Black Demon King

  1. Anti-Viscera


Like a destroyer, I went rampage and took down the squids that stood in my way with my two swords. As if they understood my purpose, squids of the same type emerged as I rushed into the gill. However, they weren’t a big obstacle.

My goal was the innermost part of that gill.

After all, I didn’t have enough firepower. Unless I attacked its weakest point, I doubted that I’d be able to bring it down.

Now, just how deep does it go?

When I thought about that, my vision suddenly expanded.

“…Is this the finish line?”

A large, dome-shaped, open space.

In order to improve my vision, I immediately scattered black flame torches. The fireballs, which slowly descended from midair and burned like flare shot, illuminated every corner of the dome.

“Huh!? It’s not Ella, it’s a spawning ground…”

Stuck to the ground and walls, were white grain lined up in a tight row. The shape was long, akin to a jelly bean, and had a fluffy texture, along with a cloudy color…

About the size of a rugby ball?

Upon closer inspection at the one near my feet, I saw a juvenile silhouette beneath the white film, with a round head and four legs—

—All of these were definitely eggs.

“…There’s a lot of them. No, since it’s an octopus, it’s only to be expected.”

This number of eggs was one of the Gluttony Octo army’s strengths. Essentially, organisms laid a large number of eggs because the majority of their spawns were eaten by predators.

However, the Gluttony Octo broke the rule of the food chains. As if the fact that they possessed a huge number wasn’t enough, they also preyed on others. Unless the humans were to dispatch an army to wipe them out, or they themselves came face-to-face with some really powerful monsters, they’d continue to multiply endlessly, devouring all of the land.

“I’d like to wipe you out, but I have no choice but to put that on hold.”

If I didn’t slay the big boss—the Gluttony Octo, I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything. Although, it’d be a different story if the eggs were to hatch all at once and attack me.

Nevertheless, I didn’t think that would happen anytime soon.

I spotted several of the squids at the corners of the dome. They didn’t seem to notice me. Moreover, they were busy feeding their spawns with either human remains or animal carcasses, pierced with two long tentacles.

…Apparently, they also took care of the newborns.

The reason why Reki’s corpse was left intact was probably because so that it could serve as food.

Should I consider it fortunate that she wasn’t killed by the octopuses? After all, when it came to those octopuses, they’d devour their prey as it was—

No, no, focus…

Instead of focusing on something unnecessary, I should concentrate on my objective.

As I regained my composure, a red light flashed across my field of vision.

“…Is Mia telling me to hurry up?”

Although it was a momentary radiance, it was undoubtedly a light that showed the ordeal. A wall of flesh rose directly in front of me. On the other side of it, light shone as if there was an offering.

At that moment, I had also decided on my target.

After that, I went on the offense—

“—Sword Arts! Blade Storm!”

As I treaded on the spawning ground, I summoned one sword after another from the Shadow Gate.

While I couldn’t control 100 swords at the same time, I could do it effortlessly if I fired them in rapid succession.

I shall unleash all the remaining blackened swords—

“—Full Blast!”

A storm of blades erupted—

—then, a raging red and black flame.

The eggs that covered the wall were blown away, along with chunks of green meat. The wall itself looked like it had been gouged out—

but it’s not enough.

Without hesitation, I fired one blast blade after another. Focusing on one point, I tried to penetrate the wall as deeply as possible without wasting bullets, and rigged them to explode in unison.

Thus, explosive sounds resounded endlessly in the flesh-walled dome. After using up all the remaining ammunitions and emptying the contents of the space magic dimension pouch, my terrorism ceased temporarily—

Haa… haa… how is it…”

Black smoke was billowing in, and the flammable egg and meat walls were starting to catch fire due to the aftermath of the successive explosions.

What spread out before my eyes was a hellish spectacle of blazing black flames engulfing both walls and various spawns—

—but that was it.

I couldn’t see any other change to the appearance of the Gluttony Octo itself.

I advanced further and approached the place where the black flames were spreading. On the other side of the ever-expanding explosion of smoke was a white wall clinging to green flesh.

“What’s that? Is it a bone? Even though it’s an octopus?”

I didn’t know if it was actually a bone or just tough flesh, but it didn’t seem to be the type that would break even if I hit it with a Grenade Burst.

“In that case—double Kuronagi!!”

A two consecutive hits martial arts attack using the steel Zweihander and the flaming Flamberge. I felt like I was cutting on something thick. Nevertheless, the blades still passed through.

Even though the cross-shaped slashes were etched into the wall of bones, I couldn’t take it down. I wondered if the thickness exceeded the length of the blades. If I couldn’t somehow get rid of it, I wouldn’t be able to move forward.

Perhaps, I had to blow it off all at once, like removing a collapsed bedrock.

In that case, I had to rely on my trump card—


I activated my first divine protection.

Smoldering, crimson magic circulated throughout my body, and I began to radiate a red aura.

After stabbing my two swords into the ground, I raised my fist as if I were drawing a bow—

“—Wrath Impact.”

Concentrating on a single point, I hit the wall with all my might, using my greatest attack power.

It was effective.

The Wrath Impact easily smashed through the hard, sturdy wall of bone, prying open the path to the offering.

Fuu, haa… one more layer, I guess.”

A circular cavity that looked like it had been blown away by a gigantic cannonball, along with a wall of bone with cracks spreading out in a radial pattern could be seen on the other side of the wall of flesh, thumping and pulsing.

This is probably the last one.

Rather than a muscular armor that encased its huge body, it was probably an internal organ.

Even so, due to the gigantic body, the organs themselves probably had a thick structure.

First, I used Grenade Burst to weaken it to an extent, then hit it again using Wrath Impact to completely pulverize them.

Alright, this will do.

…Just one more blow.

“—Grenade Burst: Full Burst!”

After throwing as many highly explosive shells as possible, I fired a salvo. Although the firepower was less than Blade Storm, it was enough to scrape through the wall of flesh.

Thanks to the Nana Blast Amulet that canceled the close-range explosion, I raised my fist again without suffering from the heat.

“—This is the end of the fifth trial! Wrath—”

Almost immediately, a solid black colored magic began to smolder. However, as if eroding the black flame, there was a tinge of bright purple—


As chills ran down my spine, a sense of danger blared in my mind, and I switched to the divine protection—

—the crimson aura of the one-hit kill that resided in my right fist subsided, while my entire body was enveloped in a steel aura that blocked all attacks—

—in the next moment, venomous purple gas filled my vision.


Acid breath.

I had been sprayed by the large octopuses countless times, and I was able to overcome them just fine. But now, my entire body was being pervaded by a strong acid breath.

Damn it—!

I didn’t expect that it could shout poisonous gas from the inside…

…Or maybe, I hit the poison sac.

Either way, it wasn’t unbearable.

“No, this is bad, at this rate…”

The second divine protection effectively negated the acid dissolution. Well, the fact that I could still think clearly proved that I hadn’t melted into mush yet.

However, I could only endure it because I had activated Overgear. If I were to suddenly ran out of mana and the skill was canceled… I didn’t think I’d be recognizable afterwards.

The sudden burst of poisonous gas covered the spawning ground in an instant, while the purple haze blocked my vision so much that I couldn’t even see an inch further.

It was probably safe to assume that the entire space—including the passageway, was already filled with poisonous gas. From the outside, it must’ve seemed as if purple smoke had spewed out from the gill-like part.

If I were to escape now, I’d still make it.

However, I wouldn’t be able to defeat the Gluttony Octo.

To team-up with Sariel, ride Pegasus, slip through the anti-aircraft fire of Acid Breath, and attempt to reach this place all over again—

Yeah, that’s not possible.

In that case, I had no choice but to press on.

I still had the magical power to continue activating Overgear. Since air purification wasn’t included in the effect, it was impossible to breathe in the air. However, due to my constitution, I could fight while holding my breath for a while.

With the remaining magic power and oxygen, I should be able to last for another five minutes.

I couldn’t use Wrath Impact, so I had no choice but to push through with Grenade Burst.

With my field of vision blocked by purple, I extended my arms straight in front of me, and concentrated on conjuring a cannonball made of black magic power.

While activating Overgear, it’d be quite difficult for me to use black magic separately. The fact that the fairy fusion—Excelion Mode—could be performed with ease was thanks to Lily’s genius formula calculation.

Gritting my teeth at my own powerlessness, I managed to create a high-explosive projectile that could be used for a full burst—

“—Now, can you stand this!?”

Just before the launch, the ground rumbled as if giving the last resistance.


The tremor was slightly different from an earthquake.

Rather than swaying, it was as if the ground itself was rippling.

Because the ground that I should be standing on had moved, I couldn’t help but roll over the undulating ground.

Despite its gigantic body, I wondered if the Gluttony Octo could detect my location. Amidst thinking how I should proceed when facing against such resistance, I realized a mistake—

—the tremor wasn’t a counterattack against me, but the signs that the Gluttony Octo had begun to move.

At that moment, I heard—or was struck by a heavy roaring sound.

Once I heard it, I could never forget it—that ominous, deep, bass…

It was a signal for the Gluttony Octo to start absorbing everything.

There was no time to spare.

If I didn’t launch the cannon as soon as possible and finish it off—

Gaa, aaa, aaAAAaa…”

However, the terrifying deep bass that reverberated in the space inside its body transformed into a real impact that struck my body. Along with the ear splitting sound was a soundwave that couldn’t be avoided. Even now, the ground continued to shake violently.

Although the damage was canceled by the Overgear, it was impossible for me to stand still.

It was as if I was standing on top of a shaking palm.

I couldn’t aim properly.

At that point, I had even lost the target I should aim for, as the visibility was zero due to the poison gas.

Moreover, it was also impossible to trace by hand.

Due to the rapid consumption of magical power and the activation of divine protection, the limit of oxygen was gradually approaching…

All those situations put pressure on me.


While crouching awkwardly like a frog, all I could do was extend out my arm, filled with black magic, beyond the poisonous fog.

It was too risky to take a gamble.

I didn’t even want to think about the probability of hitting the hole I pried earlier.

However, if I didn’t shoot, I had no other way of surviving.


At the last minute, I found myself relying on God—

“—U, uoooorgh—! Please hit—! Full burst—!”



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