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Why Is the Prettiest Girl in School Trying to Talk to a Loner Like Me during Lunch Break? 61 (Teaser)


Hat Trick



“Well, I can’t believe this! You  two were tricking me!” *Hmph! Hmph!*


(Uuhh… It was scary alright, but it was just Momo and Andou-kun playing tricks on me!)


“Asakura-san, let’s calm down and talk about this… Well, I did lie to you, but the main culprit in this matter isn’t me, it was all Momoi-san and the chairman’s doing, okay?”

“Well, yeah, I’m sorry we tricked you, but come on! Cheer up already!”

“Hmph! I don’t want to hear from either Andou-kun nor you, Momo! You two seem to get along so well, but I’m starting to feel like the third wheel here!” *Hmph!*


(What is this? So Andou-kun really prefers big-breasted beauties like Momo, huh!? Andou-kun, you… you lecher! You perv! You, you big boob enthusiast!)


“Hey… Andou-kun, what are you going to do if you take too long to reply to the test of courage?  Though Momoi-san and I have gotten everything set up for you, this is how Juliet gives up on Romeo, you know?”

“Come on, Prez! You make it sound as if this test of courage you prepared was an act of kindness, but the reason why Asakura-san got like this was because of your weird, chairperson-esque scheming!”


(Good grief… For starters, Prez and Momoi-san’s prank was too much. Certainly, since for some weird reason Asakura-san shows no sign of being used to men, and the ‘loner’ me wouldn’t think about laying a hand on Asakura-san as it would be weird for her to have a male ‘friend’ do so for the sake of a ‘prank’, but I’m a healthy male senior high school student, after all. Though Asakura-san actually seems to be quite swept away by her emotions today…)


『Please… be gentle with me, okay?』


(Oof… my heart!)


(Eeh!? What… what did I almost do back then!? Oh no, oh no, I have to calm down… Asakura-san is certainly very beautiful, and she’s so cute whenever she’s caught off guard, and, and… she’s so precious that it would be dangerous to leave her alone, and she’s like an angel whose pure heart is like a perfectly white pearl born out of the depths of the ocean… But! She’s actually a flat-chested gremlin, and a light-novel otaku!

I can easily say that Asakura-san is by far the prettiest girl in school, so she’s not really a person a loner like me would be able to talk to. But I can, all thanks to what Asakura-san thinks a ‘friend’ is, and to Momoi-san and Prez’s efforts… But these happy times will eventually end.

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