Lost Warrior Chapter 7

Dark Theme

Chapter 7

Tanya had finished telling Feng about the story of the Great Feng and his return.


“You have the same name and strength. It can not be a coincidence,” the girl said.

“All this is absurd,” Feng said.


But after listening to Tanya’s story, something was beginning to move in his head, as if the tiles of a mosaic started to come together.


General Wang, Hattori Hanzo, the medallion. All that was impossible, but the coincidences were too many. Feng had traveled over time? Maybe it was possible. His love for justice and the medallion had created something magical?


Feng was confused as Tanya was full of joy.


“Our prayers have been heard; the time comes”

“Time for what?”

“To erase the evil from the Kingdom, you will be our leader.”

“I do not want to be the leader of anyone; I can not even figure out who I am.”

“You are the great Feng!”


At that moment an old man approached, and Tanya shut up immediately.

The old man was still tall and muscular, emanating an aura of power and wisdom. The old man looked closely at Feng.


“I see justice in your eyes. You are ready to die for what you think is right, and you’ve already done it.”

“I do not understand.”

“I am Baba, the wandering magician. I know everything that happens in the world, and you do not belong to this age. Your presence here is a big anomaly.”

“Then I’m Feng?”

“In your heart, you already have the answer, you’ve once died for justice, and now you can live for truth, but the choice is yours, but you can not escape the fate. King Kurtis already knows about your existence and wants to kill you. Your destiny has decided for you.”

“I can not refuse?”

“You can not escape your destiny.”


Baba walked away despite Feng called him.


“Who is Baba?”

“Baba is the wizard, he knows everything, and all he says is true.” Great Feng, please come to my village, everyone must know that the revolution has begun. ”


Feng was about to replicate, but Baba’s words had triggered something in his soul. Was he dead for justice when he had sacrificed his life to rescue General Wang? Now living he could save those people from horrible men like the Noble Razor. His destiny was to fight for justice, and Baba was right, he could not fight his fate.

Perhaps, fighting for justice could have come back to his era. He wanted to fight Hattori Hanzo himself. Feng had to find a history book and see what had happened in that war.


Feng had never heard the name of that kingdom, but that meant nothing, the nations could be born and die very fast.


Just think about it, Feng. You’re a soldier, soldiers act, don’t think.


“Alright, take me to your village,” said Feng “the revolution is started”

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