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Yes, that’s why I have to calm down, I have to! I have to keep calm and–)


“Hmph! I’m so mad right now!” *Hmph!*

“Come on, I’m really sorry!  I know, how about we go see that movie you wanted to see next Sunday, Sakura?”

“B… But I won’t be reeled in that–”

“Of course, it will be Andou-kun’s treat ♪”

“Really!? Let’s go!”

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Momoi-san, don’t be arranging stuff like this without consulting me first!”

“Ahaha~♪ It’s all right, Andou-kun. Nowadays tickets cost only 1,000 yen each for groups of three senior high school students or more~”

“It’s not because of the money –by the way, thanks for the info– but… I should be treating you to the movies because I want to, not because Momoi-san wants to get me involved in her own apology for the test of courage –which, by the way, it’s a rather strange thing to do!”

“Ehh? But you worked with me to pull off this trick on Sakura, Andou-kun. Isn’t that right, Sakura?”

“Ah, yeah. I… Since Andou-kun won’t come with me, I won’t forgive you for today!” *Hmph!”

“Argh… O… Okay then!”

“So we’re good, Sakura?”

“Yaaay! Uhh… Ahh! B… But! Don’t get me wrong! I’m not happy because I’m going to the movies with Andou-kun! I’m just happy that I’ll get to watch a movie I’ve been looking forward to together with you all! That’s all!”

“Yeah, yeah.”



(A movie date with Andou-kun! Yaaay! Hehehe… What clothes should I wear? Ah, I know! I’ll go shopping for new clothes tomorrow after school!)


(Sakura is so easy to readー♪)


(The movies, huh? I would have treated you to the movies naturally anyway… Well, I have so much to thank them for either way, so I don’t have much of a choice. I guess I’ll just sell some light novels until I get enough money for the movies…)


“Oh, look at the time! It’s already past 10 o’clock. Let’s all go back, shall we?”

“Yes, Prez!”



(For some reason, Prez sounded like a teacher there…)


“Okay, there are some things I want to confirm on our way back, so can you all show me where you live?”

“…Huh? Andou-kun… why do you want to see where we live?”

“Yeah! Can’t we just all go our separate ways from here?”

“I know! Prez and I will go back together, and you can walk Sakura home, Andou-kunー♪”


(Prez, Asakura-san, Momoi-san… what are you all saying?)


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