Kuro no Maou 421


Crashing Sun, Falling Stars, Roaring Thunder



“يمكنني إنشاء حرق (Burn me, and create it.)”


The first attack was made by Fiona. The elegant incantation sounded almost like a song.


As usual, this language is from a completely different world, but I’ve been taught its meaning before. So I was only able to understand what she said.

I got ready for the final blast as I saw the golden fireballs form in Fiona’s favorite staff, ‘Ainz Bloom’.


“If she’s going to use that huge thing, it’s not too bad for us to use one shot!”


“Yes, now’s the time to use it, Master! Please, go ahead!”


Almost as if she were handling a delicate piece of glass, the talkative maid used her tentacles to hand me a single bullet. The rough and bony bullet made from Sloth-Gil’s fingers should have enough destructive power to be referred to as nothing but a real breath. Yes, just as powerful as Greed-Gore’s breath, which had been let loose from Iskia Fortress.


That’s why this attack is not called ‘Plasma Blaster’, but ‘Plasma Breath’.


If I use one bullet here, I’ll have five more left. But even if I used all off them, I wouldn’t be able to completely destroy all of the golems. Also, there will be a cooldown after each shot, so I can’t shoot them all in rapid succession.


For now, I’ll focus on this shot without thinking much about what happens next.


Slowly and steadily, I load the single bullet I have in my hand into The Greed. As I calm down, I also remember Regin’s words of advice.

With a clanky mechanical sound, the lightning bullet is swallowed into The Greed’s barrel. Reloading complete.


“Gil Bullet locked and loaded! Energy will be fully charged in 24 seconds!”


As I hear Hitsugi’s announcement, I can hear The Greed starting to make  roaring sounds. A purple line running through the barrel begins to flicker furiously.

It’s almost as if the noise coming out of Sloth-Gil’s skull, which is encased inside an engine-like hard case, was a voice showing resentment because this was the limit of its magical power. But if that grudge were real, I would abuse it even further. I’d even say to it “Get to work!”.


“هنا، مع خلق الشمس في اسمي (Here, I create the sun that holds my name.)”


The timing is perfect. Fiona’s spell will be ready as my preparations to fire approach their final stage.


Fiona is holding her staff high, and at its tip, a shining golden fireball of roughly 5 meters of diameter burns wildly. It contains an enormous amount of compressed heat. Its overwhelming presence and vivid flickering make it look no different than the actual Sun.


You can feel the nearby adventurers and Spada soldiers instinctively gather around in awe of such display. But as for Fiona, she doesn’t stop to look at their glance. No, she doesn’t even notice them.


“Okay, Kurono, Lily, fire.”


Almost as if nothing could ever get her worked up about anything, Fiona asks for a final confirmation with her usual vacant expression.


Where to aim and when to shoot are left entirely up to Fiona’s judgment, who is in charge of the first strike. Lily and I only need to follow up on her attack. So if she thinks this is the right time, then that’s enough for me.


Both Lily and I nod silently at her.


“Golden Sun!”


“تألق نجوم تحطم يهلك”


Lily starts her incantation at the same time as Fiona throws her burning sun forward.


Everyone here, me included, is looking at Fiona’s spell go. But Lily knows she has to keep her cool, and her attention is fully dedicated to matching the timing correctly.


Lily puts her hands together in prayer for ‘Queen Beryl’. Her almost transparent blond hair and her dark-night-colored dress flutter in the fiercely hot wind.


At that moment, Fiona’s fully powered ‘Golden Sun’ collides with its target.


Among the 10 golems that were lined up, the target was the one that was standing closer to the left-wing on the north side from our original position. That’s about 300 meters away from here.


The huge golden fireball made a wide arc as it travelled through the sky and plunged straight on the golem, whose dull movements were limited to one step at a time. It looked as if the golem had been swallowed up completely by the fireball.


The gigantic ancient golem hadn’t stopped moving, and had shown no signs of it trying to avoid the incoming attack until the very last moment, but then it was too late. The sun had come crashing down on it.


A thunderous sound echoed through the Galahad mountains, almost as if a huge avalanche had just happened. And at the same time, a hot storm-like wind raged through the field.


In addition to a thick black smoke, pure white steam began to rise as the layer of snow under their feet began to evaporate instantly. The golems disappeared from the sight of their allies, covered in a thick layer of smoke and steam.


However, Lily seemed to be firmly locked onto her target.


“Meteor Strike!”


At the other side of the screen of smoke and steam, there was an intense flickering of the seven colors of the rainbow, and at the same time, another thunderous sound echoed across the mountains.


Both the explosion and its subsequent heat were the same as Fiona’s attack. But this sweltering heat wasn’t from condensation, but from a huge meteorite-like mass. Like a gigantic bomb of pure light.


As lumps of metal collided with each other, making high-pitched crashing sounds, the explosion colored in the seven colors of the rainbow completely dissipated the screen smoke and steam.


“Ooh… look at that, it’s beautifully half-broken.”


After the explosion from the ‘Meteor Strike’ and our field of vision cleared up, we could see the ancient golem. It had lost both of its arms and its head, and it had been reduced to something similar to a charred scrap.


I thought that perhaps I wouldn’t even have to shoot at all, but amidst the smoldering black smoke I could see something taking a single step forward. So after all, I would be able to deliver the finishing blow.


“Kurono, there’s definitely a pilot riding it inside the golem’s chest area.”


I can only see the remains of a golem that look like the ruins of an old tower that were hit by a huge fire, but it seems that Lily can tell otherwise.


“I see, it’s not a magical being nor an automatic weapon… it really is a giant robot, huh…?”


In that case, if I aim for its chest, I should be able to finish it off with one shot.


Though it’s a weak spot that is easy to see, what Lily was showing me was a heavily armored chestpiece. Either way, I have to be able to deal enough damage to wreck it completely.


Anyhow, if we’re able to take it down with this and count it as a fallen enemy — no, a fallen robot, it’ll be a crushing victory.


“–3… 2… 1! Full charge! Fire!”


“‘Plasma Breath’! Fire!”


The moment I pulled the trigger, I definitely say the same rushing stream of purple lightning that I saw at Iskia Fortress.


With a clank, The ‘Mode Blaster’ barrel opened up even wider than Greed-Gore’s huge mouth.


In a very futuristic-looking way, two clear rail-like lines split from the single purple line that ran through the middle of the barrel. But this is by no means a faithful reproduction of a railgun. A charged-particle gun and an electromagnetic gun are two different things, to begin with.

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