Seeing this, Qi Xuan was finally relieved. If cultivator Li wasn’t sure himself, he would never let the elite disciples of Tian Yu sect to take the risk.


This Green Spiritual Secret Realm was a weird place, only cultivators below the foundation level could safely pass through the passage. Any cultivator higher than the foundation level might break down.


This was the conclusion that several sects in Xuanyu Realm had come up with. Among these disciples, those with the highest level of cultivation would be those at the later stage of foundation.


After seeing that all the disciples entering the passage one after another, these masters tacitly formed a large array around the vortex. Several of them took turns to guard the entrance of the aisle to prevent anyone from accidentally damaging it.


Just as Xu Ziyan was entering the Green Spiritual Secret realm, in a dense forest, a handsome boy was hiding in a dried tree hole, holding a red fruit with a jade-like shine. His eyes were full of ecstasy.


“Green Spirutual…” the boy whispered. His eyes flashed. There’s no way he would become a tool of that old man. He’s still young, how could he allow himself to be tortured by such an old fool?


“Even if I die, so be it!” The young boy let go, he swallowed the red fruit.


It melted right after he put it in his mouth. He was fully immersed in its delicious taste, warming his empty stomach.


After discovering the true face of the master who seemed to be “kind”, when the old man was torturing another disciple, the young man grabbed the opportunity to steal the old man’s treasure – the red fruit.


He just knew vaguely that this red fruit seemed to be the key to a secret realm, but the details were not clear to him.


But anyway, he knew perfectly how the old man cared for the red fruit. He knew that the old man would do anything to protect it.


After eating it, the young man felt that his whole body was warming up. He only had the cultivation of three layers of Qi. In fact, if his cultivation level wasn’t this low, he would have been turned to a dry corpse by the old demon already.


The boy’s name was Bai Hua, who came from a poor family. Later, in order to bring his father to a doctor, he was sold to a “brothel” when he was little. He lived in the “brothel” for a few years and learned a lot how to serve other people. Initially, he intended to just live his life like that, until he encountered his senior brother at the age of twelve, when he received him as a client.


After seeing him, his brother told him that he had spiritual roots. He could start cultivating and eventually become an immortal.


For a twelve-year-old child who had lived in a “brothel” for a long time, he was quickly moved by the kind of fairy-tale life described by his senior brother. He did not hesitate to follow his senior brother and left there. Then, he joined the sect.


At first, the master seemed to be very indifferent to this disciple. After the master exchanged a few words with his senior brother, the young boy discovered instantly the greed in his master’s eyes.


He was very disgusted by the way his master looked. However, to change his fate, he had to tolerate with the disgusted feeling and stay next to his master. Fortunately, aside from that disgusting way of look, his master didn’t really do anything to him. Instead, his other junior brothers seemed to be interested in him.


A few days ago, his senior brother suddenly came and took him to a hidden secret room, where he saw how his master was absorbing the “essence” of a junior brother and turned him into a corpse. He remembered very well that the junior brother had ordinary looks, so he wasn’t invited to accompany his master. That’s why he wasn’t sure why he was suddenly invited that day.


After seeing this scene, he covered his mouth in horror. Bai Hua was held tightly by his senior brother. He whispered behind, “junior brother, now you know where those ‘summoned’ senior and junior brothers had gone to.”


Bai Hua nodded with fear. In the secret room, he could clearly see that his junior brother wasn’t willing to close his eyes and let go. A few days ago, he had just achieved the perfect cultivation of Qi, and he might as well get to the foundation level. It’s unexpected that he’d turned into a corpse now.


His senior brother pinched his waist flirtatiously and kept stroking it, “junior brother, you know that you have the best physical conditions. The reason why he hasn’t asked you to accompany him and used you to nourish himself, is not because he feels pitiful; it’s only because he’s waiting for your primordial yang to mature. Now that you’ve turned sixteen, you know what it implies?”


Bai Hua nodded blankly, even if he didn’t understand it before, it had all become too clear for him now. He’s like poultry for the master – deliberately raised fat to be eaten.


His brother kissed his earlobe softly and whispered, “junior brother, do you know why I want you to see this scene? It’s because I don’t want you to be turned into a dead body. Junior brother, I like you.”


Bai Hua looked at his senior brother with both confusion and fascination. At that time, he couldn’t think at all, his fear had made him unable to think. He even didn’t know what his senior brother was saying anymore.


“Junior brother, I will definitely save you…”


The next thing that his senior brother did made him feel incredibly wonderful. He’s not sure whether it’s his body, but he didn’t feel any pain at all, there’s only pleasure.


What happened later had become logical. His senior brother didn’t lie to him. He had recommended another junior brother to his master, and he’d sneaked out while his master was enjoying another junior brother.


The only thing that his senior brother didn’t expect was that Bai Hua was so courageous. He dared to steal his master’s treasure before running away. It turned out that the master had prepared the red fruit for his most beloved disciple. Naturally, that disciple was his senior brother.

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