curious and wanted to know about everything.

“Eleven years old, with three spiritual roots.”

“Impossible!” The girl was shocked: “I remember that the one on top of the list had a thunder spiritual root, if his brother had three, then how come he finished building base even earlier than his elder brother? Also…that’s not possible! You’ve said that the junior brother who’s building base is only 11 years old!”

“That’s right.” The young man looked helpless. Well, it’s useless to compare with the others. Back then, he was also a capable disciple in Liu Guang sect, and before 20 years old, he could already finish building base, but when he compared himself to the others…forget it, it’d be better to save some face!

“The new generation will always excel.” The strong guy sighed.

“What? Are you worried about your status?” The girl smiled, “worried that you’re becoming the older generation?”

The tough man laughed. Of course, he wasn’t worried about this kind of thing. He would first be delightful to know if his disciple could excel. He would never be jealous.

The three of them joked and began to practice again. None of those who were qualified to enter the Unicorn Tower would waste this precious time.

With Xu Zirong’s efforts, the aura in his elixir finally became unbearable, forming the first drop of aura. With this first drop, the subsequent ones would no longer be a problem.

With the endless pure aura around, Xu Zirong didn’t need to be worried that his building base would fail. Technically, the core of building base is a super source of aura, and the aura inside the Unicorn Tower can very well replace this source. Also, Xu Zirong already finished building base in his past life. If he still failed, he might as well just kill himself then.

It took another three full days before Xu Zirong could all have his aura converted. During the conversion, this aura floated away along his meridians, and forced a lot of his impurities out.


At this time, Xu Zirong looked very dirty, his skin was covered with some black and red stains. Fortunately, the three of them have already entered concentration again, otherwise there might be troubles after they saw him with such abnormal stain.

With a simple dust removal technique, Xu Zirong wiped the dirt on his body away. He took a long sigh of relief and he had never felt this comfortable before.

A gleam of joy flashed in his eyes, as he didn’t expect the spiritual energy in the Unicorn Tower to be so pure, it even cleaned up all the impurities left in his body. With this foundation building, as long as he spent more effort in purifying it when he absorbed blood in the future, the impurities in the blood would not harm him anymore.

He looked up at Xu Ziyan and the sense of possessiveness in Xu Zirong got even stronger. He understood clearly that all this was given by his brother. Without his brother, he would just repeat the same path as in his past life.

Brother, you’re really a godsend to me.

Xu Zirong had already seen Xu Ziyan’s existence as the compensation from God. What happened that day made him further confirm the ownership of Xu Ziyan.

He was sure that his brother belonged to him, and it’s a gift from God. He would protect his brother well and not let anyone take him away.

Compared with Xu Zirong’s majestic momentum when he was building base, Xu Ziyan also had a strong one.

The giant cocoon formed by the spiritual energy wrapped him in layers. In comparison, his aura cocoon may be one size larger than Xu Zirong’s. Without the slightest surprise, Xu Ziyan’s movement once again awakened the three cultivators on the other side.

The three people just looked at the aura cocoon without a word.


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