“Do you want to fight?” Le Hu was offended by Wei Qing’s way of staring and he asked when his eyes widened. Northwestern barbarians were born to fight, otherwise, they couldn’t have become the main force to fight against the Demon Cultivators.

If he still chose to remain silent after being stared at, then the barbarians wouldn’t be called the barbarians.

Wei Qing raised his eyebrows slightly and squinted at Le Hu with a disdainful expression. It would be an insult to him if he started the fight first.

Le Hu frowned slightly and started with a punch.

Wei Qing didn’t expect him to start so soon. Without any defense, he only had enough time to lay a thin layer of aura shield.

With a loud bang, the aura shield was broken by Le Hu’s fist. The fist as big as a casserole smashed into Wei Qing’s eyes, leaving a huge and dark bruise.


The whole plaza became quiet in an instant, and everyone’s gazes focused on Wei Qing.

With a bruised eye, Wei Qing was so furious that his face was almost distorted. He ended up being attacked by a barbarian. It’s the biggest shame ever!

He held the spells in his hand, and a dark red fire dragon rushed towards Le Hu. The look of Le Hu remained unchanged. He pulled out a machete from his back, operated his spiritual power, and severely cut the fire dragon.

While watching the fight between the two, some of the disciples in the surrounding area started to exclaim. In the Liu Guang sect, it was forbidden to have any private fight of people in the school, yet these people were fighting in front of so many people.

Xu Ziyan stared at them dumbfounded. He suddenly felt anxious since the two started fighting without any signals.

The team’s master uncle was coming, if he found out that these two people were having a private fight, there would be consequences.

“These two nuts!” Xu Ziyan cursed. He quickly pulled out a long bow and shot a Thunder Spirit Arrow at it. The position where he shot was exactly the point where the two guy’s spells were meeting. This thunderbolt not only destroyed the fire dragon released by Wei Qing, but it almost burst out Le Hu with a wave of air.


“Both of you! Stop!” Xu Ziyan gritted his teeth and rushed forward, he knocked on both guys’ heads.

These two little brats really can’t behave without supervision!

Xu Ziyan thought angrily, then glared at both of them at the same time, “you both know very well that private fights are forbidden in the school. I’m assuming that your days have been too good and you want to know what it feels to be punished!”

With a bruised eye, Wei Qing stared fiercely at Le Hu. If this bastard didn’t move first, how would he fight back!

Le Hu looked miserable as well. After all, he was using his weapons to fight against Wei Qing’s spells. In addition, his cultivation was not as advanced as Wei Qing’s. If Xu Ziyan did nothing to disrupt the fire dragon, it would have done more damages than just burning some hair and eyebrows.

The two upset guys stared at each other furiously. Xu Ziyan found it hopeless. He had initially thought that Le Hu was a mature kid, and he turned out to be a spoilt one.


Xu Ziyan started to doubt. Did he transmigrate to this world just to teach these spoilt kids?


“Brother, don’t be angry.” Xu Zirong pulled Xu Ziyan’s selves and persuaded him softly.


Xu Zirong was quite happy when he watched Le Hu and Wei Qing fight. It’s because they were catching his brother’s attention all the time. For Xu Zirong, both guys were his enemies.

He was naturally pleased when his enemies fought. In fact, it would even be better if they ended up dying in the fight.

Unfortunately, his good mood was completely destroyed when Xu Ziyan stopped them.

His stare froze. He was wondering whether these two guys had become more important in his brother’s mind. If their threat became too big, he wouldn’t mind killing them both secretly.


All in all, there were so many accidents in the Cultivation World, it’s not an odd thing to lose one or two building base cultivators.


Seeing his brother frowned for the two guys, Xu Zirong became even more pissed off. Fortunately, he knew that the current mood of Xu Ziyan and he hurriedly expressed his concern.


After Xu Zirong comforted him gently, Xi Ziyan suddenly felt much more relieved. Well, since Wei Qing and Le Hu didn’t have an awesome brother like himself, it’s normal that they’d become such bad kids!

Xu Zirong saw how pleased Xu Ziyan looked, and there was a touch of joy in his eyes. He continued comforting his brother, “brother, if they are willing to fight, just let them. The master uncle of the team will be here soon. When he sees them fighting so fiercely, he may even forbid them to step foot in the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, and it’ll be a good lesson for them too.”


Le Hu and Wei Qing heard Xu Zirong, and they were suddenly stunned. There’s absolutely no way for them to miss the Green Spiritual Secret Realm. At the moment, they had no idea which master uncle would come. If it happened to be a traditional one, he could really deprive them of the opportunity to go to the Realm.

The two exchanged an angry look and both retrieved. They started cleaning themselves up before the master uncle showed up.

Xu Ziyan saw that the two kids had finally stopped fighting, and he breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily, they weren’t limitlessly evil.

The opportunity to visit the Green Spiritual Secret Realm was too precious. He’d already learnt that from his master. If they really missed it because of their anger, it’d be a big pity.


Fortunately, before the master uncle came, the two had already cleaned themselves up. Wei Qing put on a layer of ointment on his eye and the bruise quickly disappeared. Le Hu also cut his burnt hair off, leaving only a thin layer.


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