After saying that, he touched his chin and said, “since it’s the Golden Beast, it will become a very powerful puppet. This can be lifesaving! I’m so lucky!”

Xu Zirong didn’t say anything. After he realized it, he quietly wiped away the sweat on his forehead and looked at Xu Ziyan strangely.

Is it possible that his brother didn’t know that it’s one of the methods used by demon cultivators?

He couldn’t help but check carefully, “brother, didn’t you think that…”

“Didn’t I think what?”

“Don’t you think that this approach is evil?”

“Evil?” Xu Ziyan’s eyes widened. Then, he held Xu Zirong’s shoulders with both hands, and looked at him seriously. “Zirong, it looks like I still haven’t taught you enough. You have to remember that there has never been a distinction between evil and righteous methods. It only matters regarding the person who uses it. So what if we are turning bones into puppets? They have been dead for so many years now, it’s not like they will come back and look for you.”

Xu Zirong was speechless.

“Also…” Xu Ziyan continued, “as long as we’re doing the right thing, it doesn’t matter how we do it. Imagine, since we’re always doing good things, and we’re even doing good things with golden puppets, then who can comment that we’re bad people? Is it only because we’re using dead bodies?”

Xu Zirong’s eyes brightened a little after Xu Ziyan’s explanation. When he finished, his eyes sparkled like the stars.

He felt that his cheeks were getting hot and his heart was racing, and he didn’t even understand why he was feeling that way. At this moment, he found his brother extremely attractive.

Without hesitating, he immediately rushed toward Xu Ziyan’s arms and kept rubbing his face in his chest.

Xu Ziyan was caught a bit off guard to Xu Zirong’s sudden display of affection. He hadn’t realized that such a normal thing would cause a big impact on Xu Zirong’s emotions. However, he went with the flow and started caressing him.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Ziyan asked gently.

“Nothing, brother, you’re really so good.” Xu Zirong said bluntly while his face was still buried in Xu Ziyan’s arms.

“Well, why am I good to you?” Xu Ziyan teased him intentionally.

“Everything about you is good. My brother is the best.” Xu Zirong said while biting his lips.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help laughing. Although Zirong always tried to act like an adult, he’s just a little kid in front of him (the hell he is!)

Xu Zirong was just too cute!

Xu Ziyan patted Xu Zirong’s back to pacify him. He found that Xu Zirong was really too lovely, and he’s also obsessed with being a “reliable brother”. He hadn’t noticed that Xu Zirong’s facial expression was full of fascination and lust.

His brother’s just too perfect, he really wanted to taste him…

Xu Zirong licked his lips, took a deep breath and enjoyed the smell of his brother.

Only when he got so close with his brother, could he suppress his restlessness.

After knowing how important his brother was to him, and after deciding to become his brother’s lover, his sensations toward Xu Ziyan was gradually changing.

Before, he just treated Xu Ziyan as his brother, but before he realized it, Xu Zirong had already treated him as a lover.

Also, on the level of his consciousness, there were also fundamental changes. Since some time ago, he began to feel annoyed if he couldn’t be close with Xu Ziyan.

He always wanted to be physically close to Xu Ziyan. He didn’t demand to do anything specific, just hugging him would be nice.

Taking a deep breath again, Xu Zirong forcibly suppressed the restlessness in his heart.

No! At least not now.

Xu Ziyan just treated him as a younger brother. Even if he wanted to do something, he didn’t have the necessary tools.

With the memory of his previous life, he knew exactly what his restlessness was about, and he needed to solve it. However, his physical development had not kept up, and he was completely overwhelmed and helpless.

Xu Zirong felt somewhat depressed, but he told himself that he had to be patient. In his previous life, he managed to eliminate the Xu family and to overcome such difficult times. There’s no way he couldn’t overcome a little torture.

“Okay, okay, it’s enough. Let’s see if your spells work. If it doesn’t, we’re going to have to sell this stuff anyway.” Xu Ziyan pushed away Xu Zirong gently, and he hadn’t noticed the sadness in Xu Zirong’s eyes.

There’s still a lot of time! Xu Zirong tried to convince himself.

After telling that to himself, he began to apply the secret spell. This secret spell was created on the basis of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, combined with a secret spell of the demon cultivation sect.

Compared to the puppet with only a skeleton, the shape of the puppet that he created looked almost the same as the real Golden Beast.

After hesitating for a moment, he said to Xu Ziyan, “brother, give me a drop of your essence blood.”

Xu Ziyan did not hesitate to bite his fingertips, “forcing” a drop of essence blood and give it to Xu Zirong.

The blood drop had a sweet taste, Xu Zirong swallowed it quietly, and the thirst that he’d tried so hard to suppress surfaced again.

He really wanted to drink it…the sweet taste of his brother’s blood even made his soul shiver. If he couldn’t control himself, he might as well rush forward and swallow that drop of blood.



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