Little Sweetheart


Chapter 1

The summer of August. In the night of C City, there was still heat that had yet dispersed. The wind that blew past created dry hot waves.

A taxi stopped outside the courtyard. Xu Jiahui stepped out and received the 3 gift boxes and placed them on the floor. She walked the front window and paid the taxi driver. Gu Siyi stepped out from the back seat and picked up the gifts.

Inside one of the boxes were 2 bottles of aged maotai. Inside another were top quality ginseng velvet. In the last one were a set of jade.

The taxi left. Xu Jiahui and Gu Siyi walked forward.

“Uncle Xia and your dad are old friends. They were really close back then. This time your dad has encountered trouble. If Uncle Xia is willing to lend a helping hand then everything will be easier…Oh yeah, their son, Xia Zhijun was born the same day as you. The two of you same age people can communicate more…”

Xu Jia Hui talked while she walked. Gu Siyi carried the gift and walked alongside her mother listening quietly.

They were stopped and questioned by a sentinel when they got to the entrance.

“My name is Xu Jia Hui. I’m looking for secretary Xia…I’ve notified the secretary before.”

The sentinel walked in the post and made a call.

After a while the two were let in. A sentinel lead them in.

Xu Jia Hui thanked him repeatedly and hurriedly dragged Gu Siyi and went after the sentinel.

At the Xia family courtyard, the nurse waiting outside led them in.

When they entered the room, Xia Guangyu and his wife Peng Ling stood up to receive the guests.

Gu Siyi watched as the middle-aged husband and wife approached. She greeted them in her crisp and sweet voice, “Hello Uncle Xia, hello auntie.”

She carefully placed the gift on the ground beside her.

“If you’re coming, just come. There is no need for gifts,” Xia Guangyu said as he took a glanced at gift box.

Xu Jia Hui replied with a sense of nervousness in her smile, “This is a token of our gratitude, we have not seen each other in so long…”

Xia Guangyu said nothing more, he invited, “Come in and sit.”

“Siyi has grown so large in such a short amount of time,” Pang Ling said as she patted Gu Siyi’s head, “The last time I saw you, you still could not walk. You were smiling at me in your mom’s arms…”

Gu Siyi laughed as she said, “It seems that I like to smile a beauties since I was young.”

Peng Ling’s smile deepened, “This child has a pretty smile and a sweet mouth.”

After the atmosphere warmed up, Xu Jiahui decided to get to the main topic. She knew that the people sitting across from her don’t have much time to waste on greetings.

She eyes glanced at her daughter sitting next to her and said, “Siyi go play in the courtyard. Mom needs to talk with uncle and auntie about some things.”

“Okay,” Gu Siyi nodded obediently. She stood up from the sofa and headed toward the door.

Xia Guangyu suddenly thought of something as he looked at Gu Siyi’s back. He asked Peng Ling, “Is A Jun home?”

“No, he went out with his friends.”

“Oh,” He originally thought of letting his son take the little girl upstairs to play. Guess not.

Gu Siyi walked to the courtyard kicking a rock under her feet. Her heart felt

Recently her dad had met some problems and hadn’t been home for a month. Each day her mom looked worried and tired. When she asked she would reply, “These are adults’ business. You wouldn’t understand.”

Gu Siyi was aware that the trouble was serious or her mom wouldn’t cry until her eyes were red behind her back.

But what can she do? The 16 year old her lived under her parent’s care. She couldn’t do anything.

Gu Siyi walked to the basketball court next to the courtyard, right under the basketball hoop.

She walked up front, her toes hooked the ball up into the air which she caught.

Gu Siyi dribbled the basketball and jumped to shoot.

She played by herself on the empty court, sweating and venting out all of the anguish in her heart.

Xia Zhijun was walking home slowly when he heard the sound of the basketball hitting the ground. There should be anyone playing basketball in the courtyard at this time.

Xia Zhijun walked toward the basketball court and saw a unknown girl there sweating as if she had been through the rain.

The girl wore a white t-shirt and denim shorts. When she posed to shoot, you could see her pale small waist. The night wind moved her hair and ponytail and the lamp light stretched her shadow even longer. Her legs were long and slim, white and straight with a good jump.

Xia Zhijun stood at the side his expression indifferent and both of his hands in his pockets. His eyes stopped for a moment on those long jumping legs.

That was a very precise and beautiful three-pointer whether talking from the stance or angle.

He knew the moment she released the ball that it would go in.

With a sound, the ball fell from the hoop. Gu Siyi caught it in midair. She dribbled and ran.

When she shot the ball again, she wasn’t focused and didn’t use much strength causing the ball to go straight for the backboard.

The ball bounced off the board. Gu Siyi’s eyes followed the ball and saw that there was someone standing next to the court.

She got scared as she saw that the ball was about to hit the person’s face.

Xia Zhijun moved his head faster than lightning and his hand reached up and caught the ball.

He dribbled the ball as he walked near the ball court. He dribbled past her and did a three-step layup.


Gu Siyi immediately went after the ball without a word.

The two fought one on one.

Moments later Gu Siyi wad totally out of energy. The ball stopped rolling and she sat right on it. Her arm went up and wiped her face full of sweat. That felt good.

Xia Zhijun was sure that he had never seen her in the courtyard before. The security here was strict, it was not a place that just anyone can enter.

She must be a someone’s relative or child.

Unlike her who was out of breath, Xia Zhijun stood at the side looking extremely relaxed. He commented, “That was a good game.”

When he said that, he left without waiting for her reply.

Gu Siyi watched his back and suddenly stood up.

He was walking toward the Xia family house. A boy similar in age walking to the Xia family house at this hour?

He must be their son Xia Zhijun.

Gu Siyi immediately jogged up to him, “Ah, wait for me…”

Xia Zhijun turned his head and looked at her, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Siyi calmed her breath and asked, “You’re Xia Zhijun, right?”

Xia Zhijun replied with a “Ah” and looked at her with a puzzled look.

Gu Siyi continued, “I came here with my mom to see Uncle Xia. My mom is talking with Uncle Xia about something very important. I’m waiting outside.”

Therefore I beg you to not go in at the moment to cut them off. This is very important as it is related to my dad’s safety.

Unfortunately Xia Zhijun couldn’t hear what was in her heart. He nodded and continued walking.

When he was about to walk up the steps, Gu Siyi blocked right in front of Xia Zhijun, “How about we go play basketball over there again?”

Xia Zhijun moved his lips as if he wanted to say something but the door opened.

Gu Siyi turned around and saw her mom walk out the door. She gave up bickering with Xia Zhijun and quickly walked to her mother’s side.

Xia Guangyu and his wife saw Xu Jiahui off at the door. Xu Jiahui repeatedly thanked, “

Mrs. Xia took the gift out, “Please take this back, we understand your gratitude.”

Xia Guangyu said, “Old man Gu is the victim here in the first place. If you brought a gift, it just makes it harder for me. Please take it back.”

Xu Jiahui understood what he was trying to say and didn’t force it.

Xu Jiahui said to Gu Siyi, “Siyi let’s go. Say goodbye to uncle and aunt.”

Gu Siyi looked at the middle-aged couple, “Bye bye, uncle, auntie.”

“Come play again. I’ll let A Jun play with you,”

“Mom, dad, there are guests in the house?”

“You’re home. This is Aunt Xu, this is Younger Sister Siyi,” Mrs. Xia introduced to her son. She thought of something and said, “You and Siyi were born on the same day of the same month of the same year. You were born around midnight, she was born around noon. An expert said that your fates are tied from the past, your destinies will affect each other. Because of this we even arranged an engagement when you guys were little.” She teased, “Look at Sister Siyi, beautiful with a sweet voice. Are you satisfied with such a wife?”

Both Gu Siyi and Xia Zhijun were speechless.

Their eyes happened to met. Gu Siyi showed an awkward but still mannerly smile and then turned her eyes away.

Xia Zhijun saw the light red that appeared on her white cheeks.





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