Zhao Youdao was also very happy to get a positive answer. Although it was still half a month before the end of the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, but the range there was so broad, who knows when they’d meet the next person or when they’d have the next opportunity to enter the place of inheritance. Also, accepting inheritances takes time. If a cultivator couldn’t get the inheritances completely because of limited time, he’d be extremely depressed.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t see the depth of Zhao Youdao, which means that Zhao Youdao was at least at the middle stage of foundation. Although he had always followed Zhao Youdao, he kept a certain distance carefully.

Although the probability remained low, he would not rule out that this Zhao Youdao was a psychopath and might want to set them up. Therefore, he also kept a distance with Xu Zirong, if Zhao Youdao suddenly attacked them, Xu Zirong still had time to fight back.

Of course, Xu Ziyan’s idea was met with resistance from Xu Zirong, but this weak resistance was quickly suppressed by Xu Ziyan. It’s true that he really spoilt Xu Zirong, but when it comes to his safety, nothing would work!




Zhao Youdao did not think that there’s anything with Xu Ziyan’s alertness. If he encountered the same incident, he wouldn’t trust anybody so easily either.

This Green Spiritual Secret Realm was so vast, in addition to the disciples brought by the seniors of the sects, there were also demon cultivators sometimes. Although there were limits in the passage and everyone’s level of cultivation was below foundation, it still wasn’t an issue for a cultivator at his late stage of foundation to ambush two cultivators at their first stage of foundation.

He actually lied a little before, and before meeting Xu Ziyan, he had also met another person. However, he had never seen that person, it’s just that the sense of that person made him feel uncomfortable, so he just gave up. He didn’t even greet him and just chose to pass by.

Although he’s much older than Xu Ziyan, he was also a solid cultivator monk in his late foundation stage. If the other person happened to be a demon cultivator, he’d have to reconsider.

As he expected, the other person just passed by without even a conversation. They hadn’t even greeted each other. This made Zhao Youdao believe in his judgement more, and he believed that person was definitely a demon cultivator.

Before, he thought that the Green Spiritual Secret Realm wasn’t absolutely safe, since he believed in the existence of demon cultivators. Demon cultivators were always an equivalent of evil, they killed to seize treasures or sometimes just for the sake of pleasure.

Zhao Youdao was actually quite grateful, as before entering the passage, he was always behind his seniors. Therefore, he saw it clearly when the disciples of Liu Guang sect entered it.

He had remembered the Xu brothers at this time. After all, Xu Zirong was so young, and he’d reached the foundation level already, that’s just amazing.

Zhao Youdao was enthusiastically chatting with Xu Ziyan all the way. Whoever had the chance to get in there must be an elite of the sect.

As the eldest disciple of the head of Xiao Yuan sect, he would certainly succeed the sect in the future. If he established a good relationship with other cultivators, it’d be a pretty good investment.

Xu Ziyan did not reject the kindness of Zhao Youdao. He also knew that there were only advantages in meeting more friends, as one could not achieve everything on his own.


Xu Ziyan and Zhao Youdao talked a lot, and they most called each other “brothers”.

When Xu Ziyan and Zhao Youdao chatted happily, Xu Zirong looked at Zhao Youdao’s back thoughtfully and somewhat angrily. Given his brother’s order, he had to keep a distance from him. Therefore, he couldn’t join their conversation at all, and could only look at the two people resentfully.

“It’s strange, since it should be Spring all year round in this realm, how come I suddenly feel cold? Brother Xu, do you think so?” Zhao Youdao suddenly shivered and looked at the surrounding environment with confusion.

“Oh? Do you feel cold? I don’t. Brother Zhao, have you caught a flu?” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but laugh after he asked this question, he only asked it out of a habit, but he’d forgotten that cultivators never got sick.

Zhao Youdao also laughed. He took it as a joke, and quickly forgotten about the fact that he’d shivered.


The three of them flew for half a day, and finally saw a tall mountain far away. The mountain peaks looked majestic and magnificent, and a white horse rushed down from the top of the mountain and fell into the deep pond, causing a lot of splashes.

“Here we are, our destination is just behind the waterfall.” Zhao Youdao said, pointing to the silvery and white waterfall.

Xu Ziyan nodded. The closer he was to the waterfall, the more he could feel that faint call again. This is the unique feeling of the place of inheritance. Anyone who has the Green Spiritual Seal in his body would have this feeling when he’s near the place of inheritance.

Since the place of inheritance was not fabricated, the possibility of Zhao Youdao was deceiving them became much lower. Also, the call of Xu Zirong told him that after his communication with the surrounding plants, including Zhao Youdao, there were only three people in the place.

After confirming the credibility of Zhao Youdao, Xu Ziyan became more enthusiastic. Apparently, there’s no need to act like a stranger when Zhao Youdao turned out to be a friendly and righteous cultivator.


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