Kuro no Maou 416


Vertical Limit (1)


“Well then, let’s do this–Formation – ‘Vertical Limit’!”


I kicked the ground and jumped off from the wall, 15 meters above the ground. From the sides, it will surely look like I am leaping to my death but I wasn’t heading to my death, instead, I was going to kill.

In that fleeting moment of suspension, I checked all the chimera soldiers sticking to the wall. One would need to really peek into the wall surface from the top of the wall to see them but when you’re in the air like this, it’s pretty apparent.

From my current position, the vertical wall looked like a simple flat stone paving. Now with no obstruction to vision, I could spot many chimera soldiers crawling about on the huge 15m*1000m rectangle wall. Although I say they are crawling, they were going at about the same speed as a sprinting human.

And even though they had the claws to climb the wall easily, their extraordinary physical abilities is what allowed them to do it really fast.

And while I was thinking about that, my body was caught by the constraints of gravity and had started free falling. If I were to let myself be like this, I would crash into the snow in about 3 seconds but–my body immediately stopped.


“Let’s start with you–Fall!”


A chimera was just right under me, climbing up. From what I saw, it appeared to be an orc chimera but I caved in my shoe sole to its face and kicked it down before checking what kind of a chimera it actually was.

The chimera’s huge body fell with double the momentum it used to climb and left a trail of blood on the wall surface as it chafed on it before finally crashing into the ground with a big red splash. A big splash, combining the other few war slaves underneath it. I killed half of the momentum I was falling with by kicking the chimera and the other half by the bind arts I was holding on left hand.

I had stopped splendidly and was now standing upright on the vertical wall surface.


“Alright… it seems more stable than I expected so this might work.”


Bind arts wasn’t just connected to my left hand at this point. It had also promptly connected to my back and waist and had stopped my body from falling. I looked similar to that time when I was climbing the Daidaros castle wall with Lily with the ‘anchor hand’ but the only difference this time was that I left all the control to Hitsugi.

However, with the help of bind arts and Hitsugi, I have more freedom now compared to before. And that is exactly why I had come up with this idea of fighting on a vertical wall in this unstable state.

Even when I let go of the chain, I can properly stand on the surface. Yosh, I can fight with both of my hands now.


“Besides, I can use this without holding back here–’The Gatling’ – Gatling Burst!”


I summoned the jet black heavy artillery once again from the shadow lurking above the wall. This time, I can go all-out without having pity for the enemy or worrying about misfires.

A fire was lit in the black muzzle as the six barrels rotated at high speed. With a firing rate of 2000 bullets per minute, the muzzle started shooting black magic black magic bullets.




The storm of magic bullets assaulted the group of demonic chimera soldiers as they tried climbing the wall.

In the front, there was a harpy, a warcat and a goblin chimera whom I didn’t notice for a second there since it wasn’t as big.

All three of them quickly sensed the danger and took evasive actions. Even while climbing the wall, the warcat and goblin splendidly dodged them with repetitive horizontal leaps.

The warcat’s flexible muscles throbbed and it tried to grip the wall again with its newly grown black furry hand–but right before it could do that, it was caught up in the flood of bullets and got ripped to shreds.

Even before the warcat’s body fell on the snow, I quickly turned the gun barrel to aim at the goblin chimera. Rather than aim at it, I mostly mowed it down.

No matter how fast you can leap around, it’s useless when faced against this firing speed.

Like the day I first Lily, when I exterminated the goblins living in the cave, this one too fell all too quickly after getting hit by the bullets.

The high caliber psuedo full metal jacket bullets blew off its arms and legs with just a graze. Although lesser amounts of bullets hit the goblin chimera than the warcat, it was ripped to the point one couldn’t tell what it actually was.

And like that, I was able to get rid of 2 of the chimera soldiers within 3 seconds using The Grid but I couldn’t take down the harpy.

On top of the yellow-green  wings like a parakeet, it also had newly grown plain brown wings, making it a total of 4 wings. That made its flying speed 2 times faster as well, allowing it to dodge my vertical bullet barrage.

Because I prioritized getting the goblin first, the harpy was able to grow claws from its legs and had now reached right in front of me. Even if I aimed the barrels at it now, it will be very close.

However, what I did instead was looking for my next prey without paying any attention to the harpy.




Lily leaped forward, using my shoulders as a step. The harpy’s opponent will be my reliable partner.

With dazzling light coming out from the oracle field, Lily accelerated downwards and looked like a cannonball of light.

However, the manner of death the harpy had coming wasn’t a death by explosion.

Lily and harpy chimera, both with four wings, headed towards each other but right before they were about to collide, there was a gleam of light.


“Star Sword!”


That is a magic sword called the ‘Force Edge’. As it doesn’t have a physical blade attached, its sharpness and length can all change depending on the user’s technique and will.

The blade of white light Lily just swung was longer than my Cursed Grudge Hatchet HaraRetsu and was gorgeous enough to not shame the name of ‘Star Sword’. And of course, the might of its incandescence is also worthy of the name.

The vertical swing cut off the harpy in half. The sparkling light looked like the Milky Way but only brought a merciless death upon the opponent.

Since the heat of the sword was so extreme, not even a single drop of liquid came out from the cut portions. As if she had planned it, the two halves of the harpy went passed Lily without colliding with her.


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