Lost Warrior Chapter 9

Dark Theme

Chapter 9

King Kurtis was sleeping a very restless sleep.

The old king was sweating and moving. A thin lament came out of his mouth.


Kurtis was in the middle of a forest, alone, without any soldier to protect him. In youth, Kurtis loved those moments where he could be free and fight without any protection. But now he was old, and he needed the help of young bodyguards.


Kurtis was exploring the woods when a man came in silence behind him, pointing a dagger to his throat.


“I’m your king!”

“I have served you all my life, and this is my reward?”

“Noble Razor? You are dead!”


Kurtis snapped and saw Razor, he looked like a ghost, he was white with big circles, and his skin began to decompose. The only thing living in him was the light of his eyes, a light that wanted revenge.

“That man killed me and allowed other people to decapitate my body and spit on my face. Is this right?”


“I am noble; no one can do such a thing to me and live!”

“You will be avenged.”


“Soon we are looking for him.”

“Feng is traveling in the kingdom; he is hiding very well, you have to control the poorest villages, the revolt will leave from there, and overwhelm your spoiled court.”

“How do you know these things?”

“This is not an ordinary war; it’s a bigger thing.”

“Nothing is bigger than me.”

“You’re nothing mixed with anything.”

“No disrespect!”

“You’re stupid, I’m not a Razor, and I’m tolerating your stupidity, but my patience has a limit.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m a man who hates Feng, he has caused my ruin, I’ve died in chains, humiliated, thanks to his sacrifice, I want my revenge in such a strong way that I traveled over time with him, I do not rest in peace until my revenge, and I need you. ”

“Tell me your name!”

“Hattori Hanzo!”


Kurtis suddenly woke up, was completely exhausted with sweat.


Hattori Hanzo was in the room with him.


“I need you; I want the body of a healthy, young and lethal person, so I can help you fight Feng, I want to kill him with my hands, with my assist you to win the war, without my help you will die. You have a minute to think about my proposal. ”


Kurtis wanted to kill Feng, but he was afraid of that monster. There was a force stronger than a man, and Kurtis did not want to go beyond that limit. But to win he had to do it.


“May the Gods Forgive Me”


Kurtis looked at that monster.


“I Accept”


Hattori Hanzo looked at him.


“Wise decision.”

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