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Vertical Limit (2)

The binds arts claw I launched diagonally upwards kept sprinting through the wall surface, making a metallic noise. And then, just at the location Hitsugi determined, the claw broke in and fixated.




She also shouted it inside my brain as the claws clung on to the wall, which I tested by pulling to confirm the rigidity. Alright, this should do fine.

Now that I’ve tried doing it, it didn’t even take a second–from shooting to fixating. If used continuously, I could go about this wall like Tarzan would go through a dense forest.


“Alright, let’s go!”




Along with Lily’s energetic yell, I kicked the wall and leaped hard. I ran through the vertical wall as if I were running on a horizontal surface.

As the chains were locked in diagonally overhead, I moved like a pendulum. At the same time, the claws and the chains themselves were also rotated by Hitsugi to give me even more momentum. I had left all of its control to Hitsugi altogether so depending on her consideration, I might be thrown off the wall surface into the midst of the enemy on the ground.

I am counting on you, Hitsugi.


“Leave it all to Hitsugi~! Aaand, there you go!”


The chains I had gripped in my left hand kept accelerating forward.

I had put away the first bind arts which I used to suspend myself from the top long ago so the only thing holding me up and this 100kg Gatling is this one bind art. Although it isn’t some chain which would break from a mere 200 kgs, I am feeling a bit uneasy hearing all the creaking noise it is making.

I decided on trying my best to ignore it and focus on running and shooting the enemy.




The only things I focused on while running horizontally were the chimera soldiers aiming for the wall at full speed and the desperate war slaves who were trying to get a ladder on to the wall to climb.

The number of weirdly shaped chimera soldiers with 4 or 6 hands and war slaves going for the wall just kept increasing.


“Uwo, that black one came up!”


“Damn it, is this it?!”


Although I can’t really differentiate between lizardmen or therianthrope’s expressions, even I could tell that their faces were dyed in despair.

Even though we’re part of the defending party, only Lily and I were the ones reckless enough to come rampaging here on the wall surface. I’m sure the enemy doesn’t really like being targeted by such crazy people.

And in reality, I was actually shooting down many chimeras when I wasn’t even aiming. Many of the stray bullets also hit the war slaves and killed them.

If I were to go down all the way to the bottom of the ladder like this and shoot in a line, these war slaves would have no other choice but to drop deap. Even if they come and are able to place the ladders, they can’t even climb a few meters before dropping out.


“Noooo!! I don’t want to die like this!!”


“Damn it all! Oi, you monsters, just do something already!”


I am not sure if they responded to the desperate cries of the war slaves but–a few of the chimeras who were getting close changed their target to me.

Comparatively, it seems there are more lizardman and orc chimeras.

The lizard chimeras had harpys’ wings and snakes’ tails–a very chimera-like appearance.

The other type, orc chimeras, had gnarly joints an exoskeleton of four legs which gave off a deep green brilliance. As they came running towards the wall almost entirely on their belly, they completely resembled spiders. Having a demonic orc face along with a spider body sure is creepy.

Although it inclines me to prioritize them first considering the psychological unpleasantness–


“From the top as well?!”


Amongst all the jumbled up bloodlust, I realized that some were also coming from atop.

When I suddenly looked up, I saw a grey golem, blending in with the wall.

Its red one eye gave off a flash like an alarm lamp as it glared at me.

Even the golem had four hands but all four of them had the same color. It might be done on purpose. If so, then it might not be a golem chimera but… well, I guess it doesn’t really matter now.

Its big boulder sized body tumbled and came rolling down straight at me.

I should prioritize on this guy first.

My shoe sole made scraping noises as I slid on the wall surface, finally stopping after 2 meters. As it came targeting me with will, I will properly knock it down without overdoing it.




I raised the long barrel of the Gatling gun over my head and targeted him. I went all-out, spraying 2000 bullets per minute.

The steel bullets destroyed even boulders. Instead of spraying out blood, it gave off fireworks spectacularly and the golem chimera’s body got countless cracks all over it.

One more push.


“Grenade burst!”


As my hands were occupied, I quickly made an explosive round on my feet. Then I bent backwards, quickly adjusting my body to look upwards and waited for the perfect moment to kick in the black sphere.

Like an ace striker, I shot the explosive sphere and it flew right into the cracked boulder body.

Just in front of me, a burst of red and black flames bloomed and the intense hot wind swayed my black hair and robe.

The golem’s body got blown up like fireworks. And again, burning pebbles came raining down but I couldn’t be taking it slow and easy this time.

Because there’s already two unbelievably fast creepy chimeras closing in on me.

In this distance and timing, it would probably be faster to draw Kubitachi rather than rotating the stupidly big Gatling gun, huh? Although the long barrel makes it easier to shoot, it instantly becomes a bother in close range combat.

The moment I decided on that and was about to let go of my grip, a bright white light twinkled beside me.


“It’s fine, leave it to Lily!”


She elegantly passed by me, dancing and sliding on the wall surface with the ‘Fairy Dance Shoes’ as if it was an ice arena.

The rainbow trajectory of the seven colored wings collided with the revolting spider type orc.


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