The tour guide set a time with them when they parted. They’d gather the next morning at 8am.

Meng Yu asked about the attractions to visit the next day.

The tour guide made a mysterious look, saying that the attraction to visit the next day would be very special. And they’d know eventually. Also, they couldn’t be late. She also reminded them that the wind was going to be fierce at night and they’d better not go out in the middle of the night.

Everyone was clear about this instruction without her saying it, so it wasn’t really useful.

The taste of the dinner was really bad. Ruan Nanzhu didn’t have much appetite, but he still forced himself to eat something. From the moment he arrived in this world, his condition had been very poor. At this time, he looked exhausted and might fall asleep at any time. If any person was at his state right now, people would probably think that he’s sick. However, Ruan Nanzhu had a beautiful face, and he still looked good even though he’s not well.


Xu Jin said jealously on the said that Ruan Nanzhu had been sleeping all day, how come he’s still sleeply.

Ruan Nanzhuo rubbed Lin Qiushi’s neck with his chin and said softly, “sorry, I haven’t been in good health since I was little. Brother Lin, I’m sorry to bring you troubles.”

Lin Qiushi, “…it’s not troublesome at all.”

Xu Jin, “…” What a couple.

Facing such an unpleasant dinner, Cheng Qianli still made himself full.


According to his words, you still need to stuff yourself even when you’re about to die.

Lin Qiushi actually admired him. After all, this dinner was really horrible. For ordinary people, they would only have less desire to survive after eating it.

After the dinner, everyone started preparing for a rest.


After lying on bed, Ruan Nanzhu felt asleep immediately, it’s almost like he fell into deep sleep instantly.

Lin Qiushi and Xu Jin weren’t as tired, so they were casually chatting.

Xu Jin told Lin Qiushi a little about her outside world. She said that she was an ordinary college student. She had just graduated this year and was forced into the door when she crossed the street. At first, she thought that she’s dreaming, only to find out no dreams would be so real.

“Will we die here? Brother Lin?” Xu Jin asked, “I’m so scared.”

Lin Qiushi leaned against the window and said, “I don’t know, don’t think too much, go to bed early.”

Xu Jin glanced at Ruan Nanzhuan who was sleeping, she gritted his teeth and trembled, “brother Lin…”

Lin Qiushi, “Huh?”

Xu Jin, “I’m cold…”

Lin Qiushi, “…” He thought, Ruan Nanzhu, see how you’ve spoilt the girl. Although he didn’t know well about girls, he’s not an idiot either. This action of Xu Jin was too obvious. Lin Qiushi looked helpless and he could only pretend to not know what she really meant. He answered, “oh, you’re cold, then I’ll go and get you a quilt.”




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