Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru 72 (Teaser)


4-9  Nine Swords Raid



“Tch… It’s no use…!”


The room was so spacious that you could hear your own voice echo through it. Anyone who had spent their lives living in one-room apartments would definitely not be able to relax here. I was in the middle of this room while holding my head as if I was dizzy after my connection with the doll No. 3 ‘Chibi Chibi Hiyuki-chan Ver. 3’ (Ver. 1 was lost under mysterious circumstances, and Ver. 2 was destroyed by… Animaru’s friend, what was his name again? That guy.) that I had been controlling remotely had been forcibly cut off. I tried pouring magic onto the control gem that looks like a fortune-teller’s crystal ball with both of my hands, but the doll was like a kite whose cord had been cut off, and as expected, there was no response at all.


“If the gem’s core is too full, it will hinder its performance. You need to take a moment to calm down first before trying again, Princess.”


Without a moment’s delay, Tengai held out a wine glass full of fresh blood.

I had become so exhausted from being concentrated for so long and having used so much magic, that I half-reflexively drank 3 cups in a row to refill both my HP and MP. Had it been actual wine, I would have gotten a case of acute alcohol poisoning.


Oh boy, I was back!


I don’t know who you are or where you’re from, but thanks for the blood donation! Once again your fresh blood has become my sustenance, my flesh, and as of late, my waistline… Yeah, I may have drunk too much, so I should start dieting. Next Monday.

That was the kind of complicated gratitude I was feeling as I felt my energy returning to me.


“By the way, did anything strange happen in Argentum?”


I think he was able to guess the general gist of the situation based on how I looked.

I replied to Tengai’s question with a slight nod.


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