Lost Warrior Chapter 2

Dark Theme

Chapter 2

In another place, so many years ago

Feng was a young soldier, brave and faithful. Feng fought for the glory of Emperor Ming, against the Japanese invaders commanded by the great Hattori Hanzo.

The Japanese invaders were ruthless and wanted to conquer the whole China. Also, the soldiers were operating a real ethnic cleansing by killing all the Chinese children who were able to capture.

Hattori Hanzo was a wicked man, and his goal was the destruction of China for the glory of his Emperor. China’s population had called Hanzo “Blood Red Dragon” because the only trace of his passage was the blood of his victims.

Feng was serving in the army of the General Wang, the best soldier of the whole China, a man who had the privilege to speak to the emperor without being on his knees, and the only man who had the courage to contradict the wishes of the divinity incarnate.

His enemies hoped for the defeat of Wang, to see him humiliated and disgraced in the eyes of the divine emperor.


But Wang was a brilliant man and a skilled strategist, and his strategies were forcing Hanzo to a humiliating retreat. But Hanzo did not accept the dishonor of defeat, and he knew that Wang was the heart of the army. Hattori Hanzo had to kill Wang to be able to win the war and exterminate the whole China.

Feng was noticed by Wang for his bravery in battle and became his personal bodyguard. Feng was willing to die for the General Wang.

Thanks to his role as bodyguard, Feng learned a lot of things from Wang. Feng understood that the war is not made only of attack, but also of a smart defense, a precise strategy, of mind games, of spies and sneak attacks. To win the war often were required to use offensive tactics. The victors wrote the story, and they were always heroes. Wang hated war, but he knew that was the only effective way to stop Hanzo.

Feng also knew Koon, a magician who had spent his whole life with Wang. Feng was very superstitious and begged the wizard for a magic amulet for good luck. Koon gave him an amulet made from the horn of a unicorn, which would protect his soul. Thanks to that amulet Feng will receive strength and courage in the battle. He will fight for justice.

One evening Wang was studying a strategy together with Koon and his best collaborators. The war was going to end according to Wang, Hattori Hanzo was in trouble, his massacres had been the only effect of unleashing the anger of the people rather than scare the population, and now all the farmers tried to fight the Japanese with the guerrilla and sabotage actions. Hanzo was tired and hungry; a precise and devastating attack would destroy him. Wang’s dream was to end the war and bring Hanzo in chains in front of the Emperor. Hanzo would have a fair trial and would pay for his crimes.

But suddenly one of Wang’s collaborators stood up with a dagger in his hand. Hanzo had corrupted that man!

The man threw the knife to Wang, but Feng covered him with his body as a human shield, and the Switchblade struck him in the heart, killing him instantly.

The man was quartered by the other collaborators of Wang, while Feng was dead.

The last thought of Feng was pointed to the amulet of Koon.


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