Chapter 487 Secret Talk


Gloom Moon Day 29th, the dawn after sending the letter.

Without any sudden visitors like yesterday, the day had gone by free of incidents. That said, I’m still clumsy at being a priest without Sariel’s help.


“Let’s go! Fire!”


The last job of the day was to have a mock battle with Reki.

Reki sure is full of energy today as well, shouting every time she goes for an attack.

She was equipped with a wooden sword and not an ax.

Her one was a size bigger than normal, shaped like an eku.

One of the peddlers yesterday had it lined up with other goods so I thought “why not?” and ended up purchasing it. Unlike normal wooden swords, this one is made to practice using greatswords.

It also ultimately became a present for Reki, although I had not planned for it. Gifting a wooden sword to a girl lacks any sort of glamor but I didn’t really think that far ahead so… but that’s just an excuse, huh?

Since I didn’t think about presents until that moment, I decided to buy something for Ursula as well, to be impartial. And so I halfway panicked to buy a book for Ursula and two hairbrushes for her and Reki. The villagers ended up witnessing such a miserable shopping scene but since the two of them were delighted with their presents, it’s not a problem at all.

Ursula was immersed in the book today as well–it seems to be a fiction story about the love between an angel-like princess and a revenge-crazed soldier. Reki was happily swinging the wooden sword at me too.

Her swings had quite the intensity, making thunderous noises as it cut through the air but still not enough. One can easily tell where she’s aiming.


“Eii! Yah!”


“That won’t do, you are leaving open way too many weak spots while attacking.”


At the church’s backyard, while evading Reki’s attacks on top of the hardened snow, I pointed out her flaws one after another.

I lightly jabbed her wide-open flanks with the normal wooden sword I bought for myself.


“Don’t try to blindly keep attacking. If it ends up leaving you open for attacks, do not hesitate to fall back.”




Along with a quick exhale, Reki took a big dash backwards as I instructed and created distance between us. Her movement is as light as a feather, hard to believe that she’s still just a child.


“Uggh, I can’t make a hit at all.”


“Your movement is getting better. You just need to get used to swinging a sword now.”


And that’s not just me flattering her. Although not much, Reki’s attack patterns were definitely getting better. On the first day, she fought like a kid playing sword-fight but during yesterday’s mock battle, I felt her movement was very clean for a moment.

And today, that movement became much more noticeable, showing its true form with the brand new wooden sword.


“But but, Reki thinks she needs an ultimate move right about now.”


“Don’t be blindsided by just martial arts.”


It’s not like I can always defeat enemies with my ‘Black Calm’ either. In fact, I feel like it has been evaded or blocked more.


“For now, just keep swinging that sword as much as you want.”




Just when Reki was about to launch another attack with her energetic shouts–


“You guys seem to be having quite a lot of fun, huh?”


“Aah! Ryan, what are you here for?!”


Ryan from the vigilante group had appeared from the shadows; I haven’t seen him since that boxing fight. Reki addressed him quite upfront there but it seems like he didn’t pay any heed.


“I could hear your voices from the front, you see. Your noisy dog-like voice, Reki.”


“Reki isn’t that loud!”


“Ah, what’s that? I can’t hear what you’re saying from all the loudness~”


“Damn it, I’ll beat you up!”


Now, now, calm down. I intervened and stopped Reki as she changed her target to Ryan.


“Did you need anything, Ryan?”


“Ah, right, before that, could you step away a bit, Reki?”




“Sorry, could you listen to him this once?”


Even Reki could read the atmosphere as Ryan asked politely.


“I guess I could since you’re asking that much, I’ll go take a break.”


Appealing that she still had plenty of strength in her by swinging the wooden sword, Reki entered the church through the backdoor.

And with that, Ryan turned to face me again.


“I didn’t really need anything but… I thought I had to thank you once.”


“For what?”


“Don’t play dumb, you went to the trouble of lying to cover me from uncle.”


I did expect it but it does seem to be about the day before yesterday’s bar incident.


“A person was trying to die so it’s only natural for me to try and stop them.”


“Ho? A very priest-like thing to say. Is this what they call a benevolent soul?”


Anyone would try and barge in there even without such grandiose spirituality. More so when it’s the person concerned.


“Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that I was saved, thank you. Thanks to you, I’ll be living a bit longer.”


“You’re welcome.”


Although it did not really feel like an expression of gratitude from heart, Ryan extended his hands to shake mine.

Just as I shook his hand firmly, his expression became grim.


“What’s with the grim face?”


“Still not as grim as you.”


“I am quite sensitive about it, you know.”


Ryan laughed. I mean, I wasn’t joking, though.


“To be honest, I can’t bring myself to trust you.”


That’s a given. Just ‘cause I ended up saving his life doesn’t get rid of the fact that I am still suspicious and could be dangerous.


“If push comes to shove, I’ll stop you, even if I die. So, please don’t make any blunders now.”


It was more of a wish than a warning. Ryan probably understands the absolute difference in strength between us by now. He won’t be able to make a dent even if he came at me with resolve to die.

And so, he probably has no choice but to wish.


“Please, rest assured. I’ve just been employed for a short period of time. I’ll be leaving the village very soon.”


“….Uncle did tell me about it, for what it matters. I’m still part of the vigilante group, after all.”


“You picked a fight quite easily despite that.”


“Idiot, of course a test of strength comes first! If you were weak, I’d have driven you outta here already.”


I ended up riding the wave there but it seems Ryan had his own line of thought. No matter how he was persuaded, he wouldn’t be satisfied until he confirms my strength by himself.

It was rash and dangerous either way.


“Well, do you acknowledge my strength now?”


“Tch, that certainly was enough strength to slaughter dozens of soldiers. Priest, I haven’t seen someone as dangerous as ya even in Elysion… really, what in the world are you?”


“I’m sure you’ve heard from Mr. Randolph, I’m a deserter. I ran away from the battlefield because I was scared–just a coward, you see.”


“That was the right decision. Thanks to that, Yuri is alive, right?”


Goddamn it, that’s the only part you’re right about.


“Will that be all? It would appear Reki is getting restless to restart her mock battle.”


I could see Reki peek at us with half her head showing from the backdoor.

Before I realized, the sun had gone halfway down the Galahad mountains so there’s only a bit more time left for mock battles.


“Ah, right, could I join in as well?”


Just when I thought he would finally leave, Ryan smiled and came up with an unexpected suggestion.


“I don’t really mind but why?”


“I’m the vigilante group captain, ya know? I train everyday. Sparring with someone as strong as you would be the best training ever. Heheh, do you know how much it cost to have a mock battle with an expert at the knights’ academy?”


I see, so he has a desire to improve. Although it does feel like he also thinks it would be a loss to not fight.


“Noo! You should just leave, Ryan! Kuroe will be looking after me!”


“Heh, it’s too much of a luxury for a brat like you to get man-to-man training from an expert like him, ya’know?”


“Go home!”


“Shut up, damn brat!”


Putting me aside, it seemed like the two of them were about to start a real battle instead of a mock one, to which I put the brakes on.

Without making them wait for their turn, I suggested a perfect solution which would make both of them satisfied.


“Well then, would you both like to fight me at once?”





After a good workout, I had some good food. And by crawling into a warm bed, I could put the lid on a very fine day–however, Reki has yet to float away to the dream world.


“Hey, Uru.”




It would appear her best friend sleeping right next to her has yet to fall asleep too.

Although the bed was thin with just a blanket, it wasn’t as cold when both of them slept together.


“What do you think of Kuroe?”


Ursula went and faced Reki close up, enough to feel her breath.




“Answer seriously!”


Reki said, pulling Ursula’s cheeks. Ursula absentmindedly blinked a few times.


“Well, then what do you think of him?”


“An amazing person!”


“….What’s amazing about him?”


“You didn’t see so you don’t know! No matter what I do, I can’t hit him–it’s like magic.”


It was only the third day since they started having these mock battles. However, Reki has yet to land a single hit on Kuroe. The best she went was to have him fend off her attacks with his sword.

Although Reki had absolutely zero knowledge about sword skills, she knew for sure that his movements were beyond the normal human’s territory.


“Besides, he is a nice person.”


“Aren’t you scared, Reki?”


“Ou, that’s a bit of a sad thing to say. You don’t know Kuroe is sensitive about his scary face?”


She had actually heard Kuroe and Ryan’s conversation today. Unrelated to her ears looking like that of a dog’s, they were actually good at listening.


“Not that. All the villagers are still scared of Kuroe. ‘Cause he killed a lot.”


“Hmm, but… Kuroe was seriously angry at that time.”


It is ‘cause she understood that she was able to thank him properly when he saved her. He is a person who is able to get angry due to the right reasons.


“Uru, you understand too, right?”




There probably isn’t a single soul who was present there that couldn’t feel his anger. The intensity was enough to even make a monster who doesn’t understand human language to turn tail and run, let alone a human.


“There is no one who would get seriously angry on our behalf. And so, I am not scared of Kuroe.”


Her honest words properly portrayed how things were in the country called Sinclair.

Nobody there would be honestly angry on behalf of second class people–people of a different race, or try to help them. It was just simple discrimination.

That said, maybe because there are many of the same race here, they had good mutual relations and weren’t cruel to each other. Having been under Nicolay priest’s protection, these two were certainly on the happier side. However, if you were to ask if he was able to properly be a foster parent then the answer would be no.

He was a man of character, however, he was also a pious believer of Christianity. Whether it’s Reki or Ursula, priest Nicolay’s ultimate objective was the indoctrination of children, even during his time in Sinclair where he had taken in orphans of other races as well.

Even if it’s a child from a different race, they will be saved if they convert. The Lord wants the faith of more people–of all the people on Earth. He was a man of such principles and ideology.

There was no reason nor logic for these children to understand his beliefs born from his zealous piety but even still, Reki, Ursula, and the other kids, they had somewhat perceived it. The sharp child senses had perceived that priest Nicolay did not even view them as different individuals–he only saw them as children of other races, or rather, unbelievers.


“Kuroe… is lying.”


As such, Kuroe is not normal. As a Sinclairian, and most importantly, as a Christian.


“Is it because he is not a real priest?”


Reki had put her good ears to use to listen in on Kuroe and Randolph’s conversation.

She hadn’t heard the discussion of the day he saved the village as she was hiding in the storage shed as ordered. However, the following day, Reki overheard their conversation about Kuroe being the bodyguard and priest of the village when he came back with his sister and the armored bear.


“Deserter of the crusaders, his sister Yuri–all lies.”


And the one who had asked her to eavesdrop on them was none other than Ursula.


“Is Kuroe a demon?”




Maybe ‘cause Ursula had predicted such a reaction, she was able to stop Reki from shouting by holding her mouth with her hand quickly.


“W-w-what does, that mean?”


“He doesn’t have the awareness to discriminate ‘cause he is not a Sinclairian.”


A simple conclusion. The difference between priest Nicolay and Kuroe is exactly what Reki herself had just said. He is someone who could honestly get angry on their behalf, on behalf of these kids of other races.


“Kuroe knew that the Crusaders had lost. There’s no mistake that he was on the battlefield.”


The defeat had yet to be publicly announced. However, such is the probable case–even Randolph thought that when the search party came for Mashram.

After all, Kuroe wasn’t the only one eavesdropping there. As usual, Ursula had requested Reki to listen in on the chief’s conversation.


“I don’t know with what means he made it this far, but he can’t be a spy. If he were, he would infiltrate in a much more inconspicuous way and wouldn’t have stayed in a village like this.”


Therefore, Kuroe either coincidentally or had no other choice but to come this far into the enemy territory.


“Oh, as always, Uru is so smart! Then, about Sister Yuri not being his little sister–”


Maybe ‘cause the sweet talk made her feel better, Ursula continued with a slight smile.


“Sister Yuri is undoubtedly a real Sister. She is too well-informed about Christianity.”


While Reki had been doing mock battles with Kuroe, Ursula was alone with Sister Yuri in the church. They had plenty of opportunities to have a good talk.


“Then, Kuroe is of a demon race, and Sister Yuri is a Sister… eehhh!”


With a wider smile this time, Ursula declared with confidence,


“Forbidden love… the two of them are eloping.”




Reki exclaimed, blushing. It seems Ursula was blushing a bit as well. It was embarrassing–or rather, a bit stimulating for them.


“Kuroe is gallantly taking care of Sister Yuri. That is most definitely the work of love.”


For example, during meal times. Kuroe doesn’t care if his soup gets cold–he always makes sure Yuri eats first. Although unaccustomed and clumsy, Ursula could not help but feel “love” from his act of eagerly feeding Yuri first. It was something more than just the sense of obligation or kindness.

It wouldn’t be weird if he were to delegate this matter to Reki or Ursula but he only does so when he has no choice but to act alone. He takes on all kinds of duties of taking care of her. As if taking care of her was his and only his duty.

It goes without saying that that applies to not only washing her body and going to the toilet with her several times a day.

A normal woman would feel reluctant to have her own husband do these tasks for her. However, Yuri does not show any sign of displeasure and accepts it with an indifferent expression. And that is truly proof that she also dearly loves Kuroe.


“Oohh, yes…”


Although it had only been a few days, upon Ursula mentioning the acts out loud, Reki recalled such instances throughout the day for the past few days and increasingly turned red, turning and twisting inside her blanket.


“I wouldn’t have realized either if I hadn’t read that book.”


Ursula’s vision went towards the book with a flower bookmark, put beside her pillow. The very book Kuroe gifted her–a love story.

She had already finished reading it once the day he gifted it to her. The bookmark in it now was for her second time reading it.


“I learnt what exactly is love from this. Love is, something really wonderful.”


You won’t really come by such entertainment material often in the orphanage. Not only did they practice simplicity and frugality as the principle for their lifestyle there, the pious priest Nicolay would never allow something like this–an amusing entertainment novel about love between man and woman.

For the girls who are immensely curious about matters relating to love, this prohibition is something that would stress them out.


“Reki wants to read it too but she can’t read something with that many letters.”


“We’ll read it together then, it’ll be fine.”


That is, after she was done with her second time reading it. It didn’t seem like she would dictate to her right that evening.


“Uuu, now I can’t sleep ‘cause I’m getting restless.”


While they were still apprentices, Sisters’ mornings were early. Staying up late at night was prohibited.

However, once you listen to a stimulating story like that, it would be somewhat difficult to fall asleep afterwards.


“….Then, do you want to hold my hand?”




Reki happily held Ursula’s hand, which was slightly colder than hers, under the blanket.

And for a while, the two of them had closed their eyes, shut their mouth and stayed still. But Ursula ended up muttering something out of nowhere.


“Hey, Reki… do you think, even if Kuroe gets to know about my ‘curse’, he will be kind… to me?”


There was no reply from her friend. What could be heard was only the sound of peaceful slow breathing.


“Good night, Reki.”


Ursula gently let go of Reki’s hand and finally drifted to sleep herself.







“—–And around that time, summer was just starting. Ah, right, they don’t have ice cream or shaved ice here so I had to make ice pops myself.”


“The ingredients are fruits and sugar. If you can use low class ice magic, it will be possible to make some right here. Would be very appropriate.”


“Right? It turned out pretty well considering we didn’t plan it..”


“Compared to cities, the circulation of luxury grocery items in a farm village is extremely low. Something like ice pops will be very much welcomed.”


“Yeah, everyone liked it.”


On the bed, on the same pillow, Sariel and I talked about the past. While it was only the second day of reminiscent talk with Sariel, we had progressed all the way to Irz village where life had finally started to settle down.

At night, I receive a personal lesson of the Bible from Sariel-sensei, then we both talk about our past and slowly drift off to sleep.

The things I learnt during these two days worth of lessons was that the Bible is a compilation book of the events that took place during the age of the Gods and the ancient time.

That said, since it felt like they overly praised their God and appealed that for the most part, I am not really sure how much of it is actually the truth. Although the Crusaders think the whole thing is true.

Putting that aside, the structure of the Old Testament and the New Testament is very similar. Of course, the same author didn’t write both the books. It’s also similar in the way that it’s a compilation of all the writings of great famous clergymen of that age. I guess it may be obvious for it to be like that since it’s a compilation of old writings.

I also had her prioritize teaching me the frequent passages that are needed for a priest. Learning about Christianity’s history from the ground up will start from the next lesson.


“And so, because of making the ice pop, Fiona–you know what, let’s leave this one for tomorrow.”


After all, meeting with the witch Fiona was quite impactful. I feel like it would take quite a while to finish if I start now.


“My turn.”


“Ah, we were at the final maneuver experiment, right?”


Sariel’s story was still in the human experiment period. I ran away in the middle of it but since Sariel carried through till the end, our experiment durations are miles apart.

However, from what I’ve heard from her till now, it isn’t that different from the experiments they did on me. It just gives me the impression that they did actual combat training to pile up experience for the most part.

If I had to say what’s different then it would probably be that she also had ‘Model’ and Martial Arts skill training. But those are also experiments that I would have gone through as well if I stayed. At the very least, the ‘Hundred Numbers’ have surely gone through the training course.

The secret about how Sariel was made to be an apostle isn’t getting any clearer. It seems Sariel herself doesn’t understand what was key in her awakening as an apostle.

As I expected, only bishop Judas, the ringleader, would know the secret behind that.


“The final experiment was on me, no. 6 and no. 24.”


“I know, I saw during that time.”


Sariel’s number was 13. And mine was 49. It’s ironic how two of the most unlucky numbers ended up surviving.


“I assume that the two were experimented on in a different section. That was the first time I met them.”


“It’s like the final match of a tournament, huh?”


Considering how the highest number in the Homunculus Sariels Series is 30, there were at least 30 of them there. I spotted no. 1 during the early days of the experiment so it isn’t like some of the first numbers were missing either.

However, it seems all 30 of them never assembled somewhere at once. From Sariel’s assumption, they were probably divided into 3 groups of 10 and managed differently.

The latter half of the experiment included actual battle training in a real dungeon. Just like in an adventurer party, the experiment subjects would form a group and conquer the dungeon.

It seems such a party play continued for a bit during that time. Despite having the same face, body and having taken the same training, the Sariels had different personalities. However, during the late stages of the experiment, even these previous personalities would start to fade away just like Shirasaki’s personality did and they would all become a group of expressionless, emotionless dolls.

Even then, there were a few differences. Subjects who showed interest in small animal-like monsters, subjects who let others do complicated dungeon traps and subjects who ate a lot during meals–the differences became clear.

Even with the same appearance, when these differences became clear with a glance, the dungeon conquer training was complete.

I heard yesterday that the next training was a battle royale between the subjects.


“No. 6 was excellent in close quarters combat. She was more skilled than me at the time. However, she was unfit for scuffles so I took advantage of no. 24’s attacks and succeeded in killing her.”


I had seen the moment where Sariel’s sharp hand slash cut off no. 6’s head.


“No. 24 was excellent in offensive magic. She was more skilled than me as well. However, once the distance is closed, putting her down is not a difficult task either. It appeared as if she was trained as a magician, to annihilate enemies one-sidedly from afar.”


I had also seen Sariel’s ‘Stinger’ explode on the opponent’s vital organ after she broke through the burst of flames.


“In the end, you were the strongest since you had a good balance between martial arts and magic, huh?”


“Yes, even if the experiment was repeated under the same conditions, the probability of me winning would have still been higher.”


The Sariel Series was probably divided in 3 groups to raise them with different courses. Specialized in martial arts, specialized in magic and all-purpose.


“I awakened as an apostle about a week after that final experiment. During that time, I wasn’t really given any medication or been operated on; there were no experiments, just the basic vital checks. Other than that, I had passed my days sleeping during that time so I don’t remember if anything happened during that time.”


“Speaking from the divine protection’s logic, you probably had fulfilled all the conditions to receive it by then.”


I can’t tell for certain if that last experiment was the key to clear an absolute condition or if the conditions were cleared during the total 3 years she had undergone training.


“How did you know you had awakened?”


“I heard God’s voice.”


It seems to be the same as the Black Gods.


“What did they say?”


“Just one sentence–you will be given the seat of the 7th apostle. I have not heard God’s voice ever since.”


Vastly different from my case as I had a long conversation with Mia in the back alley. That kid suddenly appears for no reason and gives me fish paste cake.

Besides, even Lily and Fiona said that they were invited to the Gods’ world in their dreams and had conversations with the Fairy Queen Iris and Black Witch Endimion.

That said, it is rare to have enough contact to properly have a conversation with a God. In most cases, they are told about the divine protection one-sidedly or in dragon or monsters’ cases, they just see them for a moment and that’s all.

With that in mind, Sariel’s divine protection conferment was nothing out of ordinary.


“Did you sense something clearly different after receiving the divine protection?”


“Yes. The white mana flowing through my body had greatly increased. The percentage increases even further if I switch to battle mode.”


Battle mode is the mode where she gives off that silver aura. Considering how us three could fight her head-on that time with her sealed state, one can’t probably determine the increase in strength just by seeing.


“The greatest strength of an apostle is the lack of mana shortage as we’re supplied with unlimited white mana.”


“But a human body can’t really withstand unlimited mana.”


“Yes, and that’s why I lost to you.”


“Lost to us.”


To be honest, Sariel was very exhausted the moment I hit her with Supernova so it would have been enough to just push with the Spada army’s numbers to defeat them.

Although that’s why the “Heaven’s gate” exists. According to Judas, Sariel is a foolhardy warrior who doesn’t know when to back off.


“Well, that’s fine. More importantly, don’t apostles have some other special ability other than getting unlimited mana?”


For example, a magic like Misa’s “Madonna Charm” which has effects crossing the boundaries of normal magic. Rather than thinking of those as one’s original magic, it is more likely that their God bestowed it upon them.


“Yes, all 12 apostles have their own characteristic magic. However, an artificial apostle such as myself did not have any.”


“So that’s why Judas said you were the weakest?”


In other words, Sariel was only given the mutual basic abilities as all apostles. Now that I think about it, Sariel has the fightstyle of a quick magic swordswoman, using ‘Grand Cross’ at the core and magic like Sagita and Kris Sagita.

She can’t use special magic like Misa’s “Charm”, Ai’s “Aital”, or Reinfeldt’s “Sanctuary”. Although “Alarux Aegis” did seem like a special magic, its effect is actually quite simple being just a stronger version of a high class defensive light magic. One can probably reproduce something like that if they have enough mana and magic knowledge even if they don’t have divine protection.


“….Exactly what kind of abilities do the other apostles have?”


“I do not know the details either. The abilities of 1st to 5th apostles is especially unknown. However, there’s no doubt that they are a league above other disciples.”


Uwah, I don’t wanna hear that. Please, let those strong dudes stay where they are.


“If I recall right, all the apostles can’t join in on battle as they have to defend the country as well, right?”


“That’s the truth. The Sinclair Republic is currently at war with multiple countries and countless resistances. Only the Pandora expedition is actually moving but it won’t be weird if a full blown war breaks out in the borders.”


It’s a poor plan in itself to take on multiple countries at once… however, when you take the scale of the Crusaders army in account, I guess their national strength isn’t that weak that it would affect them too much.

In fact, they might be able to get away with just one apostle at a border site rather than a whole squad of soldiers. The apostles being the country’s defense does make sense when you think of it like that.


“There’s a high possibility someone among the 6th, 9th or 10th apostle will be dispatched in my stead.”


“There isn’t anyone who will come to take revenge for you?”


“…..I do not know.”


“It seemed like you got along well with Ai, Misa or that good-looking blonde guy.”


They seemed to be quite friendly with Sariel in her memories. Although Sariel’s response was the same as usual.

At the very least, it didn’t seem like they hated her.


“I do not understand human feelings. I have never thought about how other people thought of me.”


“Do give it a thought from hereon. You have roommates like Reki and Ursula too, now.”


“From Shirasaki Yuriko’s memories, I now understand the importance of cooperativeness to live in a human society.”


A Japanese like Shirasaki would have definitely had the sense of reading the atmosphere as it’s very important. In fact, she’s like an angel, even had feelings for someone like me. There’s no doubt that she was much more open-minded than other girls and had a very kind personality.

Could it be that she felt pity towards me since everyone was afraid of me because of my face…? I’d like to think not. I believe in you, Shirasaki.


“Ah, more importantly, let’s get back to the topic at hand. I want to know about the abilities of the apostle who might come as your substitute.”


“Unfortunately, I do not know about those three’s abilities well myself. I only have some knowledge about the 11th apostle Misa and the 12th apostle Mariabelle.”


Oh, what? She knows about that woman–Misa’s abilities?

She’s number one among apostles I wanna kill as revenge but putting that aside, considering she actually appeared in the Pandora continent before, the chances of her coming again is not low. She’s next to Ai in terms of utmost caution needed as they appear in unexpected places at unexpected moments.


“What are her abilities?”


“She is–”


Right that moment, a dull sound could be heard. “Knock, knock” could be heard from the church’s front door.


“Oiii, oiii! Priest! Kuroe!!”


With the now intense knocking, a man’s shouting voice mixed in.


“W-what is it now…”


It seems like they’re calling for me but during such a late hour–ah, I guess it’s just 9 or 10 PM but even still, that’s a bit too late to resolve yourself to confess for your crimes.

No, it’s the opposite. If it’s an emergency situation where I need to be called so late in the night then I need to think about it.

Don’t tell me it’s the Crusaders… No, there’s no reason to launch a night attack on a village on your own territory. If so, is it a monster attack?


“I’ll be back.”


Let’s hurry for now.

Leaving Sariel on the bed, I just wore my spectacles and headed for the front door while still being in pajamas. I realized after getting out of the room that I didn’t bring any source of light but I guess it won’t be a problem passing through the chapel to the front door without it. The moon light is enough for my eyes.


“Priest! Please, wake up!!”


Once I had made it to the chapel, the voice got much louder and I could feel the hurry in the man’s voice. It felt like he was in such a hurry that he would break the door to come in any moment now.

I can’t have the door destroyed so I hurriedly opened it.


“Good evening, what is it so late in the night?”


I spoke to the man as calmly as possible.


“Aah, priest, thank God! P-please come right away!”


I do remember seeing this long thin faced man before. If I am not wrong, he’s part of Ryan’s vigilante group. It’s the referee-cum-announcer from the boxing match. His characteristic red eyes were shaking with agitation.


“Um, you’re–”


“Ted! I am Ted!”


“Well, Mr. Ted, why are you in such a hurry? Has there been a monster attack?”


“Eh, ah, no, monsters have not come but…”


Ted answered as if he wasn’t expecting that question at all. It looks like the village is not in danger.


“Then, what happened?”


“I-it’s–it’ll be born!”




“My child will be born! Soon, very soon, my boy, no–maybe girl–e-either way, my child will be born very soon! So please come quick!”


Ted grabbed a hold of my arm and started pulling so I hurriedly stopped him first.


“P-please wait a moment.”


“I-if you don’t hurry, m-my kid will be born without us there!”


No, please, really, just wait for a moment. I’m no obstetrician-gynecologist or something. I see no need for me to be present during a birth.

And of course, I do not have any experience in helping during a birth either. There’s no way I do.

Ah, no, wait. What if the priest has a crucial role to play during birth in Sinclair? I can’t put it past them.

And I, for one, have no idea regarding that. I have not heard anything about it either.


“Please hurry, priest–!”


“I-I understand… I’ll prepare right away, please wait a moment.”


And so I rushed back to the room.


“Save me, Sariel-sensei–!!”


I couldn’t help but shout out loud.

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