Lost Warrior Chapter 5

Dark Theme

Chapter 5

In another place, so many years ago

The General Wang had survived the ambush of the traitor paid by Hattori Hanzo thanks to the sacrifice of Feng.

The soldier’s death infuriated the whole army of General Wang, and all had a mission to avenge the death of Feng.

The war became one-way, Hattori Hanzo lost every battle, and in the end, his allies betrayed him for the forgiveness of the Emperor, and Hattori Hanzo was captured alive and brought before the emperor, naked, wrapped in chains.

Hattori Hanzo was a proud man, he always dressed in silk and linen, and standing naked in chains was worse than dying. Humiliation killed the warrior spirit inside him.

The Emperor made him his slave and forced him to spend the rest of his life naked in chains, and soon Hattori Hanzo became the laughing stock of the whole court, until one day, Hanzo hanged himself with his chains. The body was thrown to the dogs.

The General Wang became the second most important man in the kingdom, a war hero and the advisor of the Emperor. Koon instead disappeared forever to study other magic formulas, and nobody discovered what had happened to him.


Wang never forgot the sacrifice of Feng, and he engaged in the first person to honor his memory. Wang built statues and hired writers and artists to write the story of Feng. Soon Feng’s legend became larger than life and started popping up myths and fantasy stories. Feng was a slayer of dragons, Feng had killed a witch, Feng was immortal. The Great Feng became a character of popular culture.

The Great Feng one day would be back to defend the weak and to fight injustice.


Wang died of old age and even the Emperor. Soon the sands of time erased that civilization, their culture, and their folklore, but the legend of The Great Feng was still active, and someone still hoped that Feng would be back to defeat the evil one day.

In another place…


Tanya thought that the day had finally arrived and The Great Feng would defeat the evil King Kurtis and liberated the country from the tyranny of Britannia.

Tanya hugged Feng crying with joy.







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