LV999 Villager

Chapter 88 It won’t begin if we just keep running


A peculiar pathway which was lit as a whole with faint bluish-green light. Without any crossroads, in the middle of a path which just kept going straight forward, as if he had just felt something, Kagami suddenly stopped his feet and wore a serious expression.


“Wh-what happened, Kagami-dono?”


“No, I just felt a fart was coming but it did not.”


“I see.”


And then, the both of them kept walking as if nothing had happened.


It had already been 6 days since they had reached the underground dungeon of the Holy Forest.


As per their objective of hunting monsters and dark dragons to collect money, they had already had numerous battles with monsters in the dungeon. But, both of them were feeling something that was hard to describe.


But even that was because there was something odd about this dungeon.


“Mm… Kagami-dono, it’s time.”




In front of the path they were following, a magic circle suddenly appeared. Then, three monsters who had looked quite similar to humans if one was to exclude their purple-colored skin, sluggishly came out.


Then, within an instant, Kagami closed the gap between him and the monsters and landed a blow to one’s stomach.


Immediately after, the two monsters tried to capture Kagami who was now right next to them, but after easily dodging them, he went behind and grabbed their heads, collided one with the other and threw them towards the wall.


“….These are tough.”


Most of the monsters would have turned to gold at this point after receiving Kagami’s attacks. But, these demon-like monsters had just stood back up like nothing happened, smiled happily and came attacking again.


But shortly after, Kagami’s fists started glowing with a slight orange color and he smashed the monsters with charge blow and then finally the monsters changed to gold.


“Impressive, Kagami-dono.”


“Menou, don’t just watch from there. Help me out too.”


“But would it not be better for me to preserve strength for a critical moment? And also, it would take too long to defeat those monsters with my strength.”


“Well, I guess that is true… But, these monsters just now, I wonder what their levels were.”


To which, Menou shrugged his shoulders saying, “At the very least, it was probably close to my level.”.

They could have exposed the level of the monsters if they had the tool the quest issuing guild was selling but unfortunately, they did not have it that moment.


The reason for that being is that there were very few monsters that Kagami did not know about.


But, in this dungeon, all the monsters which appeared were ones Kagami had not known. Strong monsters Kagami had never seen before. That, too, demons of level 170, which even Menou would have difficulty beating.


“Even still, they drop an absurd amount of money… only one dropping 200 silvers; We have already earned around 122 gold, you know? Earning 122 gold in 6 days is huge.”


“Now if only monsters just kept coming endlessly.”


The monsters dropped money proportionate to their strength. As of now, all the monsters they had encountered in this dungeon all dropped more than 100 silvers.


At first, Kagami and Menou were delighted thinking that they would easily be able to collect 1000 gold by spending about a month here but it did not go that smoothly.


The monsters in this dungeon, for some unknown reason, did not appear at the same spot after being defeated there once. They had waited a whole day after taking off Menou’s magic suppressing cloth but monsters still did not appear.


The fact that monsters did not attack for a whole day even when Kagami had released his limiter skill was also because they would not appear unless they reached a certain point.


And for that reason, they had just earnestly kept advancing deep inside the dungeon. And, the more they had advanced, after fighting the monsters which appeared, they both were feeling as if they were being tested.


“All things considered, how long does this dungeon even go?”


“Who knows. No matter how long it takes, we won’t die unless we run out of stamina so it doesn’t really matter, does it?”


“You don’t understand, do you, Kagami-dono….? I want to return to Alice-sama as soon as possible and see her smile!”


“Yes, yes.”


Not only are the monsters in this dungeon, the shape and nature of this dungeon itself is also odd. Firstly, even though it is a dungeon, the path is not completed, rather it just keeps going on in a straight line.


And then, after reaching the end of the path, there will definitely be a spiral staircase, which after you go down, there’s another path which is also straight line. Again and again.


Not knowing just how far the dungeon continued, when they had decided to stop once to procure food provision, Kagami had realized the fact.


That, even though they had been going on without eating for a whole day, they were not feeling the slightest hunger.


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