434 Part 3

I myself could not utilize World Dimension, so I’m not familiar with its principles. That being said, since this was a rare and powerful magic that could only be utilized by a select few, many aspects of it were still unknown. I came to know this rough reasoning due to my recent encounter with a similar magic.

World Dimension was the cornerstone of the apostolic killing formation “Anti Cross”.

Undoubtedly, this troublesome barrier would not be easy to break. And it had already become a common understanding among the Spada Army. No matter what kind of martial arts or attack magic were used to strike it, everything would be swallowed completely into the world of the gods.


“Leave the vanguard to us Spada Knights.”


“I will go, too.”


“You can utilize powerful attack magic, can’t you? I would be grateful if you provide reinforcement as the rear guard. Look, most of these people here are close-range combat type.”


Upon looking more closely, among the roughly 100 Spada Knights and adventurers who were trapped in the barrier, there were surprisingly very few sorcerers in robes. The only priest who could be relied upon for healing was a little kid wearing a white robe with cat ears on the hood. The steel guild card was glinting dazzlingly on the kid’s chest. Until a while ago, I was wearing my rank 1 iron plate as well.

This band consisted of a few extremely poor sorcerer members, while the rest of the majority were swordsmen and warriors armed with swords, spears, and axes.

The Spada Knights belonging to the “Gladiator” led by Eliwood were also a heavy infantry class in red armors equipped with spears and large round shields.

Among these people, I would be the only one with great enough firepower to shoot long-range attacks, since I was in charge of “The Greed” as well. If the frontline assault team was targeted by enemies out of their attack range, I could support them if I stayed back here.

That way, I would be able to protect those who could not participate in the direct assault, like the kid priest. It was not a bad arrangement at all, when I thought about it.


“… Understood. I will create an opening with my bombardment.”


“That helps. Whew, they call you something like Nightmare Berserker, but to think you’re an excellent sorcerer warrior class … both his Majesty and his Highness regard you highly.”


“I’m inherently black magic, after all.”*


“Hahaha! You’re pretty good at jokes, too.”

While being smacked on the shoulder, I had no rebuttals.

“Above all, thanks to your information. This way, we can take a decent countermeasure. Really, I can’t thank you enough.”


“No, this information is unverified, but … thank you for believing in me.”

“On the battlefield, we must always make swift decisions. Especially for those fighting at the front lines like us. There is no room for hesitation. Hesitating for too long would bring us to our demise.”


That was the advice of the Spada Knight that had experienced countless battles.

At the very least, even if the information was unverified, a decision still had to be made without hesitation. Proudly command the subordinates without showing any anxiousness.


“Well, adventurer Kurono, I’m counting on you.”


“Yes. Best of luck in battle, Vice-captain Eliwood!”


Then I fell in with the rear guards.

What was I saying about luck … he was definitely prepared to die here. He would be taking all the Spada Knights under his command to their deaths as well.

Without hesitation or fear, he declared an attempt to win this battle in exchange for his life. Such a display of spirit was exactly called the paragon of a knight.


“Listen up! O, glorious Spada Knights! We are about to enter a battle to the death!”

Eliwood commanded the commencement of the deadly assault to the few dozens of Spada Knights standing in a line with their circular shields.

Target: Black-haired girl in a white robe. The caster of this barrier.

Method: Rout the enemies around her, and then pierce her with the weapons in hand. Kill her by any means necessary.

He laid out the strategy simply and precisely, giving no room for questions.


“— If we fail, the enemy will avalanche into the inner citadel! We must stop them right here by any means necessary! No failures will be tolerated. We must stand our ground. Show the pride of the Spada Knights, right here, right now! Long live Spada!”


“Long live Spada!!”

These less than fifty knights were shouting their battle cry in front of the tens of thousands of enemies that were closing in.

The shadows of the dependable adventurers overlapped with those figures.


“Listen, adventurers! You have no obligations to obey orders or be loyal to the king. But now there’s no escape from here! It’s good enough if you can make our enemies quiver. It’s even better if you have the courage to wield your blades to the incoming enemy! I’m not forcing anyone to fight. But for those who will, follow me!!”


As such, the command to the adventurers was given as well.

They neither had the preparedness to die, nor the vow to offer their lives to the king and the kingdom. However, in this case, they had no choice but to bet on the slight chance of getting out of despair rather than thinking of the reward, and followed the order of the vice-captain who was pretty much their commanding officer.


“Damn, it’s kill or be killed!”


“Then, we have no choice but to do it!”


“Yeah! Let’s do it, bastards!”



The almost desperate swordsmen and warriors began to follow the Spada Knights.


“Oh, let’s do it, meow!”

Right next to me, the only healer with cat ears hood — apparently she was a real Werecat girl squealed with a cute voice and full of motivation. But you did not have to attack.


“Well then, I shall do it, too —.”


The energy had finally reached full charge. “The Greed”, from which a poisonous purple glow would be emitted, was repositioned and ready to be unleashed.


Finally, the advancing Crusaders’ Armor Knights were about to step on the Sanctuary staircase toward the 50-meter castle wall. Trailing behind them were the sorcerers holding their wands with glowing fire and lightning at the tips. They were at the ready waiting for the countdown to firing their attacks all at once.

I would not let them. I would take the initiative.

Because this one shot had the power and range that was orders of magnitude larger than attack magic.


“— ‘Plasma Blaster’, fire!”



Translator’s note:

* What Kurono said could mean “My duty” or “I’m inherently”. Since the vice-captain saw it as a joke, Kurono must have said the latter.

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